Books about Media

  1. Vader's Little Princess

    by Jeffrey Brown
    A humorous take on the father-daughter dynamic in the Star Wars universe.

    Darth Vader is learning that being a Sith lord and dedicated father to Princess Leia isn't quite so easy... In this irresistibly funny follow-up to the breakout bestseller Darth Vader and Son , ... (Barnes & Noble)

  2. Naked Pictures of Famous People

    by Jon Stewart
    A collection of humorous essays and satirical pieces that poke fun at American culture, politics, and celebrities.

    In these nineteen whip-smart essays, Jon Stewart takes on politics, religion, and celebrity with seething irreverent wit, a brilliant sense of timing, and a palate for the absurd – and these ... (Goodreads)

  3. America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't

    by Stephen Colbert
    Entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of America's history, politics and culture.

    Book nation, in the history of mankind there has never been a greater country than America . You could say we're the #1 nation at being the best at greatness. But as perfect as America is in every ... (Goodreads)

  4. White Noise

    by Don DeLillo
    A darkly comic exploration of modern life, examining the effects of technology and consumer culture.

    Set at a bucolic mid-western college known only as The-College-on-the-Hill, White Noise follows a year in the life of Jack Gladney, a professor who has made his name by pioneering the field of Hitler ... (Wikipedia)

  5. Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art

    by Scott McCloud
    Exploration of the visual language of comics and its role in storytelling.

    Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics is a seminal examination of comics art: its rich history, surprising technical components, and major cultural significance. Explore the secret world between the ... (Goodreads)

  6. Our Dumb Century: The Onion Presents 100 Years of Headlines from America's Finest News Source

    by Scott Dikkers
    A humorous collection of fake news headlines poking fun at the events of the past century.

    The Onion has quickly become the world's most popular humor publication, misinforming half a million readers a week with one-of-a-kind social satire both in print (on newsstands nationwide) and ... (Goodreads)

  7. Transmetropolitan, Vol. 1: Back on the Street

    by Warren Ellis
    A journalist navigates a dystopian world, exposing corruption and social injustices.

    After years of self-imposed exile from a civilization rife with degradation and indecency, cynical journalist Spider Jerusalem is forced to return to a job that he hates and a city that he loathes. ... (Goodreads)

  8. Transmetropolitan, Vol. 5: Lonely City

    by Warren Ellis
    A science-fiction dark comedy about a journalist navigating a dystopian world.

    SC, TPB, in cello, New, Written by Warren Ellis. Art by Darick Robertson. Published in June of 2001. Softcover, 144 pages, full color. Mature Readers. Cover price $14.99. ... (Goodreads)

  9. A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments

    by David Foster Wallace
    Collection of essays and arguments, exploring the absurdities of contemporary culture.

    In this exuberantly praised book — a collection of seven pieces on subjects ranging from television to tennis, from the Illinois State Fair to the films of David Lynch, from postmodern literary ... (Goodreads)

  10. Transmetropolitan, Vol. 2: Lust for Life

    by Warren Ellis
    An anti-hero journalist fights to uncover corruption in a futuristic dystopia.

    Outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem has become a household name in the future City he calls home. This latest collection of twisted tales showcases Spider's horrific yet funny screeds on subjects as ... (Goodreads)

  11. Americana

    by Don DeLillo

    En nous lançant aux trousses de David Bell, l’inquiet et séduisant narrateur du roman, Don DeLillo nous entraîne dans les arcanes d’une société où l’on bascule facilement du confort de ... (Goodreads)

  12. Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto

    by Chuck Klosterman
    An exploration of pop culture and its influence on contemporary life.

    Countless writers and artists have spoken for a generation, but no one has done it quite like Chuck Klosterman. With an exhaustive knowledge of popular culture and an almost effortless ability to ... (Goodreads)

  13. The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

    by Nicholas Carr
    Examination of how technology is impacting the way we think and process information.

    “Is Google making us stupid?” When Nicholas Carr posed that question, in a celebrated Atlantic Monthly cover story, he tapped into a well of anxiety about how the Internet is changing us. He also ... (Goodreads)

  14. Double Down: Game Change 2012

    by Mark Halperin
    A behind-the-scenes look at the 2012 US presidential election, revealing the strategies and personalities of the candidates and their teams.

    Michiko Kakutani,, The New York Times,:, "Those hungry for political news will read, Double Down, for the scooplets and insidery glimpses it serves up about the two campaigns, and the clues it offers ... (Barnes & Noble)

  15. The Selection

    by Kiera Cass
    A young girl competes in a televised competition to become a prince's bride.

    In a futuristic world where society is divided into castes, with Ones as the most prosperous, consisting of royals and elites, and Eights who are mostly orphans, drug users, handicapped, and ... (Wikipedia)

  16. What Happened

    by Hillary Rodham Clinton
    A candid look into the 2016 election, exploring the events leading up to her defeat.

    “In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I’ve often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net. Now I’m letting my guard down.” —Hillary Rodham Clinton, from the ... (Goodreads)

  17. Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture

    by Douglas Coupland
    A satirical look at the lives of disaffected young adults in the early 1990s.

    Andy, Dag and Claire have been handed a society priced beyond their means. Twentysomethings, brought up with divorce, Watergate and Three Mile Island, and scarred by the 80s fall-out of yuppies, ... (Goodreads)

  18. Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

    by Ben Fountain
    Billy Lynn and his fellow soldiers are hailed as heroes during a football halftime show, but the reality of war and their uncertain future loom over them.

    19-year-old Specialist Billy Lynn is part of an eight-man unit, Bravo Squad, fighting in Iraq. After key moments of a brief but intense fight anointed as "the Battle of Al-Ansakar Canal" are filmed ... (Wikipedia)

  19. Regarding the Pain of Others

    by Susan Sontag
    An exploration of the power and impact of photographic images of war and suffering.

    Twenty-five years after her classic On Photography , Susan Sontag returns to the subject of visual representations of war and violence in our culture today. How does the spectacle of the sufferings ... (Goodreads)

  20. I Am America

    by Stephen Colbert
    Humorous exploration of American culture, politics and history.

    Congratulations –just by opening the cover of this book you became 25% more patriotic. From Stephen Colbert, the host of television's highest-rated punditry show The Colbert Report , comes the book ... (Goodreads)

  21. Hell's Angels

    by Hunter S. Thompson
    A journalist's daring exploration of the wild and dangerous world of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang.

    Au début des années soixante, Thompson, alors journaliste à San Francisco, est fasciné par les Hell's Angels. Son article sur ces seigneurs de la route fait sensation, il se lance dans la version ... (Goodreads)

  22. The Culture Industry

    by Theodor W. Adorno
    Critique of mass culture and its effects on society, arguing that it creates a standardized and passive audience.

    The creation of the Frankfurt School of critical theory in the 1920s saw the birth of some of the most exciting and challenging writings of the twentieth century. It is out of this background that ... (Goodreads)

  23. Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words

    by Andrew Morton
    A revealing biography of Princess Diana, based on her own words and interviews. It uncovers the truth behind the royal family's facade.

    In a shocking, headline-making story (coming as an NBC TV movie), Andrew Morton goes beyond speculation to present the facts about Princess Diana and her royal marriage–written with the full ... (Goodreads)

  24. The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson

    by Jeffrey Toobin
    A detailed account of the O.J. Simpson trial, exploring the legal strategies and social dynamics that shaped the case.

    A behind-the-scenes look at the crime of the century and the legal proceedings that followed sheds new light in the arrest and trial of O.J. Simpson, the evidence in the case, and the role of the ... (Goodreads)

  25. Live from New York: An Oral History of Saturday Night Live

    by Tom Shales
    A behind-the-scenes look at the iconic sketch comedy show, featuring interviews with cast members and collaborators.

    James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales's definitive oral history of, Saturday Night Live, hailed as "incredible" (,Vulture,) and "required reading" (,People,). When first published to celebrate the 30th ... (Barnes & Noble)

  26. Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72

    by Hunter S. Thompson
    A wild journey through the 1972 US presidential election, tackling issues of politics and power.

    Hilarious, terrifying, insightful, and compulsively readable, these are the articles that Hunter S. Thompson wrote for, Rolling Stone, magazine while covering the 1972 election campaign of President ... (Goodreads)

  27. Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin

    by Kathy Griffin
    Comedian Kathy Griffin recounts life stories and anecdotes from her career.

    Official Book Club Selection is Kathy Griffin unplugged, uncensored, and unafraid to dish about what really happens on the road, away from the cameras, and at the star party after the show. (It's ... (Goodreads)

  28. Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business

    by Neil Postman
    Analysis of the effects of mass media on modern culture and how it changes communication.

    Television has conditioned us to tolerate visually entertaining material measured out in spoonfuls of time, to the detriment of rational public discourse and reasoned public affairs. In this ... (Goodreads)

  29. New Rules: Polite Musings from a Timid Observer

    by Bill Maher
    Comedian Bill Maher shares his humorous and often controversial observations on politics, religion, and society.

    Bill Maher is on the forefront of the new wave of comedians who have begun to influence and shape political debate through their comedy. He is best known not just for being funny, but for advocating ... (Goodreads)

  30. Night Film

    by Marisha Pessl
    A journalist's quest to uncover the truth behind a reclusive film director's dark legacy.

    Ashley Cordova, the daughter of legendary reclusive director Stanislas Cordova, commits suicide. With the belief that Stanislas Cordova was heavily involved in her death, disgraced investigative ... (Wikipedia)

  31. American Heiress: The Wild Saga of the Kidnapping, Crimes and Trial of Patty Hearst

    by Jeffrey Toobin
    A riveting account of the notorious Patty Hearst kidnapping and trial.

    On February 4, 1974, Patty Hearst, a sophomore in college and heiress to the Hearst Family fortune, was kidnapped by a ragtag group of self-styled revolutionaries calling itself the Symbonese ... (Goodreads)

  32. On Photography

    by Susan Sontag
    Examination of the implications of photography and its effects on society.

    First published in 1973, this is a study of the force of photographic images which are continually inserted between experience and reality. Sontag develops further the concept of 'transparency'. When ... (Goodreads)

  33. Super Sad True Love Story

    by Gary Shteyngart
    A darkly comic exploration of love in a technologically-driven world.

    The son of a Russian immigrant , protagonist Leonard (Lenny) Abramov, a middle-aged, middle class, otherwise unremarkable man whose mentality is still in the past century, falls madly in love with ... (Wikipedia)

  34. One of Us: The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway

    by Åsne Seierstad
    Tragic account of the life of a mass murderer and the terror he inflicted on Norway.

    A harrowing and thorough account of the massacre that upended Norway, and the trial that helped put the country back together On July 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik detonated a bomb outside ... (Goodreads)

  35. Alan Partridge: Nomad

    by Alan Partridge
    Alan Partridge embarks on a journey across Britain, sharing his observations and experiences along the way.

    Currently co-hosting, This Time with Alan Partridge, on BBC One. THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER ,, Praise for, Nomad,: , 'Funniest book of the year', Sunday Telegraph, 'Alan Partridge's Nomad is almost ... (Barnes & Noble)

  36. Transmetropolitan, Vol. 7: Spider's Thrash

    by Warren Ellis
    Spider Jerusalem, a gonzo journalist, uncovers a conspiracy involving the President of the United States.

    The hammer has come down on him but outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem has managed to stay one step ahead of his detractors - I.e. the President of the United States and his authoritarian lackeys in ... (Goodreads)

  37. Lies & the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair & Balanced Look at the Right

    by Al Franken
    Satirical look at the right, exposing their lies and hypocrisies.

    Al Franken, one of our savviest satirists ( People ), has been studying the rhetoric of the Right. He has listened to their cries of slander, bias, and even treason. He has examined the Bush ... (Goodreads)

  38. Pattern Recognition

    by William Gibson
    A story of a woman's search for truth and identity in a digital world.

    Advertising consultant Cayce Pollard , who reacts to logos and advertising as if to an allergen , arrives in London in August 2002. She is working on a contract with the marketing firm Blue Ant to ... (Wikipedia)

  39. The Google Story: Inside the Hottest Business, Media and Technology Success of Our Time

    by David A. Vise
    The story of how two Stanford students created a search engine that changed the world and became one of the most successful companies in history.

    Moscow-born Sergey Brin and Midwest-born Larry Page dropped out of graduate school at Stanford University to, in their own words, "change the world" through a powerful search engine that would ... (Goodreads)

  40. The World According to Clarkson

    by Jeremy Clarkson
    A collection of humorous and controversial essays on various topics, from cars to politics, by the infamous British TV presenter.

    Jeremy Clarkson shares his opinions on just about everything in, The World According to Clarkson., Jeremy Clarkson has seen rather more of the world than most. He has, as they say, been around a bit. ... (Goodreads)

  41. Transmetropolitan, Vol. 3: Year of the Bastard

    by Warren Ellis
    A dystopian journey of a journalist, uncovering the darkness of power and corruption.

    Investigative reporter Spider Jerusalem attacks the injustices of the 23rd Century surroundings while working for the newspaper The Word in this critically-acclaimed graphic novel series written by ... (Goodreads)

  42. The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility, and Other Writings on Media

    by Walter Benjamin
    Reflection on the impact of technology on art, culture and society.

    Benjamin’s famous 'Work of Art' essay sets out his boldest thoughts–on media and on culture in general--in their most realized form, while retaining an edge that gets under the skin of everyone who ... (Goodreads)

  43. Lullaby

    by Chuck Palahniuk
    A dark satire of modern society, following a journalist in search of the mysterious 'lullaby' killer.

    Newspaper reporter Carl Streator has been assigned to write articles on a series of cases of sudden infant death syndrome , from which his own child had died. Carl discovers that his wife and child ... (Wikipedia)

  44. Stupid White Men

    by Michael Moore
    A sarcastic, incisive critique of contemporary American society and politics.

    Now with more than three million copies sold, Oscar-winning filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore's bestseller, Stupid White Men, tells you everything you need to know about how the great ... (Goodreads)

  45. Based on a True Story

    by Norm Macdonald
    A hilarious memoir recounting the author's experiences in stand-up comedy and life.

    When Norm Macdonald, one of the greatest stand-up comics of all time, was approached to write a celebrity memoir, he flatly refused, calling the genre "one step below instruction manuals." Norm then ... (Goodreads)

  46. Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle

    by Chris Hedges
    A scathing critique of American culture, exposing the dangers of a society obsessed with entertainment and spectacle over critical thinking and literacy.

    We now live in two Americas. One - now the minority - functions in a print-based, literate world that can cope with complexity and can separate illusion from truth. The other - the majority - is ... (Goodreads)

  47. Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media

    by Edward S. Herman
    Critique of mass media and its role in shaping public opinion.

    In this pathbreaking work, Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky show that, contrary to the usual image of the news media as cantankerous, obstinate, and ubiquitous in their search for truth and defense ... (Goodreads)

  48. Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics

    by Anonymous
    A fictionalized account of a presidential campaign, exposing the dirty secrets and scandals of politics.

    The book begins as an idealistic former congressional worker, Henry Burton, joins the presidential campaign of southern governor Jack Stanton, a thinly disguised stand-in for Bill Clinton. The plot ... (Wikipedia)

  49. The Second Coming

    by John Niven
    A washed-up musician is given a second chance at fame, but at what cost? A darkly humorous tale of redemption and the music industry.

    GOD'S COMING - LOOK BUSY! God really is coming, and he is going to be pissed. Having left his son in charge, God treated himself to a well-earned break around the height of the Renaissance. A good ... (Goodreads)

  50. Napalm & Silly Putty

    by George Carlin
    A collection of humorous and thought-provoking essays on modern life and culture.

    I THINK I AM, THEREFORE I AM. I THINK. In Napalm & Silly Putty , George Carlin, the thinking person's comic, offers a hilarious new collection of razor-sharp observations on God, language, death, ... (Goodreads)

  51. Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot

    by Al Franken
    A satirical critique of conservative media and politics, with a focus on the controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh.

    Rush Limbaugh claims his talent is on loan. With this book, Franken demonstrates that he owns. The frankly Democratic author's shtick reminds us how much of a free ride conservatives have gotten in ... (Goodreads)

  52. Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything

    by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong
    The behind-the-scenes story of the iconic TV show Seinfeld and its impact on popular culture.

    The, New York Times, bestseller about two guys who went out for coffee and dreamed up, Seinfeld,—“A wildly entertaining must-read not only for, Seinfeld, fans but for anyone who wants a better ... (Barnes & Noble)

  53. The Nix

    by Nathan Hill
    A middle-aged man's quest to discover the truth about his mother and his own identity.

    The Nix is an American epic novel in 10 parts that follows community college professor of English, Samuel Andresen-Anderson who is struggling to find meaning in his life in the years following his ... (Wikipedia)

  54. The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires

    by Tim Wu
    A historical account of the rise and fall of information empires, exploring the impact of communication technologies on society and culture.

    In this age of an open Internet, it is easy to forget that every American information industry, beginning with the telephone, has eventually been taken captive by some ruthless monopoly or cartel. ... (Goodreads)

  55. Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

    by Noam Chomsky
    A critical analysis of the media's role in shaping public opinion and promoting government propaganda.

    Noam Chomsky’s backpocket classic on wartime propaganda and opinion control begins by asserting two models of democracy—one in which the public actively participates, and one in which the public is ... (Goodreads)

  56. The Bonfire of the Vanities

    by Tom Wolfe
    An ambitious Wall Street banker's moral downfall in New York City.

    The story centers on Sherman McCoy, a successful New York City bond trader . His $3 million Park Avenue co-op , combined with his aristocratic wife's extravagances and other expenses required to keep ... (Wikipedia)

  57. Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime

    by John Heilemann
    A behind-the-scenes look at the 2008 US Presidential Election and the people who ran it.

    “It’s one of the best books on politics of any kind I’ve read. For entertainment value, I put it up there with Catch 22 .” — The Financial Times “It transports you to a parallel universe in which ... (Goodreads)

  58. Crash

    by J.G. Ballard
    A dystopian novel exploring the surreal and chaotic landscape of a near-future Los Angeles.

    The story is told through the eyes of narrator James Ballard, named after the author himself, but it centers on the sinister figure of Dr. Robert Vaughan, a "former TV-scientist, turned nightmare ... (Wikipedia)

  59. Mao II

    by Don DeLillo
    A novelist's search for inspiration and meaning in a chaotic world.

    A reclusive novelist named Bill Gray works endlessly on a novel which he chooses not to finish. He has chosen a lifestyle secluded from the outside world in order to try to keep his writing pure. He, ... (Wikipedia)

  60. The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

    by Andy Warhol
    An exploration of the life, works, and philosophy of the iconic Pop-Art figure.

    A loosely formed autobiography by Andy Warhol, told with his trademark blend of irony and detachment In The Philosophy of Andy Warhol —which, with the subtitle "(From A to B and Back Again)," is less ... (Goodreads)

  61. DisneyWar

    by James B. Stewart
    A behind-the-scenes look at the power struggles and corporate intrigue that shaped Disney's empire.

    The dramatic inside story of the downfall of Michael Eisner—Disney Chairman and CEO—and the scandals that drove America’s best-known entertainment company to civil war. “When You Wish Upon a Star,” ... (Goodreads)

  62. The Daily Show

    by Chris Smith
    A behind-the-scenes look at the making of "The Daily Show" with interviews from Jon Stewart, correspondents, staff, and guests.

    The complete, uncensored history of the award-winning, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, as told by its correspondents, writers, and host. For almost seventeen years, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ... (Barnes & Noble)

  63. Non-Fiction

    by Chuck Palahniuk
    A collection of stories exploring modern life, each with its own unique twist.

    Chuck Palahniuk's world has been, well, different from yours and mine. The pieces that comprise Non-Fiction prove just how different, in ways both highly entertaining and deeply unsettling. ... (Goodreads)

  64. How Music Got Free: The End of an Industry, the Turn of the Century, and the Patient Zero of Piracy

    by Stephen Richard Witt
    The story of how digital music piracy revolutionized the music industry, told through the perspectives of key players in the game.

    What happens when an entire generation commits the same crime? How Music Got Free is a riveting story of obsession, music, crime, and money, featuring visionaries and criminals, moguls and tech-savvy ... (Goodreads)

  65. The Society of the Spectacle

    by Guy Debord
    A critical analysis of the commodification of society and the power of the media.

    Few works of political and cultural theory have been as enduringly provocative as Guy Debord's The Society of the Spectacle. From its publication amid the social upheavals of the 1960s up to the ... (Goodreads)

  66. Purity

    by Jonathan Franzen
    A young woman's quest to uncover her identity and family secrets.

    The novel tells the intersecting stories of several different people of widely diverging ages and backgrounds. Purity Tyler, who goes by the name "Pip" is 23 and has $130,000 in student loan debt. ... (Wikipedia)

  67. Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Frontlines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture

    by Peggy Orenstein
    An exploration of the effects of the girlie-girl culture on young girls and their parents.

    The acclaimed author of the groundbreaking bestseller, Schoolgirls, reveals the dark side of pink and pretty: the rise of the girlie-girl, she warns, is not that innocent., Sweet and sassy or ... (Goodreads)

  68. Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History

    by Katy Tur
    A journalist's firsthand account of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, from the campaign trail to the White House.

    A New York Times Bestseller “Compelling… this book couldn’t be more timely.” – Jill Abramson,, New York Times Book Review, Called "disgraceful," "third-rate," and "not nice" by Donald Trump, NBC News ... (Barnes & Noble)

  69. Illuminations: Essays and Reflections

    by Walter Benjamin
    Collection of philosophical and literary essays on a range of topics.

    Essays and reflections from one of the twentieth century’s most original cultural critics, with an introduction by Hannah Arendt . Walter Benjamin was an icon of criticism, renowned for his insight ... (Barnes & Noble)

  70. Simulacra and Simulation

    by Jean Baudrillard
    Analysis of the effects of technology on our lives, exploring the concept of hyperreality.

    The publication of Simulacra et Simulation in 1981 marked Jean Baudrillard's first important step toward theorizing the postmodern. Moving away from the Marxist/Freudian approaches that had concerned ... (Goodreads)

  71. London Fields

    by Martin Amis
    A female artist's exploration of life and death, told through the lens of an apocalyptic setting.

    London Fields is set in London in 1999 against a backdrop of environmental, social and moral degradation, and the looming threat of world instability and nuclear war (referred to as "The Crisis"). ... (Wikipedia)

  72. Before the Fall

    by Noah Hawley
    A mysterious plane crash leads to a tangled web of secrets, lies, and betrayal.

    On a foggy summer night, eleven people—ten privileged, one down-on-his-luck painter—depart Martha's Vineyard on a private jet headed for New York. Sixteen minutes later, the unthinkable happens: the ... (Barnes & Noble)

  73. Killing Reagan: The Violent Assault That Changed a Presidency

    by Bill O'Reilly
    An examination of the attempted assassination of President Reagan and its aftermath.

    In 1981, after delivering a speech at the Washington Hilton Hotel on March 30, President Reagan is shot by John Hinckley, Jr. . Near death, Reagan's life is in the balance in the hands of doctors at ... (Wikipedia)

  74. Glamorama

    by Bret Easton Ellis
    A man's descent into a world of fame, glamour, and superficiality.

    The author of American Psycho and Less Than Zero continues to shock and haunt us with his incisive and brilliant dissection of the modern world.In his most ambitious and gripping book yet, Bret ... (Goodreads)

  75. JPod

    by Douglas Coupland
    A darkly humorous look at the lives of the twenty-somethings working in the video game industry.

    JPod , Douglas Coupland's most acclaimed novel to date, is a lethal joyride into today's new breed of tech worker. Ethan Jarlewski and five co-workers whose surnames begin with "J" are ... (Goodreads)

  76. A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity

    by Bill O'Reilly
    Memoir of Bill O'Reilly's childhood and early career, highlighting his struggles and triumphs.

    The year was 1957, the month September, and I had just turned eight years old. Dwight Eisenhower was President, but in my life it was the diminutive, intense Sister Mary Lurana who ruled, at least in ... (Goodreads)

  77. The Assault on Reason

    by Al Gore
    Al Gore argues that the decline of reason in American politics is a threat to democracy and proposes solutions to restore rational discourse.

    New York Times bestseller: A visionary analysis of the degradation of our public sphere and its consequences for our democracy. Nobel Peace Prize winner, bestselling author, activist, and political ... (Goodreads)

  78. Waiting to Be Heard: A Memoir

    by Amanda Knox
    Amanda Knox's memoir of her wrongful conviction and imprisonment for the murder of her roommate in Italy.

    In the fall of 2007, twenty-year old college coed Amanda Knox left Seattle to study abroad in Perugia, Italy for one year. But that November 1, her life was shattered when her roommate, British ... (Goodreads)

  79. Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid

    by Denis Leary
    A humorous take on American culture, politics, and society, with a focus on self-deprecating humor and satire.

    A hilarious blast of scathing irreverence from the award-winning actor and comedian . "A pissed off Leary is the best Leary," says one critic of the writer and comic. In Why We Suck , Dr. Denis Leary ... (Goodreads)

  80. The Information

    by Martin Amis
    A non-fiction exploration of the history and impact of information, from language to the digital age.

    Fame, envy, lust, violence, intrigues literary and criminal - they're all here in The Information . How does one writer hurt another writer? This is the question novelist Richard Tull mills over, for ... (Goodreads)

  81. The Medium is the Massage

    by Marshall McLuhan
    Examining how media shapes and influences society.

    The Medium is the Massage is Marshall McLuhan's most condensed, and perhaps most effective, presentation of his ideas. Using a layout style that was later copied by Wired , McLuhan and ... (Goodreads)

  82. Miss Wyoming

    by Douglas Coupland
    A former child beauty pageant winner and a Hollywood producer cross paths in a surreal adventure of self-discovery and redemption.

    The novel is the story of John Johnson and Susan Colgate. It begins with a meeting between Susan and John after their yearlong absences from the world, and then progresses to tell the stories of ... (Wikipedia)

  83. يوتوبيا

    by أحمد خالد توفيق
    An exploration of the effects of rapid technological advancement on contemporary life.

    كيف ستكون مصر عام 2023؟ لقد عزَلَ الأغنياء أنفسهم في (يوتوبيا) الساحل الشمالي تحت حراسة المارينز الأمريكيين، يتعاطون المخدرات ويمارسون المتع المحرمة إلى أقصاها، بينما ينسحق الفقراء خارجها ينهش بعضهم ... (Goodreads)

  84. Scoop

    by Evelyn Waugh
    A humorous and satirical look at journalistic misadventures in Africa.

    Lord Copper, newspaper magnate and proprietor of the "Daily Beast", has always prided himself on his intuitive flair for spotting ace reporters. That is not to say he has not made the odd blunder, ... (Goodreads)

  85. Sellevision

    by Augusten Burroughs
    A satirical novel about the behind-the-scenes drama of a home shopping network and its dysfunctional hosts.

    Darkly funny and gleefully mean-spirited,, Sellevision, explores greed, obsession and third tier celebrity, in the world of a fictional home shopping network.,Welcome to the troubled world of ... (Goodreads)

  86. Don't Get Too Comfortable: The Indignities of Coach Class, The Torments of Low Thread Count, The Never-Ending Quest for Artisanal Olive Oil, and Other First World Problems

    by David Rakoff
    A collection of humorous essays on the absurdities of modern life, consumerism, and the pursuit of luxury.

    A bitingly funny grand tour of our culture of excess from an award-winning humorist. Whether David Rakoff's contrasting the elegance of one of the last flights of the supersonic Concorde with the ... (Goodreads)

  87. The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That is Connecting the World

    by David Kirkpatrick
    A detailed account of the rise of Facebook, its impact on society, and the people behind it.

    The inside story of Facebook, told with the full, exclusive cooperation of founder Mark Zuckerberg and the company's other leaders. In little more than half a decade, Facebook has gone from a ... (Goodreads)

  88. Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas

    by Chuck Klosterman
    A collection of essays on culture and the way we think about the world.

    "Chuck Klosterman IV" Consists of Three Parts: THINGS THAT ARE TRUE Profiles And Trend Stories: Britney Spears, Radiohead, Billy Joel, Metallica, Val Kilmer, Bono, Wilco, The White Stripes, Steve ... (Goodreads)

  89. Thank You for Smoking

    by Christopher Buckley
    A satire of the tobacco industry, exploring the power of corporate lobbying.

    Nick Naylor is the chief spokesman for the Academy of Tobacco Studies, a tobacco industry lobbying firm that promotes the benefits of cigarettes. He utilizes high-profile media events and ... (Wikipedia)

  90. In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks . . . And Other Complaints from an Angry Middle-Aged White Guy

    by Adam Carolla
    A humorous and irreverent take on modern society, politics, and culture from the perspective of a middle-aged white man.

    A couple years back, I was at the Phoenix airport bar. It was empty except for one heavy-set, gray bearded, grizzled guy who looked like he just rode his donkey into town after a long day of panning ... (Goodreads)

  91. Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women

    by Susan Faludi
    An investigation into the cultural and political forces that have led to a backlash against women's rights and progress in America.

    Skillfully Probing the Attack on Women’s Rights “Opting-out,” “security moms,” “desperate housewives,” “the new baby fever”—the trend stories of 2006 leave no doubt that American women are still ... (Goodreads)

  92. More Information Than You Require

    by John Hodgman
    A satirical almanac filled with absurd and hilarious trivia, anecdotes, and fake facts.

    The bestselling author of, The Areas of My Expertise,— also known as, The Daily Show,’s “Resident Expert” and the PC in the iconic Mac ads—picks up exactly where his first book left off., Exactly, . ... (Goodreads)

  93. Settle for More

    by Megyn Kelly
    Autobiography of Megyn Kelly, detailing her rise to fame as a journalist and her experiences with sexual harassment in the workplace.

    Whether it’s asking tough questions during a presidential debate or pressing for answers to today’s most important issues, Megyn Kelly has demonstrated the intelligence, strength, common sense, and ... (Goodreads)

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