Books about Fearless

  1. Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper

    by Diablo Cody
    A funny, poignant memoir of a young journalist's year spent working in a strip club.

    Decreed by David Letterman (tongue in cheek) on CBS TV’s The Late Show to be the pick of “Dave’s Book Club 2006,” Candy Girl is the story of a young writer who dared to bare it all as a stripper. At ... (Goodreads)

  2. Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice

    by Bill Browder
    The true story of a man's fight for justice in the face of corruption, injustice and murder.

    A real-life political thriller about an American financier in the Wild East of Russia, the murder of his principled young tax attorney, and his dangerous mission to expose the Kremlin's corruption. ... (Goodreads)

  3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    by Stieg Larsson
    An investigative journalist and a computer hacker uncover the secrets of a long-buried crime.

    Every year for the past 36 years, Henrik Vanger receives an anonymous dried flower in a picture frame on November 1, his birthday. He has all of the frames displayed on a wall in his house. Every ... (Wikipedia)

  4. A Princess of Mars

    by Edgar Rice Burroughs
    An Earthman is transported to Mars, where he must fight to survive in an alien world.

    John Carter , a Confederate veteran of the American Civil War , goes prospecting in Arizona immediately after the war's end. Having struck a rich vein of gold, he runs afoul of the Apaches . While ... (Wikipedia)

  5. Delirium

    by Lauren Oliver
    A teenage girl's struggle against a dystopian society's oppressive rules in order to stay with the one she loves.

    The story is set in Portland, Maine , in 2091. Civilization is concentrated in the cities that escaped the severe bombings decades earlier. Travel between the cities is highly restricted. Electric ... (Wikipedia)

  6. Dark Days

    by Derek Landy
    The world is ending, and Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain must save it from the Faceless Ones.

    Valkyrie, Tanith, Ghastly and Fletcher have been searching for Skulduggery's skull for the past eleven months. While doing so, Valkyrie has been learning Necromancy with Solomon Wreath. While in her ... (Wikipedia)

  7. Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror, Vol. 2.

    by Junji Ito
    A small town is overcome by a supernatural force that takes the form of spirals.

    Uzumaki follows a high-school teenager, Kirie Goshima (,五島桐絵,) ; her boyfriend, Shuichi Saito (,斎藤秀一,) ; and the citizens of the small, quiet Japanese town of Kurouzu-cho (,黒渦町,, Black Vortex Town,) ... (Wikipedia)

  8. Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly

    by Anthony Bourdain
    A humorous and unflinching account of life in restaurant kitchens, exploring the culture and camaraderie of the culinary world.

    A deliciously funny, delectably shocking banquet of wild-but-true tales of life in the culinary trade from Chef Anthony Bourdain, laying out his more than a quarter-century of drugs, sex, and haute ... (Goodreads)

  9. Girl in a Band

    by Kim Gordon
    A memoir of a female rock musician's struggles to find her identity in the music scene.

    NEW YORK TIMES, BESTSELLER Kim Gordon, founding member of Sonic Youth, fashion icon, and role model for a generation of women, now tells her story—a memoir of life as an artist, of music, marriage, ... (Goodreads)

  10. Beastly

    by Alex Flinn
    A modern retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" following a high school student's transformation.

    Kyle Kingsbury is rich, handsome, and popular; he is also selfish, shallow, and cruel. He plays a mean practical joke on an outcast girl in his class. The girl is really a witch named Kendra in ... (Wikipedia)

  11. Hell's Angels

    by Hunter S. Thompson
    A journalist's daring exploration of the wild and dangerous world of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang.

    Au début des années soixante, Thompson, alors journaliste à San Francisco, est fasciné par les Hell's Angels. Son article sur ces seigneurs de la route fait sensation, il se lance dans la version ... (Goodreads)

  12. The Assassin's Blade

    by Sarah J. Maas
    A young woman must embrace her power and destiny to lead her kingdom and protect her people.

    Discover Sarah J. Maas's #1, New York Times, bestselling Throne of Glass series-now available for a limited time in a brand-new miniature format! This exclusive edition highlights Sam Cortland. ... (Barnes & Noble)

  13. Blink

    by Ted Dekker
    A young woman's journey of survival and redemption, as she attempts to unlock the secrets of her past.

    Protagonist Seth Border is a college student who has one of the world's highest IQs . One day he begins developing a tremendous skill: the ability to see multiple possible futures. This ability first ... (Wikipedia)

  14. The Mime Order

    by Samantha Shannon
    A young woman's quest to uncover a mysterious organization, and her own dark past.

    Paige Mahoney has escaped the brutal prison camp of Sheol I, but her problems have only just begun: many of the survivors are missing and she is the most wanted person in London... As Scion turns its ... (Goodreads)

  15. Bitch Planet, Vol. 1: Extraordinary Machine

    by Kelly Sue DeConnick
    A science fiction tale of a dystopian future, exploring the power of female resistance.

    “... one of the most unique and subversive artifacts of pop culture in recent memory.” -,, "Seldom do comics burst onto the scene and shatter our worldview by being entirely poignant, raw, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  16. Every Which Way But Dead

    by Kim Harrison
    A supernatural adventure story, exploring the consequences of a complicated past.

    T here's no witch in Cincinnati tougher, sexier, or more screwed up than bounty hunter Rachel Morgan, who's already put her love life and soul in dire jeopardy through her determined efforts to bring ... (Goodreads)

  17. The Book of the Dead

    by Douglas Preston
    An archaeological excavation leads to a dark discovery in the Egyptian desert.

    Az ​egyiptomi piramisok mélyén megbúvó ősi sírkamrák, a kincsek és a múmiák mellett, sok talányt is őriznek – olykor még a fáraók átkát is. Ez még akkor is igaznak tűnhet, ha a hajdani sírboltot ... (Goodreads)

  18. Motorcycle Man

    by Kristen Ashley
    A biker and a single mother embark on a journey of love and adventure.

    Get ready to ride . . . Tyra Masters has had enough drama to last a lifetime. Now, she's back on track and looking forward to her new, quiet life. Until she meets the man of her dreams. The tattooed, ... (Goodreads)

  19. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

    by Elizabeth Gilbert
    Overcoming the fear of creativity and living an inspired life.

    Readers of all ages and walks of life have drawn inspiration and empowerment from Elizabeth Gilbert’s books for years. Gilbert offers insights into the mysterious nature of inspiration. She asks us ... (Goodreads)

  20. The Nowhere Man

    by Gregg Andrew Hurwitz
    A man goes on a mission of revenge after the disappearance of his family, discovering secrets of a global conspiracy.

    The novel begins with a case of cyberbullying a humble family girl who ends up being a victim of a network of human traffic. Evan Smoak saves the girl but realizes that another young woman has been ... (Wikipedia)

  21. Tunnels of Blood

    by Darren Shan
    A vampire hunter struggles with an ancient evil force threatening his city.

    Darren, the vampire's assistant, gets a taste of the city when he leaves the Cirque Du Freak with Evra the snake-boy and Mr. Crepsley. When corpses are discovered–corpses drained of blood-- Darren ... (Goodreads)

  22. Trials of Death

    by Darren Shan
    A vampire apprentice must pass five dangerous tests to complete his initiation.

    Darren Shan is about to take the Trials of Initiation, a series of tests that vampires were forced to take part in during years gone by, to prove himself to the Princes. Currently, it is only used ... (Wikipedia)

  23. Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman

    by Lindy West
    A humorous and honest memoir about growing up as a woman, challenging societal norms.

    Coming of age in a culture that demands women be as small, quiet, and compliant as possible–like a porcelain dove that will also have sex with you--writer and humorist Lindy West quickly discovered ... (Goodreads)

  24. The Redeemer

    by Jo Nesbø
    Private detective Harry Hole investigates a murder and uncovers a sinister conspiracy.

    In 1991, at a youth camp run by the Norwegian Salvation Army , the 14-year-old daughter of a senior Salvationist official is raped in a public toilet . Because of the Salvation Army's strict ... (Wikipedia)

  25. The Wolves in the Walls

    by Neil Gaiman
    Lucy hears wolves in the walls of her house, but no one believes her until it's too late.

    Lucy hears sneaking, creeping, crumpling noises coming from inside the walls. She is sure there are wolves living in the walls of her house. But, as everybody says, if the wolves come out of the ... (Goodreads)

  26. Silence Fallen

    by Patricia Briggs
    A werewolf's battle against a powerful supernatural enemy, to save the people she loves.

    In the #1, New York Times, bestselling Mercy Thompson novels, the coyote shapeshifter has found her voice in the werewolf pack. But when Mercy's bond with the pack—and her mate—is broken, she'll ... (Barnes & Noble)

  27. Things We Lost in the Fire

    by Mariana Enríquez
    A collection of horror stories, exploring society's dark and disturbing aspects.

    In these wildly imaginative, devilishly daring tales of the macabre, internationally bestselling author Mariana Enriquez brings contemporary Argentina to vibrant life as a place where shocking ... (Goodreads)

  28. Locke & Key, Vol. 5: Clockworks

    by Joe Hill
    A supernatural thriller of dark secrets and twisted keys, unlocking the power of time.

    Locke & Key tells of Keyhouse, an unlikely New England mansion, with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them.... and home to a hate-filled and relentless creature that will ... (Goodreads)

  29. Feed

    by Mira Grant
    A future world where information is controlled by corporations, and a group of journalists fight to uncover the truth.

    Feed is set several decades after the zombie apocalypse , referred to as the Rising. Two man-made viruses (a cure for cancer and a cure for the common cold) combined to form Kellis-Amberlee, a virus ... (Wikipedia)

  30. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

    by Stephen King
    A young girl's struggle to survive in a dangerous forest while being pursued by a supernatural force.

    The story is set in motion by a family hiking trip, during which Trisha's brother, Pete, and mother constantly squabble about the mother's divorce from their father, as well as other topics. Trisha ... (Wikipedia)

  31. The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey

    by Candice Millard
    A daring expedition through the Amazon to uncover the secrets of an uncharted river.

    At once an incredible adventure narrative and a penetrating biographical portrait, The River of Doubt is the true story of Theodore Roosevelt’s harrowing exploration of one of the most dangerous ... (Goodreads)

  32. Seven Deadly Wonders

    by Matthew Reilly
    An international team embarks on an adventure to unlock the mysteries of a legendary and powerful ancient artifact.

    Around 4,500 years ago, the capstone upon the summit of the Great Pyramid of Giza absorbed the energy released by the Tartarus Rotation (a monstrous sunspot that occurs every 4,000–4,500 years), and ... (Wikipedia)

  33. Christine

    by Stephen King
    A young woman's battle against an evil car possessed by supernatural forces.

    Master storyteller Stephen King presents the classic #1 national bestseller of the ultimate vehicle of terror! “This is the story of a lover’s triangle…It was bad from the start. And it got worse in ... (Goodreads)

  34. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

    by Jen Sincero
    A guide to self-empowerment and creating a life of purpose and abundance.

    Packed with humor, inspiration, and advice,, You Are a Badass, is the #1, New York Times, bestselling self-help book that teaches you how to get better without getting busted. In this refreshingly ... (Barnes & Noble)

  35. Magic Strikes

    by Ilona Andrews
    A female shapeshifter and an alpha shape-shifting couple must band together to defeat an ancient evil.

    Drafted into working for the Order of Merciful Aid, mercenary Kate Daniels has more paranormal problems than she knows what to do with these days. And in Atlanta, where magic comes and goes like the ... (Goodreads)

  36. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

    by Stephen King
    A collection of short stories exploring the dark corners of the human mind.

    A master storyteller at his best—the O. Henry Prize winner Stephen King delivers a generous collection of stories, several of them brand-new, featuring revelatory autobiographical comments on when, ... (Goodreads)

  37. Falling Kingdoms

    by Morgan Rhodes
    Epic fantasy of warring kingdoms, with the fate of a magical world hanging in the balance.

    In the three kingdoms of Mytica, magic has long been forgotten. And while hard-won peace has reigned for centuries, a deadly unrest now simmers below the surface. As the rulers of each kingdom ... (Goodreads)

  38. Feast of Fools

    by Rachel Caine
    A group of supernatural misfits join forces to save their city from a powerful evil.

    The wait is over. dig into the feast... In the town of Morganville, vampires and humans live in relative peace. Student Claire Danvers has never been convinced, though, especially with the arrival of ... (Goodreads)

  39. Seize the Night

    by Sherrilyn Kenyon
    A thrilling journey of supernatural warfare, with a world of vampires at stake.

    Dark-Hunter: an immortal warrior who has traded his soul to Artemis for one moment of vengeance on his enemies. In return, they swear to spend eternity protecting mankind from the daimons and ... (Goodreads)

  40. Magic Shifts

    by Ilona Andrews
    A fantasy adventure of magic and mystery, as two shape-shifting protagonists explore their abilities.

    In the latest Kate Daniels novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews, magic is coming and going in waves in post-Shift Atlanta—and each crest leaves danger in its wake… After ... (Goodreads)

  41. Kings of the Wyld

    by Nicholas Eames
    A reunion of aging warriors on a daring quest to save a beloved daughter.

    Clay Cooper and his band were once the best of the best – the meanest, dirtiest, most feared crew of mercenaries this side of the Heartwyld. Their glory days long past, the mercs have grown apart and ... (Goodreads)

  42. Bones of the Hills

    by Conn Iggulden
    Epic tale of war and friendship set against the backdrop of ancient Mongolian civilization.

    Genghis Khan, risen from outcast to ruler has united battling tribes, but faces troubles. Emissaries are tortured and killed. Trade route efforts are violently rebuffed. The Mongolian army is ... (Goodreads)

  43. Everything's Eventual

    by Stephen King
    A collection of short stories exploring the darker themes of life.

    The first collection of stories Stephen King has published since Nightmares & Dreamscapes nine years ago, Everything's Eventual includes one O. Henry Prize winner, two other award winners, four ... (Goodreads)

  44. Preacher, Volume 8: All Hell's a-Coming

    by Garth Ennis
    A preacher embarks on a mission to confront evil on a global scale.

    Following the events of the Preacher: Salvation collection, Jesse Custer wants to renew his quest to find God and hold him accountable for all of his actions. But before he can continue down that ... (Goodreads)

  45. Haunted

    by Chuck Palahniuk
    A group of strangers are invited to stay in a mansion, where they are forced to confront their darkest fears.

    Each of the book's chapters contains three sections: a story chapter, which acts as a framing device for the otherwise unconnected short stories; a poem about a particular writer on the tour, its ... (Wikipedia)

  46. Fair Game

    by Patricia Briggs
    A werewolf and a witch must join forces to save their town from an ancient evil.

    Patricia Briggs, the #1 "New York Times" bestselling author of the Mercy Thompson novels, "always enchants her readers." (Lynn Viehl, "New York Times" bestselling author) Now her Alpha and Omega ... (Goodreads)

  47. Four: A Divergent Story Collection

    by Veronica Roth
    Four tales of the Divergent trilogy, exploring the brave and dangerous new world.

    Celebrate the 10th anniversary of, Divergent, with a special edition of, Four, a collection in the #1, New York Times, bestselling series that captured the hearts of millions of readers and inspired ... (Goodreads)

  48. How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale

    by Jenna Jameson
    A memoir recounting the journey of a woman becoming one of the most successful adult film stars.

    Jenna Jameson's unforgettable memoir is many things at once: a shocking sexual history; an insider's guide to the secret workings of the billion-dollar adult-film industry; and a gripping thriller ... (Goodreads)

  49. Batman: Year 100

    by Paul Pope
    In a dystopian future, a mysterious figure resembling Batman emerges, hunted by the government and fighting for justice.

    In the year 2039, Gotham City is very nearly a police state, its citizens subject to unwarranted search and seizure. The Gotham Police clash almost daily with Federal agents, who are pursuing the ... (Wikipedia)

  50. State of the Union

    by Brad Thor
    An ex-Navy Seal must save the United States from a dangerous foreign enemy.

    From the national bestselling author of "The Lions of Lucerne" and "Path of the Assassin" comes another electrifying international thriller featuring all-American hero Scot Harvath, as he plunges ... (Goodreads)

  51. Last to Die

    by Tess Gerritsen
    A gripping thriller featuring a determined detective in pursuit of a lethal serial killer.

    Rizzoli & Isles • Hit series on TNT, ,, NEW YORK TIMES, BESTSELLER, , , ,“One of the most versatile voices in thriller fiction today.”—,The Providence Journal, , For the second time in his short ... (Barnes & Noble)

  52. The Whispering Room

    by Dean Koontz
    A woman unravels a deadly conspiracy while on the run from a powerful and dangerous foe.

    NEW YORK TIMES, BESTSELLER • Jane Hawk—fiction’s most relentless, resourceful, stunning new heroine—continues her battle against a murderous conspiracy in the riveting sequel to, The Silent Corner., ... (Barnes & Noble)

  53. The Ruins

    by Scott Smith
    A group of tourists stranded in a remote Mexican jungle, struggling to survive.

    Four American tourists — Eric, his girlfriend Stacy, her best friend and former roommate Amy, and Amy's boyfriend Jeff, a medical student — are vacationing in Mexico. They befriend a German tourist ... (Wikipedia)

  54. Dorothy Must Die

    by Danielle Paige
    A teenage girl is tasked with overthrowing the wicked witch and restoring order to Oz.

    I didn't ask for any of this. I didn't ask to be some kind of hero. But when your whole life gets swept up by a tornado—taking you with it—you have no choice but to go along, you know? Sure, I've ... (Goodreads)

  55. War

    by Sebastian Junger
    A gripping account of the experience of soldiers in combat and the psychological aftermath of war.

    In his breakout bestseller, The Perfect Storm, Sebastian Junger created "a wild ride that brilliantly captures the awesome power of the raging sea and the often futile attempts of humans to withstand ... (Goodreads)

  56. Dreamcatcher

    by Stephen King
    A group of friends battle a supernatural creature that preys on the deep, dark secrets of their minds.

    Set near the fictional town of Derry, Maine , Dreamcatcher is the story of four lifelong friends: Gary "Jonesy" Jones, Pete Moore, Joe "Beaver" Clarendon and Henry Devlin. As young teenagers, the ... (Wikipedia)

  57. Naruto, Vol. 1: Uzumaki Naruto

    by Masashi Kishimoto
    A young ninja's quest to gain acceptance and recognition, as he battles a powerful group of evil antagonists.

    The world’s most popular ninja comic! Naruto is a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief. He’s got a wild sense of humor, but Naruto is completely serious about his mission to be the ... (Barnes & Noble)

  58. Sojourn

    by R.A. Salvatore
    Epic fantasy story of a young man's journey to save his homeland from evil forces.

    Having lived in the Underdark for over forty years, Drizzt realized that neither he nor anyone around him would be safe, so he decided to travel to the surface. There he met with much adversity ... (Wikipedia)

  59. Dead Beat

    by Jim Butcher
    A wizard-detective takes on a magical mission to save the world from a powerful necromancer.

    It's three days before Halloween and nearly a year after the events in, Blood Rites, . Mavra , from the previous novel, orders Dresden to locate The Word of Kemmler for her within 3 days, or Karrin ... (Wikipedia)

  60. King Kong Theory

    by Virginie Despentes
    A candid and controversial exploration of gender, power and sexuality.

    J’écris de chez les moches, pour les moches, les frigides, les mal baisées, les imbaisables, toutes les exclues du grand marché à la bonne meuf, aussi bien que pour les hommes qui n’ont pas envie ... (Goodreads)

  61. Bloody Bones

    by Laurell K. Hamilton
    A supernatural thriller that follows a monster hunter as she navigates a dangerous world of magic and mystery.

    Bloody Bones begins on Saint Patrick's Day , shortly after the events of the previous Anita Blake novel,, The Lunatic Cafe, . Like the previous novels, the novel opens with Anita considering a ... (Wikipedia)

  62. The Right Stuff

    by Tom Wolfe
    The heroic story of the first American astronauts, and their incredible feats of courage.

    Tom Wolfe began The Right Stuff at a time when it was unfashionable to contemplate American heroism. Nixon had left the White House in disgrace, the nation was reeling from the catastrophe of ... (Goodreads)

  63. Acheron

    by Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Epic fantasy adventure exploring the underworld and its creatures.

    Eleven thousand years ago a god was born. Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron endured a lifetime of hatred. His human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that almost destroyed the earth. ... (Goodreads)

  64. Girl Waits with Gun

    by Amy Stewart
    A young woman's quest for justice, and her unexpected journey of bravery and empowerment.

    A novel based on the forgotten true story of one of the nation’s first female deputy sheriffs. Constance Kopp doesn’t quite fit the mold. She towers over most men, has no interest in marriage or ... (Goodreads)

  65. Circus of the Damned

    by Laurell K. Hamilton
    A dark, supernatural tale about a powerful vampire and a psychic detective.

    In Circus of the Damned-now in trade paperback for the first time-a rogue master vampire hits town, and Anita gets caught in the middle of an undead turf war. Jean-Claude, the Master Vamp of the ... (Goodreads)

  66. Beach Road

    by James Patterson
    A wealthy man is murdered, and his daughter's boyfriend is the prime suspect. A high-profile trial ensues, revealing dark secrets and unexpected twists.

    Tom Dunleavy has a one-man law firm in America's wealthiest resort town: legendary East Hampton. But his job barely keeps him in paper clips. His clients make a living serving the rich. The ... (Goodreads)

  67. Hush, Hush

    by Becca Fitzpatrick
    A supernatural romance, exploring the dangerous power of forbidden love.

    Nora Grey is an average sophomore student living in Coldwater, Maine. Her life is largely uneventful until she is seated next to a mysterious senior named Patch Cipriano in biology class, who had ... (Wikipedia)

  68. Atlantis Found

    by Clive Cussler
    A thrilling adventure to uncover the secrets of a legendary lost civilization.

    In 7120 BC, a comet hit North America, abruptly ending several advanced civilizations. In AD 1858, a whaling vessel discovers a 1770s merchant ship frozen in Antarctic ice; included on this ship is a ... (Wikipedia)

  69. No Man's Land

    by David Baldacci
    A disgraced ex-CIA agent must confront a deadly conspiracy in order to clear his name.

    The protagonist, John Puller, Jr., a former Army Ranger who served at Iraq and Afghanistan and now works for the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigations Division , is spurred to investigate the unsolved ... (Wikipedia)

  70. Sleepers

    by Lorenzo Carcaterra
    A gripping story about four boys and their horrific experiences in a juvenile detention centre.

    Sleeper (colloq.): 1. out-of-town hit man who spends the night after a local contract is completed. 2. A juvenile sentenced to serve any period longer than nine months in a state-managed facility. ... (Goodreads)

  71. Panic

    by Lauren Oliver
    In a small town, a game of Panic is played every summer, where the stakes are high and the risks are deadly.

    From New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver comes a captivating, thrilling novel of fear, friendship, courage, and hope that will leave readers gasping for air. Panic began as so many things ... (Barnes & Noble)

  72. Armada

    by Ernest Cline
    A videogamer embarks on an epic journey to save the world from alien invaders.

    Zack Lightman has spent his life dreaming. Dreaming that the real world could be a little more like the countless science-fiction books, movies, and videogames he’s spent his life consuming. Dreaming ... (Goodreads)

  73. The King's Men

    by Nora Sakavic
    A college student's journey to uncover the secrets of a mysterious society of men.

    Neil Josten is out of time. He knew when he came to PSU he wouldn't survive the year, but with his death right around the corner he's got more reasons than ever to live. Befriending the Foxes was ... (Goodreads)

  74. Conan

    by Robert E. Howard
    A collection of short stories featuring the barbarian warrior Conan, as he battles enemies and seeks adventure in a mythical world.

    CONAN –One of the greatest thrills of modern fiction! Seven of the most exciting and fantastic adventures ever created -- the unforgettable tales of the mighty Conan. "Conan is the superman --or ... (Goodreads)

  75. Frankenstein in Baghdad

    by Ahmed Saadawi
    A quest for justice in a war-torn Baghdad, as a supernatural creature stalks the city.

    In the aftermath of the U.S. invasion of Iraq , a junk-dealer named Hadi al-Attag collects the scattered body parts of bomb victims with the intention of giving them a proper burial. Al-Attag first ... (Wikipedia)

  76. Wolverine: Weapon X

    by Barry Windsor-Smith
    The origin story of Wolverine, exploring his traumatic past and the experiments that gave him his adamantium skeleton.

    The series begins with Logan being captured and prepared for the adamantium bonding process. There are several mentions of his being tough, and the Professor, the director of the Weapon X program, ... (Wikipedia)

  77. Key of Valor

    by Nora Roberts
    A woman embarks on a journey of self-discovery, guided by three mysterious keys.

    What happens when the very gods depend on mortals for help? That's what three very different young women find out when they are invited to Warrior's Peak. Light and Knowledge have succeeded in their ... (Goodreads)

  78. Batman: Knightfall, Part One: Broken Bat

    by Doug Moench
    Bruce Wayne must overcome a powerful new villain in order to reclaim Gotham as Batman.

    The Dark Knight's greatest enemies have all simultaneously escaped from Arkham Asylum and are preying on Gotham City. With his city under siege, Batman pushes his body to the limit as he takes on The ... (Goodreads)

  79. Off the Grid

    by C.J. Box
    A thrilling adventure story of a family trying to survive in the wilderness.

    New York Times,–bestselling author C. J. Box returns with a suspenseful new Joe Pickett novel. Nate Romanowski is off the grid, recuperating from wounds and trying to deal with past crimes, when he ... (Goodreads)

  80. What We Become

    by Robert Kirkman
    A family's struggle to survive a zombie apocalypse, and the moral dilemmas they face.

    The world we knew is gone. The world of commerce and frivolous necessity has been replaced by a world of survival and responsibility.,An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  81. The Taking

    by Dean Koontz
    A family's fight for survival against a mysterious and deadly force.

    In the midst of an oddly sudden rain storm, author Molly Sloan awakens in the middle of the night. Unable to return to sleep, she leaves her husband Neil slumbering in bed and goes downstairs to work ... (Wikipedia)

  82. Dark Visions

    by L.J. Smith
    A supernatural thriller of three teenagers with special powers, battling evil forces.

    Kaitlyn Fairchild is a psychic teenager who is believed to be a witch. Her power is seeing the future. She is able to visualize her premonitions through drawings, but she often cannot interpret them ... (Wikipedia)

  83. One Past Midnight: The Langoliers

    by Stephen King
    A group of travelers find themselves stranded in time, facing a mysterious and horrifying force.

    The first of a four-part audio series from Stephen King's best-selling book, Four Past Midnight . On a redeye flight from Los Angeles to Boston, only 11 passengers survive—but landing in a dead world ... (Goodreads)

  84. Hunters of the Dusk

    by Darren Shan
    The hunters of the dusk, a group of vampire hunters, must face their deadliest enemy yet. A thrilling and action-packed adventure.

    The pursuit begins....Darren Shan, the Vampire Prince, leaves Vampire Mountain on a life or death mission. As part of an elite force, Darren searches the world for the Vampaneze Lord. But the road ... (Goodreads)

  85. The Warlord of Mars

    by Edgar Rice Burroughs
    Epic adventure on a far-away planet, filled with danger and excitement.

    After the battle at the end of the previous book, which ended with the destruction of the religion of Issus, John Carter's wife and two other women were locked in a slowly rotating prison attached to ... (Wikipedia)

  86. The Chronology of Water

    by Lidia Yuknavitch
    Intimate memoir of a woman's journey through pain, healing, and transformation.

    This is not your mother’s memoir. In The Chronology of Water, Lidia Yuknavitch expertly moves the reader through issues of gender, sexuality, violence, and the family from the point of view of a ... (Goodreads)

  87. The Jester

    by James Patterson
    An unlikely hero embarks on a daring quest to save his kingdom from an evil tyrant.

    The Jester is a thriller novel focused on a man named Hugh De Luc. , Set in the year 1096, Hugh is living in a time of unrest when peasants like himself are treated poorly. The region is ruled by the ... (Wikipedia)

  88. UR

    by Stephen King
    A look into the consequences of unchecked technology and its effects on humanity.

    Wesley Smith, an English teacher at a Kentucky college and book aficionado, wants to go "New School" after fighting with his girlfriend and buys a Kindle . Due to a minor mistake in his credit card ... (Wikipedia)

  89. The Abominable

    by Dan Simmons
    A thrilling adventure to climb Mount Everest in 1924, with a dark twist involving a mysterious creature.

    ALA Reading List Award for History, Short List A thrilling tale of high-altitude death and survival set on the snowy summits of Mount Everest, from the bestselling author of The Terror It's 1924 and ... (Goodreads)

  90. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

    by Chelsea Handler
    A comical look at life and relationships, as seen through the eyes of Chelsea Handler.

    The hilarious new book from the star of Chelsea Lately and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. Get ready for big laughs as Chelsea Handler lets loose ... (Goodreads)

  91. Peter and the Secret of Rundoon

    by Dave Barry
    Peter and his friends embark on a dangerous adventure to Rundoon to save the world from evil forces.

    The story starts at Stonehenge, where Lord Ombra was seemingly destroyed in, Peter and the Shadow Thieves, . Though weakened, he has regenerated his consciousness, using his power to possess others ... (Wikipedia)

  92. Hostile Witness

    by Rebecca Forster
    Legal thriller involving a murder trial, where the stakes are high and no one is innocent.

    ASIN moved from, less recent edition, When sixteen-year-old Hannah Sheraton is arrested for the murder of her step-grandfather, the chief justice of the California Supreme court, her distraught ... (Goodreads)

  93. Ex Machina, Vol. 2: Tag

    by Brian K. Vaughan
    The second volume of the sci-fi comic series follows the android, Tim-21, as he tries to survive in a universe where robots are outlawed.

    This second volume of Eisner Award-winner(Best Writer, Best New Series) Brian K. Vaughan's Ex Machina collects the TAG story arch. Plus, learn how much the National Security Agency had on the career ... (Goodreads)

  94. Origin

    by Jennifer L. Armentrout
    A fantasy adventure in a post-apocalyptic world, where a girl discovers her true identity.

    Alternate cover for ISBN: 1622660757/9781622660759 Daemon will do anything to get Katy back. After the successful but disastrous raid on Mount Weather, he’s facing the impossible. Katy is gone. ... (Goodreads)

  95. Alice in Zombieland

    by Gena Showalter
    A teenage girl's battle against a zombie apocalypse, with a little help from her friends.

    She won't rest until she's sent every walking corpse back to its grave. Forever. If anyone had told Alice Bell that her entire life would change course between one heartbeat and the next, she would ... (Goodreads)

  96. Flood Tide

    by Clive Cussler
    Thrilling adventure of a daring salvage mission to rescue a sunken Civil War ship.

    Following the runaway success of his first nonfiction book, The Sea Hunters, Clive Cussler returns with his legendary fictional hero Dirk Pitt" - in a masterfully crafted tale of villainy on the high ... (Goodreads)

  97. Warlock

    by Wilbur Smith
    A tale of magic, love, and betrayal set in 16th century Europe. Follow the journey of a young man as he discovers his true identity and battles for his rightful place in the world.

    Warlock is a sequel to River God that details the later life of Taita 40 years on from the death of Lostris. Taita is no longer a slave but a powerful warlock with great fame throughout Egypt and the ... (Wikipedia)

  98. Bitch

    by Deja King
    A gritty urban tale of a woman's rise to power in the drug game, navigating betrayal and violence along the way.

    Precious Cummings came from nothing but was determined to have it all. Using her most deadly weapons - undeniable beauty, body and street savvy brains, Precious sets out to change the cards that ... (Goodreads)

  99. My Hero Academia, Vol. 10

    by Kohei Horikoshi

    敵に爆豪くんが攫われてしまった! クラスの皆だって、今回の襲撃でたくさんケガしたし、雄英も世間から非難されてる。皆も…僕だって、やれることはやったさ! でも、これからどうなっちゃうんだろ? “Plus Ultra” ... (Goodreads)

  100. Through the Zombie Glass

    by Gena Showalter
    Alice Bell navigates the treacherous world of zombies and the undead, while struggling with her own identity and relationships.

    Zombies stalk the night. Forget blood and brains. These monsters hunger for human souls. Sadly, they've got mine... Alice Bell has lost so much. Family. Friends. A home. She thought she had nothing ... (Goodreads)

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