Books about Preservation

  1. The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History

    by Robert M. Edsel
    A thrilling true story of a team of Allied soldiers tasked with saving Europe's greatest works of art during WWII.

    At the same time Adolf Hitler was attempting to take over the western world, his armies were methodically seeking and hoarding the finest art treasures in Europe. The Fuehrer had begun cataloguing ... (Goodreads)

  2. Earth Abides

    by George R. Stewart
    A post-apocalyptic tale of a man's journey to rebuild civilization.

    While working on his graduate thesis in geology in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Ish is bitten by a rattlesnake. As he heals from the bite, taking refuge in a cabin, he gets sick with a disease that ... (Wikipedia)

  3. A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There

    by Aldo Leopold
    A reflection on nature, paying homage to the beauty of the Wisconsin countryside.

    First published in 1949, A Sand County Almanac combines some of the finest nature writing since Thoreau with an outspoken and highly ethical regard for America's relationship to the land. Written ... (Goodreads)

  4. The Little House

    by Virginia Lee Burton
    A story about a house that moves to the country and experiences a life of adventure.

    The little house first stood in the country, but gradually the city moved closer and closer. ... (Barnes & Noble)

  5. The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

    by Elizabeth Kolbert
    Examination of the current extinction of species caused by human activity and the potential global implications.

    Over the last half-billion years, there have been five mass extinctions, when the diversity of life on earth suddenly and dramatically contracted. Scientists around the world are currently monitoring ... (Goodreads)

  6. The Great Kapok Tree

    by Lynne Cherry
    A man falls asleep under a kapok tree and is visited by animals who plead with him to save their home from destruction.

    Two men who go to an Amazon rain forest to cut down trees for wood. Once they arrive, they stop beside a tree and the younger man falls asleep after the older man leaves. During his sleep, several ... (Wikipedia)

  7. Old Yeller

    by Fred Gipson
    A boy and his dog's adventure of loyalty and courage during the Wild West.

    In the late 1860s in the fictional town of Salt Licks, Texas, young Travis Coates has been working to take care of his family ranch with his mother and younger brother, Arliss, while his father goes ... (Wikipedia)

  8. When Books Went to War: The Stories that Helped Us Win World War II

    by Molly Guptill Manning
    During WWII, books were sent to soldiers to provide comfort and escape. This is the story of the people who made it happen.

    NEW YORK TIMES, BESTSELLER, “Heartwarming.” —, New York Times, “Whether or not you’re a book lover, you’ll be moved.” —, Entertainment Weekly, “A readable, accessible addition to World War II ... (Barnes & Noble)

  9. People of the Book

    by Geraldine Brooks
    A journey through time as an ancient book is discovered and its secrets revealed.

    The "complex and moving" ( The New Yorker ) novel by Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks follows a rare manuscript through centuries of exile and war. Inspired by a true story, "People of the ... (Goodreads)

  10. War and Remembrance

    by Herman Wouk
    Epic saga of a Jewish family's journey through WWII, facing the struggles of a war-torn world.

    War and Remembrance completes the cycle that began with, The Winds of War, . The story includes historical occurrences at Midway , Yalta , Guadalcanal , and El Alamein as well as the Allied invasions ... (Wikipedia)

  11. Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses

    by Robin Wall Kimmerer
    A lyrical exploration of the world of mosses, revealing their beauty and importance in the natural world.

    Living at the limits of our ordinary perception, mosses are a common but largely unnoticed element of the natural world. Gathering Moss is a beautifully written mix of science and personal reflection ... (Barnes & Noble)

  12. Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker

    by Jennifer Chiaverini
    The story of Elizabeth Keckley, a former slave who became a dressmaker and confidante to Mary Todd Lincoln during the Civil War.

    In Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker , novelist Jennifer Chiaverini presents a stunning account of the friendship that blossomed between Mary Todd Lincoln and her seamstress, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Keckley, a ... (Goodreads)

  13. Weaveworld

    by Clive Barker
    Fictional world hidden within a tapestry, a group of humans protecting it from evil.

    Decades prior to the book's opening, a magical race known as the Seerkind combined all of their powers to create a secret world known as "the Fugue", a carpet into which they wove their most beloved ... (Wikipedia)

  14. Growth of the Soil

    by Knut Hamsun
    A story of a man's life in rural Norway, his struggles, and his relationship with the land.

    The novel begins by following the story of Isak, a Norwegian man, who finally settled upon a patch of land which he deemed fit for farming. He began creating earthen sheds in which he housed several ... (Wikipedia)

  15. One Good Knight

    by Mercedes Lackey
    An epic fantasy featuring a knight on a quest to save a damsel in distress.

    The story is set in Acadia, which is ruled by its queen, Cassiopeia and her adviser and magician, Solon. Princess Andromeda (Andie) is highly intelligent, finds life in the royal palace dull, and ... (Wikipedia)

  16. The Dark Vineyard

    by Martin Walker
    A murder investigation in a small French village uncovers dark secrets and corruption.

    Just before dawn one late-summer morning, Bruno is pulled from sleep by the wail of the town siren atop the Mairie, summoning the volunteer firemen of St Denis. A large barn and the fields ... (Goodreads)

  17. The Death and Life of Great American Cities

    by Jane Jacobs
    Exposes the flaws of urban planning, advocating for a more organic approach.

    A direct and fundamentally optimistic indictment of the short-sightedness and intellectual arrogance that has characterized much of urban planning in this century, The Death and Life of Great ... (Goodreads)

  18. Vacation Under the Volcano

    by Mary Pope Osborne
    A magical adventure of two siblings, travelling through time to save an ancient civilization from an impending disaster.

    Jack and Annie are ready for their next fantasy adventure in the bestselling middle-grade series—the Magic Tree House! Who wants to vacation next to a volcano? Jack and Annie are about to find out ... (Goodreads)

  19. The Covenant

    by James A. Michener
    Epic saga of a South African family spanning generations, exploring the power of love, loyalty, and faith.

    Michener writes largely from the point of view of the Afrikaners, descendants of Dutch settlers and French Huguenot immigrants who traveled to South Africa to practice freedom of worship in the ... (Wikipedia)

  20. Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds

    by Joy Adamson
    The true story of how a lioness was raised and released back into the wild.

    There have been many accounts of the return to the wild of tame animals, but since its original publication in 1960, when, T,he, New York Times, hailed it as a “fascinating and remarkable book,”, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  21. The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu and Their Race to Save the World’s Most Precious Manuscripts

    by Joshua Hammer
    The story of a group of librarians who risked their lives to save ancient manuscripts from destruction by Al Qaeda in Mali.

    To save ancient Arabic texts from Al Qaeda, a band of librarians pulls off a brazen heist worthy of Ocean’s Eleven in this “fast-paced narrative that is...part intellectual history, part geopolitical ... (Barnes & Noble)

  22. The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt

    by Caroline Preston
    A young woman's coming-of-age story told through a scrapbook filled with photos, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia from the 1920s.

    “ The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt is a literary bottle rocket—loaded with whimsy, pizzazz, and heart.” —Adriana Trigiani “Is it possible that I have just read/experienced/devoured the most delightful ... (Goodreads)

  23. Mary Queen of Scots

    by Antonia Fraser
    Biography of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, and her tumultuous life as a monarch in 16th century Scotland and England.

    She was the quintessential queen: statuesque, regal, dazzlingly beautiful. Her royal birth gave her claim to the thrones of two nations; her marriage to the young French dauphin promised to place a ... (Goodreads)

  24. Earth

    by David Brin
    A near-future tale of a world where transparency and privacy collide, as a young woman fights for her freedom and the fate of humanity.

    Set in the year 2038, Earth is a cautionary tale of the harm humans can cause their planet via disregard for the environment and reckless scientific experiments. The book has a large cast of ... (Wikipedia)

  25. Endangered

    by Eliot Schrefer
    A young girl must navigate the dangers of the jungle and protect a baby bonobo from poachers.

    From National Book Award Finalist Eliot Schrefer comes the compelling tale of a girl who must save a group of bonobos – and herself -- from a violent coup. Congo is a dangerous place, even for people ... (Barnes & Noble)

  26. Chesapeake

    by James A. Michener
    A sweeping saga of four generations of a family living in Maryland and their struggles to adapt to changing times.

    The story-line, like much of Michener's work, depicts a number of characters within family groups over a long time period, richly illustrating the history of the area through these families' ... (Wikipedia)

  27. Gorillas in the Mist

    by Dian Fossey
    True story of a scientist's dedication to saving the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

    Occupational therapist Dian Fossey ( Sigourney Weaver ) is inspired by anthropologist Louis Leakey ( Iain Cuthbertson ) to devote her life to the study of primates. She writes ceaselessly to Leakey ... (Wikipedia)

  28. The Days: His Autobiography in Three Parts

    by Taha Hussein
    A reflection on the author's life, exploring his identity and sense of belonging.

    كتاب "الأيام" أشهر من أن يعرّف، وهو بجانب قيمته الأدبية الرفيعة باعتباره طرازاً فريداً من السير الذاتية لشخصية أدبيه قل أن يجود الزمان بمثلها، وصدق وعذوبة وطلاوة أسلوب، وهى مزايا يكاد يستأثر بها، فإن ... (Goodreads)

  29. The History of Bees

    by Maja Lunde
    Three narratives spanning centuries, exploring the interplay of humankind and bees.

    In the spirit of Station Eleven and Never Let Me Go, this dazzling and ambitious literary debut follows three generations of beekeepers from the past, present, and future, weaving a spellbinding ... (Goodreads)

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