Books about Entertaining

  1. Very Good, Jeeves!

    by P.G. Wodehouse
    Witty adventures of a bumbling aristocrat and his trusty butler.

    Whatever the cause of Bertie Wooster's consternation — Bobbie Wickham gives away fierce Aunt Agatha's dog; again in the bad books of Sir Roderick Glossop; Tuppy crushes on robust opera singer — ... (Goodreads)

  2. Modern Romance

    by Aziz Ansari
    A humorous exploration of contemporary love, using the latest research and personal anecdotes.

    At some point, every one of us embarks on a journey to find love. We meet people, date, get into and out of relationships, all with the hope of finding someone with whom we share a deep connection. ... (Goodreads)

  3. Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold

    by Stephen Fry
    Reimagining of classic Greek myths, with a modern twist.

    Mythos is a modern collection of Greek myths, stylishly retold by legendary writer, actor, and comedian Stephen Fry. Fry transforms the adventures of Zeus and the Olympians into emotionally resonant ... (Goodreads)

  4. Rum Punch

    by Elmore Leonard
    A flight attendant smuggles cash for a gunrunner, but things go awry when the cops and the criminals get involved.

    Set in the South Florida cities of West Palm Beach and Miami , Rum Punch follows Jackie Burke, a forty-four-year-old stewardess for a bottom-rung airline, who has been smuggling illegal cash into the ... (Wikipedia)

  5. Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

    by Rick Riordan
    A humorous and entertaining tour of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses, exploring their adventures and misadventures.

    Percy Jackson adds his own viewpoint to the Greek myths. Here he presents an introduction to Greek mythology and the 12 major gods and goddesses. With 19 chapters, this includes a variety of stories, ... (Wikipedia)

  6. I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence

    by Amy Sedaris
    A hilarious guide to entertaining and living with style, grace, and a generous spirit.

    The inspiration for the TV show, At Home with Amy Sedaris,, here is a hilarious, helpful, and informative guide on how to entertain.,Are you lacking direction in how to whip up a swanky soiree for ... (Barnes & Noble)

  7. Rich People Problems

    by Kevin Kwan
    An exploration of the luxurious and scandalous world of the ultra-wealthy.

    In 2015, two years after the events that take place in China Rich Girlfriend , Nick and Rachel Young (née Chu), an economics professor at New York University (NYU), are happily married and living ... (Wikipedia)

  8. China Rich Girlfriend

    by Kevin Kwan
    A comedic look at the lifestyles of the wealthy in modern-day China.

    In 2013, two years after the events of, Crazy Rich Asians, , Eddie meets a wealthy client of his European bank, Bao Shaoyen, a distraught mother who is anxious to hear about her troubled son who was ... (Wikipedia)

  9. Barefoot Contessa at Home: Everyday Recipes You'll Make Over and Over Again

    by Ina Garten
    Delicious recipes for everyday home cooking from one of America's most beloved chefs.

    #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Throughout the years that she has lived and worked in East Hampton, Ina Garten has catered and attended countless parties and dinners. She will be the first to tell you, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  10. In a Sunburned Country

    by Bill Bryson
    Exploration of the unique and diverse land, people and animals of Australia.

    A CLASSIC FROM THE, NEW YORK TIMES, BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF, ONE SUMMER , Every time Bill Bryson walks out the door, memorable travel literature threatens to break out. His previous excursion along the ... (Goodreads)

  11. Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child

    by Bob Spitz
    A biography of Julia Child, the beloved chef who revolutionized American cuisine and inspired a generation of home cooks.

    It’s rare for someone to emerge in America who can change our attitudes, our beliefs, and our very culture. It’s even rarer when that someone is a middle-aged, six-foot three-inch woman whose first ... (Goodreads)

  12. The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!

    by Mo Willems
    A mischievous pigeon attempts to convince his friend that he needs a puppy.

    He really, really, REALLY wants one. He'll take really good care of it! What's the matter–don't you want him to be happy?The latest book in the best-selling Pigeon series is the funniest one yet. ... (Goodreads)

  13. Mastering the Art of French Cooking

    by Julia Child
    Step-by-step guide to creating French cuisine, with accessible instructions and helpful tips.

    For over fifty years, New York Times bestseller Mastering the Art of French Cooking has been the definitive book on the subject for American readers. Featuring 524 delicious recipes, in its pages ... (Goodreads)

  14. A Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex

    by Chris Jericho
    Autobiography of wrestler Chris Jericho, detailing his journey from small-town Canada to international fame in the world of professional wrestling.

    Chris Jericho is the first undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the WWE and WCW, and has been called one of the fifty greatest wrestlers of all time. He tells the story of his journey from wrestling ... (Goodreads)

  15. Carter Beats the Devil

    by Glen David Gold
    A thrilling story of secrets & magic, set against the backdrop of 20th century America.

    This novel is a fictionalised biography of Charles Joseph Carter. The main character, Carter, is followed through his career, from his first encounter with magic to his last performance. Along the ... (Wikipedia)

  16. Nigella Express: Good Food, Fast

    by Nigella Lawson
    A cookbook full of delicious recipes that can be prepared quickly and easily.

    This is the first time that we've ever launched a cookbook alongside a brand new show. Nigella's ratings are through the roof, and she was recently featured in In Style . The cookbook is all of the ... (Goodreads)

  17. Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book

    by Better Homes and Gardens
    A comprehensive collection of recipes and cooking techniques for the home cook.

    Features: Over 900 new recipes – 1,200 in all-reflect current eating habits and lifestyles; 500 new photographs -- over 700 in all-including 60 percent more of finished food than the last edition; ... (Goodreads)

  18. Barefoot Contessa Family Style: Easy Ideas and Recipes That Make Everyone Feel Like Family

    by Ina Garten
    Simple recipes and creative dinner ideas for bringing family and friends together.

    Ina Garten, who shared her gift for casual entertaining in the bestselling Barefoot Contessa Cookbook and Barefoot Contessa Parties! , is back with her most enticing recipes yet—a collection of her ... (Barnes & Noble)

  19. Barefoot Contessa Parties!: Ideas and Recipes for Easy Parties That Are Really Fun

    by Ina Garten
    A guide to hosting stress-free and enjoyable parties with simple yet delicious recipes and entertaining ideas.

    After more than twenty years of running Barefoot Contessa, the acclaimed specialty food store, Ina Garten published her first collection of recipes. The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook was an overnight ... (Barnes & Noble)

  20. Madeline and the Bad Hat

    by Ludwig Bemelmans
    Madeline, a brave little girl, confronts a mischievous boy who causes trouble in her boarding school.

    The story opens as the Spanish Ambassador to France moves into the house neighboring the boarding school in Paris . As a foreign dignitary he has many antiquities from all over the world. Of course, ... (Wikipedia)

  21. The Serpent of Venice

    by Christopher Moore
    A comical adventure of a merchant who is tasked with finding a mystical creature to save a city from certain doom.

    New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore channels William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe in The Serpent of Venice , a satiric Venetian gothic that brings back the Pocket of Dog Snogging, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  22. How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking

    by Nigella Lawson
    A guide to perfecting baking and cooking, emphasizing the joys of baking and comfort food.

    Nigella Lawson's How to Be a Domestic Goddess is about not only baking, but the enjoyment of being in the kitchen, taking sensuous pleasure in the entire process, and relishing the outcome. Nigella's ... (Goodreads)

  23. Getting Stoned with Savages: A Trip Through the Islands of Fiji and Vanuatu

    by J. Maarten Troost
    A humorous, quirky look at the cultures of Fiji and Vanuatu, told through Troost's personal experiences.

    With The Sex Lives of Cannibals , Maarten Troost established himself as one of the most engaging and original travel writers around. Getting Stoned with Savages again reveals his wry wit and ... (Goodreads)

  24. The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

    by Ina Garten
    Recipes and entertaining tips from a renowned chef, bringing the flavors of the Mediterranean to your kitchen.

    #1, NEW YORK TIMES, BESTSELLER • A collection of all-new soul-satisfying dishes from America’s favorite home cook! NAMED ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR BY, The New York Times Book Review ,•, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  25. Good Eats: The Early Years

    by Alton Brown
    A collection of recipes and cooking techniques from the first 80 episodes of the popular TV show "Good Eats."

    Alton Brown is a foodie phenomenon: a great cook, a very funny guy, and—underneath it all—a science geek who’s as interested in the chemistry of cooking as he is in eating. (Well, almost.) Here, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  26. Asterix and the Goths

    by René Goscinny
    Gauls Asterix and Obelix travel to Germania to rescue their druid from the Goths. Hilarity ensues.

    Asterix and Obelix , nervous about Getafix traveling alone to the annual druids ' conference in the Forest of the Carnutes , accompany him on his journey and remain outside the forest during the ... (Wikipedia)

  27. Giada's Family Dinners

    by Giada De Laurentiis
    A collection of Italian-inspired recipes for family dinners, with tips on entertaining and creating a warm atmosphere.

    In her, New York Times, bestseller, Everyday Italian, Giada De Laurentiis introduced us to the simple, fresh flavors of her native Italian cuisine. Now, America’s favorite Italian cook is back with a ... (Barnes & Noble)

  28. The Silver Palate Cookbook

    by Julee Rosso
    A classic cookbook featuring innovative recipes and cooking techniques that revolutionized American cuisine in the 1980s.

    "This is the book that changed the way America cooks."—Barbara Kafka The Silver Palate Cookbook is the beloved classic that brings a new passion for food and entertaining into American homes. Its 350 ... (Barnes & Noble)

  29. Rosie's Walk

    by Pat Hutchins
    A hen named Rosie takes a walk around the farm, unaware of the fox following her.

    Rosie the hen is enjoying a leisurely walk around the farm, but the stroll isn't nearly as pleasant for the fox who is trying – unsuccessfully -- to navigate the obstacle course Rosie is unknowingly ... (Goodreads)

  30. Bleach, Vol. 1

    by Tite Kubo
    A young man discovers he has supernatural powers and must save the world from evil forces.

    Part-time student, full-time Soul Reaper, Ichigo is one of the chosen few guardians of the afterlife. Ichigo Kurosaki never asked for the ability to see ghosts—he was born with the gift. When his ... (Barnes & Noble)

  31. The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook

    by Paula H. Deen
    A collection of Southern recipes passed down through generations, with a focus on comfort food and traditional dishes.

    From one of the most frequently visited restaurants in Savannah, The Lady & Sons, comes this collection of down-home Southern family favorites. Paula H. Deen, the owner and proprieter, has created a ... (Goodreads)

  32. Why Do Men Have Nipples?: Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini

    by Mark Leyner
    A humorous and informative book that answers bizarre medical questions with wit and sarcasm.

    Is There a Doctor in the House? Say you’re at a party. You’ve had a martini or three, and you mingle through the crowd, wondering how long you need to stay before going out for pizza. Suddenly you’re ... (Barnes & Noble)

  33. Rod: The Autobiography

    by Rod Stewart
    The life story of Rod Stewart, from his humble beginnings to his rise to fame as a rockstar.

    The extraordinary life and career of music legend Rod Stewart, in his own words for the first time. With his soulful and singular voice, narrative songwriting, and passionate live performances Rod ... (Goodreads)

  34. In the Tall Grass

    by Stephen King
    Siblings venture into a field of tall grass, only to become lost and trapped in a nightmare of supernatural terror.

    Cal and Becky Demuth are inseparable siblings (being called Irish twins by their parents, although they are 19 months apart). Becky finds out during her sophomore year of college that she is pregnant ... (Wikipedia)

  35. See How They Run

    by James Patterson
    A gripping thriller about a family on the run from a dangerous killer who will stop at nothing to catch them.

    Outside New York City, the palatial home of Dr. David Strauss's parents is attacked by gunmen during a glittering party. As he watches helplessly, his wife is murdered. In Los Angeles, Strauss's ... (Goodreads)

  36. Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home

    by Nigella Lawson
    A collection of easy-to-follow recipes for home cooking, with a focus on comfort food and simple yet delicious meals.

    Comprehensive, informative, and engaging, Nigella Kitchen offers feel-good food for cooks and eaters that is comforting yet always seductive, nostalgic but with a modern twist – whether super-fast ... (Barnes & Noble)

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