Books about Solitude

  1. Gabriel García Márquez: One Hundred Years of Solitude

    by Michael Wood
    A comprehensive analysis of Gabriel García Márquez's masterpiece, exploring its themes, symbols, and literary techniques.

    One Hundred Years of Solitude is perhaps the most important landmark of the so-called 'Boom' in contemporary Latin American fiction. Published in 1967, the novel was an instant success, running to ... (Barnes & Noble)

  2. A Thousand Mornings

    by Mary Oliver
    An exploration of nature, beauty and gratitude through lyrical poetry.

    In A Thousand Mornings , Mary Oliver returns to the imagery that has come to define her life’s work, transporting us to the marshland and coastline of her beloved home, Provincetown, Massachusetts. ... (Goodreads)

  3. The Sea

    by John Banville
    A man reflects on his past and reconciles his memories of youth with the present.

    The story is told by Max Morden, a self-aware, retired art historian attempting to reconcile himself to the deaths of those he loved as a child and as an adult. The novel is written as a reflective ... (Wikipedia)

  4. The Tunnel

    by Ernesto Sabato
    A man's descent into madness, as his past unravels and his present is slowly consumed by it.

    The story begins with the main character introducing himself as "the painter who killed María Iribarne" before delving into the circumstances that led to their first encounter. Castel's obsession ... (Wikipedia)

  5. El coronel no tiene quien le escriba / No One Writes to the Colonel

    by Gabriel García Márquez
    A poor colonel's struggles to support his family amidst political and social turmoil.

    The novel, written between 1956 and 1957 while living in Paris in the Hotel des Trois Colleges , and first published in 1961, , is the story of an impoverished, retired colonel , a veteran of the ... (Wikipedia)

  6. I'm Traveling Alone

    by Samuel Bjørk
    A woman's journey of self-discovery, as she embarks on a solo journey to find her missing daughter.

    From a bold new voice in international crime fiction, a chilling debut in which two detectives must hunt down a vengeful killer–and uncover the secret that ties each of them to the crime A ... (Goodreads)

  7. The Garden of Evening Mists

    by Tan Twan Eng
    A story of a woman's journey through grief, as she finds solace in the serenity of a Japanese garden.

    Malaya, 1949. After studying law at Cambrige and time spent helping to prosecute Japanese war criminals, Yun Ling Teoh seeks solace among the jungle fringed plantations of Northern Malaya where she ... (Goodreads)

  8. The Post-Office Girl

    by Stefan Zweig
    A young woman's life changes when she inherits a fortune and experiences the luxuries of high society. But it doesn't last forever.

    Christine is an Austrian public servant in a post-office job in a poverty-stricken city near St. Pölten in Lower Austria . She is a blonde woman whose mother is sick and whose father had died during ... (Wikipedia)

  9. The Poetry of Robert Frost

    by Robert Frost
    Collection of masterfully crafted poems examining the beauty, challenges and complexities of life.

    A feast for lovers of American literature-the work of our greatest poet, redesigned and relaunched for a new generation of readers No poet is more emblematically American than Robert Frost. From "The ... (Barnes & Noble)

  10. Leviathan

    by Paul Auster
    A mysterious stranger's dark and somewhat surreal journey of self-exploration.

    The story is told by Peter Aaron about the victim, Benjamin Sachs, his best friend whom he first meets as a fellow writer in a Greenwich Village bar in 1975. Peter decides to try to piece together ... (Wikipedia)

  11. The Eight Mountains

    by Paolo Cognetti
    A man's journey of self-discovery, exploring nature and reflecting on life.

    Pietro è un ragazzino di città, solitario e un po' scontroso. La madre lavora in un consultorio di periferia, e farsi carico degli altri è il suo talento. Il padre è un chimico, un uomo ombroso e ... (Goodreads)

  12. You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense

    by Charles Bukowski
    A collection of poems exploring the depths of human emotion and the beauty of life.

    Charles Bukowski examines cats and his childhood in You Get So Alone at Times , a book of poetry that reveals his tender side. He delves into his youth to analyze its repercussions. ... (Barnes & Noble)

  13. Wittgenstein's Mistress

    by David Markson
    A woman wanders a deserted world, reflecting on her life and the works of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

    Wittgenstein's Mistress is a novel unlike anything David Markson - or anyone else - has ever written before. It is the story of a woman who is convinced, and, astonishingly, will ultimately convince ... (Goodreads)

  14. How to Be Alone

    by Jonathan Franzen
    A collection of essays exploring the complexities of solitude, self-reliance, and personal growth.

    From the National Book Award-winning author of, The Corrections, a collection of essays that reveal him to be one of our sharpest, toughest, and most entertaining social critics While the essays in ... (Goodreads)

  15. Collected Poems, Prose, and Plays

    by Robert Frost
    A comprehensive collection of Frost's works, including poetry, prose, and plays, showcasing his mastery of language and deep understanding of human nature.

    Justly celebrated at home and abroad, Robert Frost is perhaps America’s greatest twentieth-century poet and a towering figure in American letters. From the publication of his first collections, A ... (Goodreads)

  16. The Road Not Taken and Other Poems

    by Robert Frost
    Collection of poems exploring the power of choice, the passage of time, and the beauty of nature.

    "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I– I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." These deceptively simple lines from the title poem of this collection suggest Robert ... (Goodreads)

  17. A Month in the Country

    by J.L. Carr
    A man's journey of personal and spiritual redemption, set in rural England during WWI.

    In J. L. Carr's deeply charged poetic novel, Tom Birkin, a veteran of the Great War and a broken marriage, arrives in the remote Yorkshire village of Oxgodby where he is to restore a recently ... (Goodreads)

  18. Walden

    by Henry David Thoreau
    A reflective journey into nature, exploring the power of contemplation and simplicity.

    Originally published in 1854, Walden; or, Life in the Woods, is a vivid account of the time that Henry D. Thoreau lived alone in a secluded cabin at Walden Pond. It is one of the most influential and ... (Goodreads)

  19. The Snow Child

    by Eowyn Ivey
    A couple's dream of a child comes true in the Alaskan wilderness, but with unexpected consequences.

    Alaska, 1920: a brutal place to homestead, and especially tough for recent arrivals Jack and Mabel. Childless, they are drifting apart–he breaking under the weight of the work of the farm; she ... (Goodreads)

  20. Homer & Langley

    by E.L. Doctorow
    Eccentric brothers live in a decaying mansion in New York City, hidden away from the rest of the world.

    From Ragtime and Billy Bathgate to The Book of Daniel, World’s Fair, and The March, the novels of E. L. Doctorow comprise one of the most substantive achievements of modern American fiction. Now, ... (Goodreads)

  21. Waiting for Godot

    by Samuel Beckett
    Two men wait for a mysterious figure who never arrives, reflecting on their lives and existence.

    Two men, Vladimir and Estragon, have met near a leafless tree. Estragon spent the previous night lying in a ditch and receiving a beating from some unnamed assailants. The two men discuss a variety ... (Wikipedia)

  22. A Visitor for Bear

    by Bonny Becker
    A persistent mouse tries to befriend a grumpy bear, eventually succeeding in creating an unlikely friendship.

    Cheery persistence wears down a curmudgeonly bear in a wry comedy of manners that ends in a most unlikely friendship. Bear is quite sure he doesn't like visitors. He even has a sign. So when a mouse ... (Goodreads)

  23. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

    by Haruki Murakami
    A man's journey of self-reflection to address his past and understand his place in the world.

    A mesmerising mystery story about friendship from the internationally bestselling author of, Norwegian Wood, and, 1Q84, Tsukuru Tazaki had four best friends at school. By chance all of their names ... (Goodreads)

  24. This One Summer

    by Mariko Tamaki
    A poignant coming-of-age story about two teenage girls navigating growing up, family relationships, and the complexities of summer.

    Rose has been coming to a cottage in Awago every summer and meeting her summer friend, Windy, as long as she can remember. , Rose is about eighteen months older than Windy and is the narrator of the ... (Wikipedia)

  25. The Tartar Steppe

    by Dino Buzzati
    A young Italian soldier stationed at a remote fort in a desolate landscape, waiting for a mythical enemy.

    The plot of the novel is Drogo's lifelong wait for a great war in which his life and the existence of the fort can prove its usefulness. The human need for giving life meaning and the soldier's ... (Wikipedia)

  26. A Single Man

    by Christopher Isherwood
    A man's exploration of life after losing his partner, as he contemplates his own mortality.

    George, an English professor, is unable to cope with the despondent, bereaved nature of his existence after the sudden death of his partner, Jim. Throughout the day, he has various encounters with ... (Wikipedia)

  27. The Little House

    by Virginia Lee Burton
    A story about a house that moves to the country and experiences a life of adventure.

    The little house first stood in the country, but gradually the city moved closer and closer. ... (Barnes & Noble)

  28. Villette

    by Charlotte Brontë
    A young woman's journey of self-discovery in a foreign land, overcoming societal constraints.

    Villette begins with its famously passive protagonist, Lucy Snowe, age 14, staying at the home of her godmother Mrs. Bretton in "the clean and ancient town of Bretton", in England. Also in residence ... (Wikipedia)

  29. The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

    by Michael A. Singer
    A spiritual exploration of the soul and its connection to the world.

    What would it be like to free yourself from limitations and soar beyond your boundaries? What can you do each day to discover inner peace and serenity? The Untethered Soul offers simple yet profound ... (Goodreads)

  30. Practicing the Power of Now: Essential Teachings, Meditations, and Exercises from the Power of Now

    by Eckhart Tolle
    Exploring the teachings of Eckhart Tolle on living in the present moment, and how to apply them in daily life.

    New York Times, bestselling author Eckhart Tolle — A key to happiness is living in the now, Practice, The Power of Now,:, If you, like many others, have benefited from the transformative experience ... (Barnes & Noble)

  31. A Room of One's Own

    by Virginia Woolf
    Examining gender roles and societal expectations with an eye to achieving independence and creative freedom.

    A Room of One's Own is an extended essay by Virginia Woolf. First published on the 24th of October, 1929, the essay was based on a series of lectures she delivered at Newnham College and Girton ... (Goodreads)

  32. Gift from the Sea

    by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
    Exploring the depths of the ocean, seeking solace and wisdom.

    In this inimitable, beloved classic—graceful, lucid and lyrical—Anne Morrow Lindbergh shares her meditations on youth and age; love and marriage; peace, solitude and contentment as she set them down ... (Goodreads)

  33. Desert Solitaire

    by Edward Abbey
    A personal account of a season spent as a park ranger in the American wilderness.

    First published in 1968, Desert Solitaire is one of Edward Abbey’s most critically acclaimed works and marks his first foray into the world of nonfiction writing. Written while Abbey was working as a ... (Goodreads)

  34. Walden & Civil Disobedience

    by Henry David Thoreau
    A philosophical exploration of solitude, nature and civil disobedience.

    Henry David Thoreau's masterwork, Walden , is a collection of his reflections on life and society. His simple but profound musings—as well as Civil Disobedience , his protest against the government's ... (Goodreads)

  35. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and Other Poems

    by T.S. Eliot
    A collection of poetry exploring themes of melancholy and despair.

    Let us go then, you and I, When the evening is spread out against the sky Like a patient etherized upon a table; Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets, The muttering retreats Of restless ... (Goodreads)

  36. Moon Rising

    by Tui T. Sutherland
    The thrilling conclusion to the "Wings of Fire" series, as the dragonets of destiny face their biggest challenge yet.

    The, New York Times,-bestselling series soars to even greater heights with a new prophecy and five new dragonets ready to claim their destiny! Peace has come to Pyrrhia... for now. The war between ... (Barnes & Noble)

  37. Plainsong

    by Kent Haruf
    Interconnected stories of rural life in small-town America, and the struggles of the people living there.

    A heartstrong story of family and romance, tribulation and tenacity, set on the High Plains east of Denver. In the small town of Holt, Colorado, a high school teacher is confronted with raising his ... (Goodreads)

  38. The Man Who Fell to Earth

    by Walter Tevis
    An alien arrives on Earth seeking a way to save his dying planet, but becomes trapped in human vices and struggles to complete his mission.

    Thomas Jerome Newton is a humanoid alien who comes to Earth seeking to construct a spaceship to ferry others from his home planet, Anthea, to Earth. Anthea is experiencing a terrible drought after ... (Wikipedia)

  39. A Field Guide to Getting Lost

    by Rebecca Solnit
    Exploring being lost in the world, embracing the uncertainty of life, and finding new ways of being.

    Whether she is contemplating the history of walking as a cultural and political experience over the past two hundred years ( Wanderlust ), or using the life of photographer Eadweard Muybridge as a ... (Goodreads)

  40. Our Souls at Night

    by Kent Haruf
    An elderly couple's exploration of love, loneliness, and companionship.

    A spare yet eloquent, bittersweet yet inspiring story of a man and a woman who, in advanced age, come together to wrestle with the events of their lives and their hopes for the imminent future. In ... (Goodreads)

  41. The Old Man Who Read Love Stories

    by Luis Sepúlveda
    An old man's quest to find solace and peace in the stories he reads.

    In a remote river town deep in the Ecuadoran jungle, Antonio José Bolívar seeks refuge in amorous novels. But tourists and opportunists are making inroads into the area, and the balance of nature is ... (Goodreads)

  42. The Bookshop on the Corner

    by Jenny Colgan
    A woman finds solace and purpose in a second-hand bookshop in the Scottish countryside.

    Nina Redmond is a literary matchmaker. Pairing a reader with that perfect book is her passion… and also her job. Or at least it was. Until yesterday, she was a librarian in the hectic city. But now ... (Goodreads)

  43. A Hunger Artist

    by Franz Kafka
    A unique artist's exploration of suffering, as he strives to make his art ever more extreme.

    "A Hunger Artist" is told retrospectively through third-person narration. The narrator looks back several decades from "today", to a time when the public marveled at the professional hunger artist. ... (Wikipedia)

  44. The Invention of Solitude

    by Paul Auster
    A reflective memoir of a man's search for understanding the nature of solitude.

    In this debut work by New York Times -bestselling author Paul Auster ( The New York Trilogy ), The Invention of Solitude , a memoir, established Auster’s reputation as a major new voice in American ... (Goodreads)

  45. The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone

    by Olivia Laing
    A journey through the art world exploring themes of urban loneliness and creative connection.

    Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in Criticism, ,#1 Book of the Year from Brain Pickings,, Named a best book of the year by NPR,, Newsweek, Slate, Pop Sugar,, Marie Claire,, Elle, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  46. Near to the Wild Heart

    by Clarice Lispector
    A young woman's journey of self-discovery, exploring the complexities of love, identity, and existence.

    Near to the Wild Heart does not have a conventional narrative plot. It instead recounts flashes from the life of Joana, between her present, as a young woman, and her early childhood. These focus, ... (Wikipedia)

  47. Fruits Basket, Vol. 3

    by Natsuki Takaya
    Tohru Honda continues to live with the cursed Sohma family, learning more about their secrets and forming deeper connections with them.

    Sawa Mitoma has officially lived every high school girl's dream by breathing in limited-edition Sohma cottage air and landing a date with a Sohma heartthrob. That is, until she's thrust face-to-face ... (Barnes & Noble)

  48. The Wall

    by Marlen Haushofer
    A woman is trapped behind an invisible wall in the Austrian Alps, forced to survive alone with limited resources.

    Accompanied by her cousin and her cousin's husband, the 40-year-old narrator travels to the Austrian mountains. They plan on staying in a hunting lodge for the weekend, but the next morning the woman ... (Wikipedia)

  49. The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings

    by Edgar Allan Poe
    Collection of short stories and poetry exploring the depths of human emotion.

    "The Tell-Tale Heart" is a first-person narrative told by an unnamed narrator. Insisting that they are sane, the narrator suffers from a disease (nervousness) which causes " over-acuteness of the ... (Wikipedia)

  50. Men Without Women

    by Haruki Murakami
    Collection of stories exploring the experiences of men coping with loneliness and isolation.

    A dazzling new collection of short stories—the first major new work of fiction from the beloved, internationally acclaimed, Haruki Murakami since his #1 best-selling Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His ... (Goodreads)

  51. Boundary Waters

    by William Kent Krueger
    A gripping wilderness adventure exploring the depths of a man's courage and the power of friendship.

    The Quetico-Superior Wilderness: more than two million acres of forest, white-water rapids, and uncharted islands on the Canadian/American border. Somewhere in the heart of this unforgiving ... (Goodreads)

  52. Track of the Cat

    by Nevada Barr
    A murder mystery set in the wilderness of West Texas, where a park ranger must solve the crime before becoming the next victim.

    Anna Pigeon has fled New York and her memories to find work as a ranger in the country’s national parks. In the remote backcountry of West Texas, however, she discovers murder and violence. Fellow ... (Goodreads)

  53. Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Andalucía

    by Chris Stewart
    A humorous memoir of an Englishman's move to a remote Spanish village, where he learns to farm and embrace the laid-back lifestyle.

    No sooner had Chris Stewart set eyes on El Valero than he handed over a check. Now all he had to do was explain to Ana, his wife, that they were the proud owners of an isolated sheep farm in the ... (Goodreads)

  54. The Slow Regard of Silent Things

    by Patrick Rothfuss
    A solitary journey into the depths of a mysterious underground realm.

    Deep below the University, there is a dark place. Few people know of it: a broken web of ancient passageways and abandoned rooms. A young woman lives there, tucked among the sprawling tunnels of the ... (Goodreads)

  55. Outline

    by Rachel Cusk
    A woman's journey of self-reflection, exploring relationships and the complexities of life.

    An English woman writer flies to Athens to teach a summer writing workshop. On the plane, she meets an older Greek bachelor , who tells her about his two failed marriages. The next day she meets with ... (Wikipedia)

  56. The Black Stallion

    by Walter Farley
    A young boy's friendship with a wild horse, overcoming challenges and finding courage.

    Published originally in 1941, this book is about a young boy, Alec Ramsay who finds a wild black stallion at a small Arabian port on the Red Sea. Between the black stallion and young boy, a strange ... (Goodreads)

  57. Battles in the Desert & Other Stories

    by José Emilio Pacheco
    A young man's journey of self-discovery, navigating his way through Mexico's turbulent political landscape.

    Battles in the Desert is written from the perspective of a middle-aged Mexican-American immigrant Carlos reminiscing about his life in post-World War II Mexico. It begins with Carlos recounting the ... (Wikipedia)

  58. Strange Weather in Tokyo

    by Hiromi Kawakami
    A tale of love and friendship between two lonely people in Tokyo.

    Tsukiko is drinking alone in her local sake bar when by chance she meets one of her old high school teachers and, unable to remember his name, she falls back into her old habit of calling him ... (Goodreads)

  59. Spill Simmer Falter Wither

    by Sara Baume
    A man and his dog's journey through life, love, and loss in a small Irish town.

    You find me on a Tuesday, on my Tuesday trip to town. You're sellotaped to the inside pane of the jumble shop window. A photograph of your mangled face and underneath an appeal for a COMPASSIONATE ... (Goodreads)

  60. Legends of the Fall

    by Jim Harrison
    Epic tale of three brothers and their father living in the wilderness of Montana, facing love, war, and tragedy.

    Three novellas by the, New York Times, bestselling author, including the classic tale of brotherhood from the Montana plains through the horrors of WWI. Jim Harrison’s critically acclaimed novella ... (Barnes & Noble)

  61. Upstream: Selected Essays

    by Mary Oliver
    A collection of essays on the beauty of nature, and the importance of a mindful life.

    Comprising a selection of essays, Upstream finds beloved poet Mary Oliver reflecting on her astonishment and admiration for the natural world and the craft of writing. As she contemplates the ... (Goodreads)

  62. Casting Off

    by Hugh Howey
    A young woman's journey across the ocean in a sailboat, finding her way in life.

    The silo has appointed a new sheriff. Her name is Juliette, and she comes not from the shadows of deputies, but from the depths of the down deep. But what does being a mechanic have to do with ... (Goodreads)

  63. The Dog Stars

    by Peter Heller
    A man struggles to survive in post-apocalyptic world, searching for a better life.

    Hig somehow survived the flu pandemic that killed everyone he knows. Now his wife is gone, his friends are dead, and he lives in the hangar of a small abandoned airport with his dog, Jasper, and a ... (Goodreads)

  64. The River Why

    by David James Duncan
    A young man's quest to find himself, living by a river and learning the secrets of life.

    A coming-of-age story narrated by Gus Orviston, a high school graduate and the oldest son in a fishing-crazed family. Frustrated with life in Portland, Oregon, and the constant bickering of his bait ... (Wikipedia)

  65. The Break

    by Marian Keyes
    A woman's journey to recovery, letting go of the past and embracing a new life.

    'Myself and Hugh . . . We're taking a break.' 'A city-with-fancy-food sort of break?' If only. Amy's husband Hugh says he isn't leaving her. He still loves her, he's just taking a break - from their ... (Goodreads)

  66. The Cement Garden

    by Ian McEwan
    A family of siblings grapple with the death of their parents and the secrets they keep.

    In this tour de force of psychological unease - now a major motion picture starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sinead Cusack - McEwan excavates the ruins of childhood and uncovers things that most ... (Goodreads)

  67. Nightwoods

    by Charles Frazier
    A woman is tasked with raising her deceased sister's twins in a secluded mountain cabin, where she confronts her own troubled past and dangerous present.

    The extraordinary author of Cold Mountain and Thirteen Moons returns with a dazzling new novel of suspense and love set in small-town North Carolina in the early 1960s. Charles Frazier puts his ... (Goodreads)

  68. Good Morning, Midnight

    by Lily Brooks-Dalton
    Two loners, one in the Arctic and one in the city, embark on a journey of self-discovery.

    Augustine, a brilliant, aging astronomer, is consumed by the stars. For years he has lived in remote outposts, studying the sky for evidence of how the universe began. At his latest posting, in a ... (Goodreads)

  69. The Book of Disquiet

    by Fernando Pessoa
    A collection of philosophical reflections on life, love and fate.

    Fernando Pessoa was many writers in one. He attributed his prolific writings to a wide range of alternate selves, each of which had a distinct biography, ideology, and horoscope. When he died in ... (Goodreads)

  70. Happy Days

    by Samuel Beckett
    Two characters, Winnie and Willie, are stuck in a barren landscape, reflecting on their past and present lives.

    Winnie is embedded waist-deep in a low mound under blazing light, with a large black bag beside her. She is awakened by a piercing bell and begins her daily routine with a prayer. Talking incessantly ... (Wikipedia)

  71. Sleep

    by Haruki Murakami
    A man's surreal journey of self-reflection and exploration of his inner turmoil.

    «النعاس» تلك اليد الشفّافة التي تتسلّل إلى وعينا كلّ يوم فتعبث به وتأخذنا في جولة سحريّة عبر عالم مليء بالألغاز. أيّ معنى لحياتنا في غيابه؟ كذا تساءلنا جميعاً في لحظة بعينها من لحظات حياتنا مستمتعين ... (Goodreads)

  72. The Dark Wind

    by Tony Hillerman
    Navajo Tribal Police Officer Jim Chee investigates a murder and a missing shipment of drugs in the Southwest desert.

    Jim Chee is assigned four cases to solve by Captain Largo, his new boss at the Tuba City, Arizona office of the Navajo Tribal Police. One is to ascertain who stole jewelry from the Burnt Water ... (Wikipedia)

  73. Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

    by Gabrielle Zevin
    A teenage girl's journey to reclaim her identity through memories of her past.

    If Naomi had picked tails, she would have won the coin toss. She wouldn't have had to go back for the yearbook camera, and she wouldn't have hit her head on the steps. She wouldn't have woken up in ... (Goodreads)

  74. Dear John

    by Nicholas Sparks
    An unlikely romance that blossoms, then fades, in the face of unexpected events.

    An angry rebel, John dropped out of school and enlisted in the Army, not knowing what else to do with his life–until he meets the girl of his dreams, Savannah. Their mutual attraction quickly grows ... (Goodreads)

  75. The Sound of Waves

    by Yukio Mishima
    A young fisherman's love story, set against the backdrop of a small fishing village.

    Shinji Kubo lives with his mother, a pearl diver, and his younger brother, Hiroshi. He and his mother support the family because Shinji's father died in World War II after the fishing boat he was on ... (Wikipedia)

  76. Gossip Girl

    by Cecily von Ziegesar
    A group of wealthy teenagers living in the Upper East Side of New York City navigate their way through high school while dealing with drama, secrets, and scandals.

    Welcome to New York City’s Upper East Side, where my friends and I live, go to school, play, and sleep—sometimes with each other. S is back from boarding school, and if we aren’t careful, she’s going ... (Goodreads)

  77. Nod

    by Adrian Barnes
    A mysterious epidemic causes people to lose the ability to sleep, leading to a breakdown of society and the emergence of a new world order.

    Dawn breaks over Vancouver and no one in the world has slept the night before, or almost no one. A few people, perhaps one in ten thousand, can still sleep, and they’ve all shared the same golden ... (Barnes & Noble)

  78. Mist

    by Miguel de Unamuno
    A study of the power of faith and reason, exploring the depths of human existence.

    The plot revolves around the character of Augusto, a wealthy, intellectual and introverted young man. He falls in love with a young woman named Eugenia as she walks past him on the street, and he ... (Wikipedia)

  79. The Orchard Keeper

    by Cormac McCarthy
    Three lives intersect in a small Tennessee town, revealing the dark underbelly of rural life. McCarthy's debut novel.

    The Orchard Keeper is set during the inter-war period in the hamlet of Red Branch, a small, isolated community in Tennessee. Its story revolves around three characters: Uncle Arthur Ownby, an ... (Wikipedia)

  80. Song of Myself

    by Walt Whitman
    A lyrical exploration of the power of the self and the human experience.

    One of Walt Whitman's most loved and greatest poems, "Song of Myself" is an optimistic and inspirational look at the world. Originally published as part of "Leaves of Grass" in 1855, "Song of Myself" ... (Goodreads)

  81. Our Only May Amelia

    by Jennifer L. Holm
    May Amelia, the only girl in a family of boys, struggles to find her place in a Finnish-American community in Washington state in the early 1900s.

    It isn′t easy being a pioneer in the state of Washington in 1899, but it′s particularly hard when you are the only girl ever born in the new settlement. With seven older brothers and a love of ... (Goodreads)

  82. One Man's Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey

    by Sam Keith
    The journal of Richard Proenneke, who left civilization to live alone in the Alaskan wilderness, building his own cabin and living off the land.

    To live in a pristine land unchanged by roam a wilderness through which few other humans have choose an idyllic site, cut trees and build a log be a self-sufficient ... (Goodreads)

  83. Prologue: The Brothers

    by Chris Stewart
    Two brothers embark on a journey to restore an old house in rural Spain, facing challenges and discovering the beauty of the land and its people.

    In the time before Creation, before so many of the children of God turned away from their Father and walked knowingly into the dark, there was a choosing, a sifting, a contest of ideas and a battle ... (Barnes & Noble)

  84. Lyrical Ballads

    by William Wordsworth
    Poetic exploration of nature, emotion, and its effects on the human spirit.

    The majority of the following poems are to be considered as experiments. They were written chiefly with a view to ascertain how far the language of conversation in the middle and lower classes of ... (Goodreads)

  85. Beacon 23

    by Hugh Howey
    A thrilling sci-fi adventure of a lone space signal operator, unraveling a mystery in the depths of space.

    For centuries, men and women have manned lighthouses to ensure the safe passage of ships. It is a lonely job, and a thankless one for the most part. Until something goes wrong. Until a ship is in ... (Goodreads)

  86. Eyrie

    by Tim Winton
    A man's life spirals out of control as he becomes entangled in the lives of a troubled woman and her grandson.

    Tom Keely is alone, living at the top of the Mirador apartments, a highrise in Fremantle, Western Australia . Once a high-powered, environmental activist he is now divorced and destitute. "Tim ... (Wikipedia)

  87. Night Train to Lisbon

    by Pascal Mercier
    A Swiss professor abandons his mundane life and travels to Lisbon to uncover the mysterious life of a Portuguese doctor.

    A huge international best seller, this ambitious novel plumbs the depths of our shared humanity to offer up a breathtaking insight into life, love, and literature itself. A major hit in Germany that ... (Goodreads)

  88. The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit

    by Michael Finkel
    Story of a man who isolated himself in the woods for 27 years, and the journey of understanding his motivations.

    Many people dream of escaping modern life, but most will never act on it. This is the remarkable true story of a man who lived alone in the woods of Maine for 27 years, making this dream a ... (Goodreads)

  89. AWOL on the Appalachian Trail

    by David Miller
    A man's journey of self-discovery on a 2,200 mile hike along the Appalachian Trail.

    In 2003, software engineer David Miller left his job, family, and friends to hike 2,172 miles of the Appalachian Trail., AWOL on the Appalachian Trail, is Miller’s account of this thru-hike from ... (Barnes & Noble)

  90. Self-Help

    by Lorrie Moore
    Collection of humorous short stories exploring the lives of characters facing disappointments and heartbreaks.

    In these tales of loss and pleasure, lovers and family, a woman learns to conduct an affair, a child of divorce dances with her mother, and a woman with a terminal illness contemplates her exit. ... (Goodreads)

  91. Deep Water

    by Patricia Highsmith
    A psychological thriller about a man's obsession with his unfaithful wife and the dangerous games he plays to keep her.

    In Deep Water , set in the quiet, small town of Little Wesley, Patricia Highsmith has created a vicious and suspenseful tale of love gone sour. Vic and Melinda Van Allen's loveless marriage is held ... (Barnes & Noble)

  92. Men Without Women

    by Ernest Hemingway
    Collection of short stories exploring the lives of men and their struggles with love, loss, and loneliness.

    CLASSIC SHORT STORIES FROM THE MASTER OF AMERICAN FICTION First published in 1927, Men Without Women represents some of Hemingway's most important and compelling early writing. In these fourteen ... (Goodreads)

  93. Sevda Sözleri

    by Cemal Süreya

    Cemal Süreya, Cumhuriyet Dönemi şiirinin en özel "vitamin"iydi. Lirik, erotik, politik gür bir ırmak. "Sevda Sözleri" bu büyük ustanın bütün şiirlerini bir araya getiriyor. Öyle bir bütünlük ki bu, ... (Goodreads)

  94. Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You

    by Peter Cameron
    A coming-of-age story of a teenage boy struggling to cope with change and life's struggles.

    James Sveck, 18, is an isolated young adult caught in the summer before he is to begin college at Brown University . The only person in his life with whom he is able to successfully relate is his ... (Wikipedia)

  95. The Book of Disquiet: The Complete Edition

    by Fernando Pessoa
    A collection of fragments, thoughts, and musings on life, existence, and the human condition, written by the enigmatic Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa.

    Această carte aproape mitică, probabil opera cea mai seducătoare a lui Fernando Pessoa, e un monolog de o tristețe indicibilă, care surprinde cu o minuție halucinantă interiorul cu mii de fațete al ... (Goodreads)

  96. Eleanor Rigby

    by Douglas Coupland
    Two strangers, Liz and Jeremy, meet at a self-help seminar and embark on a journey to uncover the mystery behind a deceased woman's life.

    Two distinct plot movements are separated by a break in the narrative flow. The first part of the novel involves two retellings: the story of Liz Dunn’s trip to Europe and her pregnancy, and the ... (Wikipedia)

  97. American Primitive

    by Mary Oliver
    A collection of poems that celebrate the beauty of nature and the human experience, with a focus on the simplicity and wonder of everyday life.

    Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry Her most acclaimed volume of poetry, American Primitive contains fifty visionary poems about nature, the humanity in love, and the wilderness of America, both ... (Goodreads)

  98. Wo bist du?: Roman

    by Marc Levy

    Adolescents, Susan et Philip représentaient tout l'un pour l'autre. Avec l'optimisme de la jeunesse, ils s'étaient promis de s'aimer pour toujours. Mais la vie va les écarter l'un de l'autre comme ... (Goodreads)

  99. Silence: In the Age of Noise

    by Erling Kagge
    A meditation on the importance of silence in our noisy world, exploring its power to connect us with ourselves and the world around us.

    Behind a cacophony of traffic noise, iPhone alerts and our ever-spinning thoughts, an elusive notion - silence - lies in wait. But what really, is, silence? Where can it be found? And why is it more ... (Goodreads)

  100. Pond

    by Claire-Louise Bennett
    A woman's solitary life in a small cottage in rural Ireland, reflecting on her thoughts, memories, and observations of the world around her.

    Feverish and forthright, Pond is an absorbing chronicle of the pitfalls and pleasures of a solitudinous life told by an unnamed woman living on the cusp of a coastal town. Broken bowls, belligerent ... (Goodreads)

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