Books about Witchcraft

  1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    by J.K. Rowling
    A young wizard's quest to save the magical world from a rising evil.

    During the summer, Harry Potter and his cousin Dudley are attacked by Dementors . Forced to use magic to fend them off, Harry is expelled from Hogwarts, but his expulsion is postponed pending a ... (Wikipedia)

  2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    by J.K. Rowling
    Harry Potter competes in a dangerous magical tournament, confronting powerful forces of evil.

    Throughout the three previous novels in the, Harry Potter, series , the main character, Harry Potter , has struggled with the difficulties of growing up and the added challenge of being a famed ... (Wikipedia)

  3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    by J.K. Rowling
    A magical adventure to uncover the secrets of Lord Voldemort's past and protect the wizarding world from his evil.

    Severus Snape , a member of the Order of the Phoenix , meets with Narcissa Malfoy , Draco 's mother, and her sister Bellatrix Lestrange , Lord Voldemort 's supporter. Narcissa expresses concern that ... (Wikipedia)

  4. Macbeth

    by William Shakespeare
    A nobleman's ambition leads to a dark and bloody descent into tragedy.

    Three witches resolve to meet Macbeth after the battle. Victory is reported to King Duncan. Duncan is impressed by reports of Macbeth's conduct so transfers the rebellious Thane of Cawdor's title to ... (Wikipedia)

  5. The Witches of Eastwick

    by John Updike
    Three women in a small town discover their supernatural powers and attract the attention of a mysterious man.

    The story, set in the fictional Rhode Island town of Eastwick in the late 1960s, follows the witches Alexandra Spofford, Jane Smart, and Sukie Rougemont, who acquired their powers after leaving or ... (Wikipedia)

  6. So You Want to Be a Wizard

    by Diane Duane
    Young girl discovers the magical world, mastering the powers of wizardry.

    Nita Callahan is at the end of her rope because of the bullies who've been hounding her at school... until she discovers a mysterious library book that promises her the chance to become a wizard. But ... (Goodreads)

  7. Blood Magick

    by Nora Roberts
    A young woman's journey of self-discovery, unlocking her magical powers with the help of those she loves.

    From #1, New York Times, bestselling author Nora Roberts comes a trilogy about the land we’re drawn to, the family we learn to cherish, and the people we long to love…, Book Three of The Cousins ... (Goodreads)

  8. The House with a Clock in Its Walls

    by John Bellairs
    An orphaned boy discovers a mysterious house with a ticking clock, leading him on a magical journey.

    Lewis Barnavelt, recently an orphan, moves to the town of New Zebedee, Michigan , to live with his mysterious uncle Jonathan Barnavelt. Lewis' uncle turns out to be a mediocre, though ... (Wikipedia)

  9. The Witches

    by Roald Dahl
    A young boy's adventure to defeat a coven of wicked witches.

    The story is narrated from the perspective of an unnamed seven-year-old English boy, who goes to live with his Norwegian grandmother after his parents are killed in a tragic car accident. The boy ... (Wikipedia)

  10. Labyrinth Lost

    by Zoraida Córdova
    A young bruja must journey through a dangerous realm to rescue her family from an ancient curse.

    I was chosen by the Deos. Even gods make mistakes. Alex is a bruja, the most powerful witch in a generation…and she hates magic. At her Deathday celebration, Alex performs a spell to rid herself of ... (Goodreads)

  11. Witchling

    by Yasmine Galenorn
    Three sisters, half-human and half-faerie, battle supernatural beings and navigate their complicated love lives in a world of magic and danger.

    We're the D'Artigo Sisters: Half-human, half-Faerie, we're savvy–and sexy--operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. But our mixed-blood heritage short-circuits our talents at all the wrong ... (Goodreads)

  12. The Witch of Blackbird Pond

    by Elizabeth George Speare
    A young girl's struggles to find her place in a Puritan Connecticut town.

    In April 1687, 16-year-old Katherine Tyler (known throughout the story as Kit Tyler) leaves her home in Barbados after her grandfather dies and a 50-year-old man tries to marry her. She relocates to ... (Wikipedia)

  13. A Discovery of Witches

    by Deborah Harkness
    An enchanted journey of forbidden love, as a witch and a vampire search for an ancient magical book.

    Book one of the, New York Times,-bestselling All Souls trilogy—"a wonderfully imaginative grown-up fantasy with all the magic of, Harry Potter, and, Twilight,” (,People,). Look for the hit TV series ... (Barnes & Noble)

  14. Burnt Offerings

    by Laurell K. Hamilton
    An ancient vampire awakens and wreaks havoc, forcing unlikely allies to come together.

    As in the previous novels, Burnt Offerings requires Anita to balance her romantic life with her roles as supernatural police consultant, vampire executioner, zombie animator, human servant and lover ... (Wikipedia)

  15. A Fistful of Charms

    by Kim Harrison
    A witch and bounty hunter mixes occult and crime-solving to protect the supernatural world.

    The evil night things that prowl Cincinnati despise witch and bounty hunter Rachel Morgan. Her new reputation for the dark arts is turning human and undead heads alike with the intent to possess, ... (Goodreads)

  16. The Witch with No Name

    by Kim Harrison
    The final installment of the Hollows series, Rachel Morgan must face her greatest challenge yet to save the world she loves.

    At long last... The final book in the, New York Times, bestselling Hollows series by Kim Harrison! Rachel Morgan's come a long way from the clutzy runner of Dead Witch Walking . She's faced vampires ... (Goodreads)

  17. Marked

    by P.C. Cast
    A young woman discovers her supernatural powers, and must choose between two supernatural worlds.

    Sixteen-year-old Zoey Redbird lives in a world where vampires, or "vampyres" have always existed. One day, during school, Zoey is marked by a Tracker to become a fledgling vampyre at the Tulsa House ... (Wikipedia)

  18. A Modern Witch

    by Debora Geary
    A young woman discovers she's a witch and joins a community of modern witches. She learns to embrace her powers and find love.

    Can you live 28 years without discovering you're a witch? — Lauren is downtown Chicago's youngest elite realtor. She's also a witch. She must be - the fetching spell for Witches' Chat isn't supposed ... (Goodreads)

  19. Bone Crossed

    by Patricia Briggs
    Werewolf and vampire join forces to protect a human from supernatural threats.

    By day, Mercy is a car mechanic in the sprawling Tri-Cities of Eastern Washington. By night, she explores her preternatural side. As a shapeshifter with some unique talents, Mercy has often found ... (Goodreads)

  20. Equal Rites

    by Terry Pratchett
    Mage battles gender prejudice to prove that girls can wield magic too.

    The wizard Drum Billet knows that he will soon die and travels to a place where an eighth son of an eighth son is about to be born. This signifies that the child is destined to become a wizard ; on ... (Wikipedia)

  21. The Witches of New York

    by Ami McKay
    In 1880s New York, three witches run a tea shop and help women embrace their own magic. But danger lurks as a dark force threatens their existence.

    A Buzzfeed Best Gift Book of the Year “A dark, atmospheric, and feminist story of three women in New York City's Gilded Age, each determined to thrive in a society hell-bent on keeping them down, and ... (Barnes & Noble)

  22. Witch Week

    by Diana Wynne Jones
    A magical world of witchcraft, set in a school full of secrets.

    Witch Week is set in an alternative modern-day Great Britain, identical to our world except for the presence of witchcraft. Despite witches being common, witchcraft is illegal and punishable by death ... (Wikipedia)

  23. The Heretic's Daughter

    by Kathleen Kent
    A dramatic tale of one family's survival during the Salem Witch Trials.

    A courageous woman fights to survive the darkest days of the Salem Witch Trials in this "heart-wrenching story of family love and sacrifice" (,USA Today,). Salem, 1752. Sarah Carrier Chapman, weak ... (Barnes & Noble)

  24. The Rules of Magic

    by Alice Hoffman
    A family of magical siblings discovering the power of their lineage and the responsibility that comes with it.

    An instant New York Times bestseller and Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick from beloved author Alice Hoffman—the spellbinding prequel to Practical Magic . Find your magic. For the Owens family, love ... (Barnes & Noble)

  25. I Shall Wear Midnight

    by Terry Pratchett
    A young witch must battle a malicious presence threatening her beloved land.

    Tiffany is working as the Chalk 's only witch in a climate of growing suspicion and prejudice. When the local Baron (for whom she had been caring) dies of poor health, she is accused of murder. ... (Wikipedia)

  26. The Hangman's Daughter

    by Oliver Pötzsch
    In 17th century Bavaria, a hangman and a physician's daughter team up to solve a series of murders.

    Magdalena, the clever and headstrong daughter of Bavarian hangman Jakob Kuisl, lives with her father outside the village walls and is destined to be married off to another hangman’s son—except that ... (Goodreads)

  27. A Hat Full of Sky

    by Terry Pratchett
    A young witch must use her newfound magical powers to survive the trials of her witch apprenticeship.

    A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett is a fantasy novel about a girl who is learning her place as a witch. Early in the novel, Tiffany Aching leaves her home in the chalk country (based on England's ... (Wikipedia)

  28. Dead Witch Walking

    by Kim Harrison
    A dark urban fantasy about a witch's fight for survival in a world of humans, demons and vampires.

    All the creatures of the night gather in "the Hollows" of Cincinnati, to hide, to prowl, to party... and to feed. Vampires rule the darkness in a predator-eat-predator world rife with dangers beyond ... (Goodreads)

  29. Charmed Life

    by Diana Wynne Jones
    A young orphaned boy encounters a magical world full of witches, wizards, and dragons.

    When the Chant children, Gwendolen and Eric (known as “Cat") are orphaned after their parents die in a boating accident, Gwendolen petitions Chrestomanci to let them live at Chrestomanci Castle where ... (Wikipedia)

  30. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    by J.K. Rowling
    Harry Potter faces a looming war as he battles dark forces and discovers his own power.

    During the summer, Harry Potter and his cousin Dudley are attacked by Dementors . Forced to use magic to fend them off, Harry is expelled from Hogwarts, but his expulsion is postponed pending a ... (Wikipedia)

  31. Chime

    by Franny Billingsley
    A young girl must battle a powerful curse and uncover long-hidden family secrets to save her village.

    Before Briony's stepmother died, she made sure Briony blamed herself for all the family's hardships. Now Briony has worn her guilt for so long it's become a second skin. She often escapes to the ... (Goodreads)

  32. Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide

    by J.K. Rowling
    An irreverent and humorous look at the wizarding world of Hogwarts.

    'The Ministry of Magic felt strongly, however, that to construct an additional wizarding station in the middle of London would stretch even the Muggles' notorious determination not to notice magic ... (Barnes & Noble)

  33. The Castle of Otranto

    by Horace Walpole
    A dark gothic tale of romance and horror, featuring a cursed Italian castle.

    First published pseudonymously in 1764, The Castle of Otranto purported to be a translation of an Italian story of the time of the crusades. In it Walpole attempted, as he declared in the Preface to ... (Goodreads)

  34. Shadow of Night

    by Deborah Harkness
    A time-traveling adventure through Elizabethan England, uncovering secrets of the past.

    Picking up from A Discovery of Witches’ cliffhanger ending, Shadow of Night takes Diana and Matthew on a trip through time to Elizabethan London, where they are plunged into a world of spies, magic, ... (Goodreads)

  35. The Spook's Mistake

    by Joseph Delaney
    The seventh book in the "Wardstone Chronicles" series. Tom Ward must confront a powerful witch who seeks revenge against him and his master.

    As danger increases in the County, Tom is sent far north by his master to be trained by Bill Arkwright, another Spook. Arkwright lives in a haunted mill on the edge of a treacherous marsh and his ... (Goodreads)

  36. The Worst Witch

    by Jill Murphy
    A young witch's misadventures at a magical boarding school, learning to harness her powers.

    Mildred Hubble is a trainee witch at Miss Cackle's Academy, and she's making an awful mess of it. She's always getting her spells wrong and she can't even ride a broomstick without crashing it. Will ... (Goodreads)

  37. Truthwitch

    by Susan Dennard
    Two friends on a mission to protect their kingdom from an ancient power.

    Two best friends use their magic to save the world from war and corruption in Susan Dennard's New York Times bestselling YA fantasy, Truthwitch. On a continent ruled by three empires, some are born ... (Barnes & Noble)

  38. Revenge of the Witch

    by Joseph Delaney
    A young boy's fight against a powerful witch, and his quest to save his family and village.

    Tom Ward has lived his whole life in the county (loosely based on the English county of Lancashire). Because he is the seventh son of a seventh son and thus has the ability to see ghosts and fight ... (Wikipedia)

  39. The Shepherd's Crown

    by Terry Pratchett
    An epic fantasy adventure filled with humor and wit, featuring a young witch's journey to save her home.

    Tiffany Aching is busy running her steading and taking care of the people of the Chalk. Jeannie, the Kelda of the Nac Mac Feegle , is worried that she's overworked. When Granny Weatherwax , Tiffany's ... (Wikipedia)

  40. Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

    by Scott Cunningham
    A guide for those who practice Wicca alone, exploring the deeper aspects of the religion and providing practical advice for daily life.

    Selling more than 200,000 copies, Living Wicca has helped countless solitary practitioners blaze their own spiritual paths. Let the wise words of Scott Cunningham guide you toward a new level of ... (Barnes & Noble)

  41. Practical Magic

    by Alice Hoffman
    Two sisters discover their magical powers, learning to use them responsibly.

    *25th Anniversary Edition*—with a New Introduction by the Author!,The Owens sisters confront the challenges of life and love in this bewitching novel from the, New York Times, bestselling author of, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  42. Book of Shadows

    by Cate Tiernan
    A young girl's journey to discover her hidden magical powers, while unraveling the secrets of the past.

    Morgan Rowlands is a high school student living in the picturesque town of Widow's Vale. Morgan is an ordinary girl who lives an ordinary life. However, her life becomes unsettled upon meeting Cal ... (Wikipedia)

  43. Awakening

    by Cate Tiernan
    A teenage girl discovers she is a witch and must navigate the complexities of magic, love, and family secrets.

    For now, Morgan is safe from the dark wave that has been attacking witches. Betrayed by her first love, she is trying to come to grips with her Woodbane heritage and with Wicca – its thorn and its ... (Goodreads)

  44. Born Wicked

    by Jessica Spotswood
    In an alternate New England, three sisters with magical powers must hide their abilities from a society that condemns witches.

    A gorgeous, witchy, romantic fantasy by a debut author! Perfect for fans of Kristin Cashore and the Beautiful Creatures series! Everybody thinks Cate Cahill and her sisters are eccentric. Too pretty, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  45. How to Hang a Witch

    by Adriana Mather
    A teenage girl moves to Salem and discovers she is a descendant of a Salem witch trial judge, leading to a haunting mystery.

    It's the Salem Witch Trials meets, Mean Girls, in a debut novel from one of the descendants of Cotton Mather, where the trials of high school start to feel like a modern day witch hunt for a teen ... (Goodreads)

  46. Flyte

    by Angie Sage
    Adventure of a young wizard apprentice and his magical quest to save his kingdom from a powerful dark force.

    The book begins with a "fair haired" boy rowing a canoe to the place where Necromancer DomDaniel drowned, along with his ship. His skeleton climbs into the canoe, while the fair haired boy thinks ... (Wikipedia)

  47. Dorothy Must Die

    by Danielle Paige
    A teenage girl is tasked with overthrowing the wicked witch and restoring order to Oz.

    I didn't ask for any of this. I didn't ask to be some kind of hero. But when your whole life gets swept up by a tornado—taking you with it—you have no choice but to go along, you know? Sure, I've ... (Goodreads)

  48. The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Vol. 2

    by Diana Wynne Jones
    A magical world of witches and warlocks is explored, as a powerful enchanter discovers the secrets of his origins.

    In this multiple parallel universes of the Twelve Related Worlds, only an enchanter with nine lives is powerful enough to control the rampant misuse of magic – and to hold the title Chrestomanci... ... (Goodreads)

  49. The Witching Hour

    by Anne Rice
    A dark and mysterious tale of secret families and supernatural forces.

    From the author of the extraordinary Vampire Chronicles comes a huge, hypnotic novel of witchcraft and the occult through four centuries. Demonstrating, once again, her gift for spellbinding ... (Goodreads)

  50. Akata Witch

    by Nnedi Okorafor
    A magical journey of self-discovery, learning to use powers to help save the world.

    Twelve-year-old Sunny Nwazue was born in America yet lives in Nigeria. She is Black and albino. She's a great athlete, yet she can't go out in the sun to play soccer. Sunny then discovers that she ... (Wikipedia)

  51. Plain Kate

    by Erin Bow
    A young woodcarver trades her shadow for safety, but must fight to reclaim it and save her town from a dark magic.

    Katerina "Kate" Svetlana is an orphan who lived in the small eastern European market town of Samilae. She was called "Plain Kate" because her father introduced her to a butcher as Katerina Svetlana ... (Wikipedia)

  52. Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists

    by J.K. Rowling
    A collection of tales, exploring the magical world of Harry Potter and its characters.

    'No Muggle Prime Minister has ever set foot in the Ministry of Magic, for reasons most succinctly summed up by ex-Minister Dugald McPhail (term of office 1858-1865): “their puir wee braines couldnae ... (Goodreads)

  53. The Lives of Christopher Chant

    by Diana Wynne Jones
    A magical adventure of a young boy's journey to save the world from destruction.

    The novel tells the story of Christopher Chant's childhood. Although both of his parents are powerful practitioners of magic , the two are constantly at loggerheads; his father (an enchanter, the ... (Wikipedia)

  54. Lord of Misrule

    by Rachel Caine
    A young woman navigates the dangerous world of horse racing and its seedy underbelly at a rundown track in rural Maryland.

    In the college town of Morganville, vampires and humans coexist in (relatively) bloodless harmony. Then comes Bishop, the master vampire who threatens to abolish all order, revive the forces of the ... (Goodreads)

  55. Cry Wolf

    by Patricia Briggs
    A shapeshifter and a witch join forces to investigate an ancient supernatural menace.

    Anna never knew werewolves existed, until the night she survived a violent attack... and became one herself. After three years at the bottom of the pack, she'd learned to keep her head down and ... (Goodreads)

  56. Dark Witch

    by Nora Roberts
    A young woman's struggle for independence, as she discovers her magical power and heritage.

    With indifferent parents, Iona Sheehan grew up craving devotion and acceptance. From her maternal grandmother, she learned where to find both: a land of lush forests, dazzling lakes, and ... (Goodreads)

  57. The Dark Monk

    by Oliver Pötzsch
    A thrilling murder mystery set in 17th century Bavaria.

    1660: Winter has settled thick over a sleepy village in the Bavarian Alps, ensuring every farmer and servant is indoors on the night a parish priest discovers he's been poisoned. As numbness creeps ... (Goodreads)

  58. Son of a Witch

    by Gregory Maguire
    A story of redemption set in a fantastical world, as a young man searches for his true identity.

    Liir hid in the shadows of the castle after Dorothy did in the Witch. Left for dead in a gully, the teen is shattered in spirit and body. But silent novice Candle tends him at the Cloister of Saint ... (Goodreads)

  59. Black Arts

    by Faith Hunter
    Nell Ingram, a magic-wielding paranormal investigator, must solve a murder case while navigating her own dark past and dangerous enemies.

    Jane Yellowrock is a shape-shifting skinwalker who always takes care of her own—no matter the cost... When Evan Trueblood blows into town looking for his wife, Molly, he’s convinced that she came to ... (Goodreads)

  60. Taltos

    by Anne Rice
    A vampire's pursuit of immortality, set against a backdrop of ancient secrets and dark magic.

    Rice's new novel continues the epic occult saga that began with The Witching Hour and Lasher. Taltos takes readers back through the centuries to a civilization part human and part of wholly ... (Goodreads)

  61. Lasher

    by Anne Rice
    The second book in the Mayfair Witches series, following the story of the powerful and seductive spirit Lasher and his connection to the Mayfair family.

    The Talamasca, documenters of paranormal activity, is on the hunt for the newly born Lasher. Mayfair women are dying from hemorrhages and a strange genetic anomaly has been found in Rowan and ... (Goodreads)

  62. Pale Demon

    by Kim Harrison
    A female witch is forced to take a cross-country road trip with a bounty hunter to clear her name.

    "I wouldn’t miss a Kim Harrison book for anything."—Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, New York Times, bestselling urban fantasy superstar Kim Harrison is back with, Pale ... (Barnes & Noble)

  63. Carpe Corpus

    by Rachel Caine
    In the sixth book of the Morganville Vampires series, Claire and her friends fight to save their town from a deadly virus.

    Read Rachel Caine's posts on the Penguin Blog In the small college town of Morganville, vampires and humans lived in (relative) peace-until all the rules got rewritten when the evil vampire Bishop ... (Goodreads)

  64. Nevermore

    by Kelly Creagh
    A gothic romance between a cheerleader and a mysterious boy who may be the reincarnation of Edgar Allan Poe.

    And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting, On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;, And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming,, And the ... (Barnes & Noble)

  65. Witch & Wizard

    by James Patterson
    Siblings Wisty and Whit are torn from their normal lives and accused of being witches and wizards in a dystopian world ruled by a totalitarian government.

    The world is changing—the government has seized control of every aspect of society, and now kids are disappearing. For fifteen-year-old Wisty and her older brother Whit, life turns upside-down when ... (Goodreads)

  66. The Awakening

    by Kelley Armstrong
    A woman's transformation as she discovers her newly-awakened magical powers.

    The Awakening takes place directly after the events in, The Summoning, . Chloe has been recaptured by The Edison Group, a team of supernatural scientists responsible for manipulating her DNA, ... (Wikipedia)

  67. Industrial Magic

    by Kelley Armstrong
    An urban fantasy of a witch navigating a dark underworld of supernatural forces.

    The story starts with the attack upon Dana MacArthur, daughter of a Cabal employee. Dismayed by her inability to persuade other witches to form a new coven because of their disapproval of her ... (Wikipedia)

  68. The Undead Pool

    by Kim Harrison
    A witch on a quest to save her home, struggling against a powerful force of ancient magic.

    Witch and day-walking demon Rachel Morgan has managed to save the demonic ever-after from shrinking, but at a high cost. Now, strange magic is attacking Cincinnati and the Hollows, causing spells to ... (Barnes & Noble)

  69. Burned

    by P.C. Cast
    A young girl's struggle to overcome her past and survive in a dangerous supernatural world.

    Stark, Darius and Aphrodite follow the clues in Kramisha 's prophetic poems and take Zoey's body to the Isle of Sgiach to find a way of getting Zoey back. They gain entrance because of Stark's being ... (Wikipedia)

  70. Which Witch?

    by Eva Ibbotson
    A humorous story about a wizard who needs a wife and the witches who want to marry him. Chaos ensues.

    The story begins when a wizard named Arriman the Awful, living in Darkington Hall, decides to choose a wife from his hometown of Todcaster; his ulterior motive is a prophecy that foretells that ... (Wikipedia)

  71. The Wicked Will Rise

    by Danielle Paige
    Dorothy must face the Wicked Witch of the West and her own inner demons to save Oz from destruction.

    Amy Gumm continues her crusade against Dorothy Gale and Glinda after a failed assassination attempt. After escaping from a burning Emerald City, the flying monkeys Ollie and Maude use their newly ... (Wikipedia)

  72. Awakened

    by P.C. Cast
    A young girl discovers she has magical powers, and must use them to save her kingdom from destruction.

    Zoey and Stark reassure their connection by having sex under the wishing tree and become connected. Zoey finds out that she wields the ancient magick of the fey and can bring back old fey that serve ... (Wikipedia)

  73. Wytches, Volume 1

    by Scott Snyder
    A family's struggle against a force of ancient evil, lurking in the woods.

    Everything you thought you knew about witches is wrong. They are much darker, and they are much more horrifying. Wytches takes the mythology of witches to a far creepier, bone-chilling place than ... (Goodreads)

  74. Daughter of the Blood

    by Anne Bishop
    A young woman's journey to claim her power and protect her kingdom from dark forces.

    Librarian's Note: Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found, here,. The Dark Kingdom is preparing itself for the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy–the arrival of a new Queen, a Witch who will wield ... (Goodreads)

  75. The Inquisition

    by Taran Matharu
    A young mage is accused of practicing forbidden magic and is sent to the Inquisition, where he must fight for his life and prove his innocence.

    Second in Taran Matharu’s, New York Times, bestselling epic fantasy Summoner Trilogy,, The Inquisition, is an action-packed adventure of a young man gifted—or cursed—with an extraordinary and ... (Barnes & Noble)

  76. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Vol. 1: The Crucible

    by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
    An occult coming-of-age story of a teenage witch trying to balance her two worlds.

    On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, the young sorceress Sabrina Spellman finds herself at a crossroads, having to choose between an unearthly destiny and her mortal boyfriend, Harvey. But a foe ... (Goodreads)

  77. A Kiss of Shadows

    by Laurell K. Hamilton
    A young woman's quest to embrace her supernatural powers and reclaim her birthright.

    The story begins in Los Angeles, California, in a world where magical creatures are "out of the closet" and, in some cases, even legal. Princess Meredith NicEssus is working for the Grey Detective ... (Wikipedia)

  78. Magic Study

    by Maria V. Snyder
    A young girl embarks on a quest to save her people, learning the secrets of magical powers.

    After saving the life of the Commander, falling in love with Valek, the assassin, and discovering she was kidnapped as a child because of her suspected magical abilities, Yelena is forced to return ... (Wikipedia)

  79. The Sorcerer's Companion: A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter

    by Allan Zola Kronzek
    A comprehensive guide to the magical world of Harry Potter, exploring spells, creatures, and characters.

    The, New York Times, bestseller, now fully updated to include,, the complete seven-volume series.,Who was the real Nicholas Flamel? How did the Sorcerer’s Stone get its power? Did J. K. Rowling dream ... (Barnes & Noble)

  80. Thornyhold

    by Mary Stewart
    A young woman inherits a cottage and discovers her family's magical legacy, leading her on a journey of self-discovery and love.

    The story is about a lonely child who is made to see the world through her cousin's unusual eyes. When the child becomes a young woman, she inherits her dead cousin's house, as well as her reputation ... (Goodreads)

  81. Suffer the Children

    by John Saul
    A small town is haunted by a mysterious force that threatens the lives of its children.

    After a young girl is murdered one hundred years earlier in Port Arbello prior to the beginning of the novel, the one responsible comes back and begins taking out more children, one by one. As people ... (Wikipedia)

  82. Lothaire

    by Kresley Cole
    A vampire prince must choose between his fate and the woman he loves.

    Number-one New York Times best-selling author Kresley Cole continues her electrifying Immortals After Dark series with this thrilling tale, revealing secrets of the Lore, fierce realm of the ... (Goodreads)

  83. Immortal Beloved

    by Cate Tiernan
    Nastasya, a 450-year-old immortal, confronts her past and discovers the true meaning of love and friendship.

    Nastasya has spent the last century living as a spoiled, drugged-out party girl. She feels nothing and cares for no one. But when she witnesses her best friend, a Dark Immortal, torture a human, she ... (Barnes & Noble)

  84. The Initiation

    by L.J. Smith
    A teenage girl discovers she is a witch and must navigate the dangerous world of magic and dark forces.

    A chance encounter brings sixteen-year-old Cassie Blake to fall for the mysterious Adam Conant. After meeting him, she rids herself of the idea of a relationship with him because she thinks they’ll ... (Wikipedia)

  85. I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem

    by Maryse Condé
    The fictionalized story of Tituba, a black slave accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials.

    In the novel Tituba is biracial, born on Barbados to a young African slave woman who was raped by an English sailor. Tituba's mother is hanged after defending herself from the sexual advances of her ... (Wikipedia)

  86. The Daylight Gate

    by Jeanette Winterson
    A historical fiction novel set in 17th century England, exploring the witch trials and the persecution of women.

    Good Friday, 1612. Pendle Hill, Lancashire. A mysterious gathering of thirteen people is interrupted by local magistrate, Roger Nowell. Is this a witches' Sabbat? Two notorious Lancashire witches are ... (Goodreads)

  87. Harry Potter Schoolbooks Box Set: Two Classic Books from the Library of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    by J.K. Rowling
    A collection of two classic textbooks from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, including "Quidditch Through the Ages" and "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

    There is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN13, here,. Fans of Harry Potter will love the chance to really get inside the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now, straight from the ... (Goodreads)

  88. Daughters of Darkness

    by L.J. Smith
    Three vampire sisters arrive in a small town, causing chaos and destruction as they seek to fulfill their dark desires.

    Three sisters, teenage vampires, attempt to escape their world of darkness, blood, and violence in order to find new lives and loves among mortals in a small town. ... (Goodreads)

  89. The Satanic Bible

    by Anton Szandor LaVey
    A guidebook for Satanism, advocating for individualism, self-gratification, and indulgence. Rejects traditional morality and religion.

    The Satanic Bible, was first published by Anton LaVey in 1969. It is a collection of essays, observations and rituals, and outlines LaVey's Satanic ideology. It contains the core principles of the ... (Goodreads)

  90. Blue Adept

    by Piers Anthony
    A man from Earth travels to a parallel world where magic is real and must master his abilities to save both worlds from destruction.

    In Book Two of the epic adventure that began in SPLIT INFINITY, Stile discovers life on Proton and Phaze is getting more difficult. On Proton he's a serf trying to prove his right to exist by ... (Goodreads)

  91. Succubus on Top

    by Richelle Mead
    A modern-day witch must confront her dark past in a quest for a magical artifact.

    Love hurts, and no one knows it better than Georgina Kincaid. If she so much as kisses Seth Mortensen, the shy, sexy writer she's been dating, she'll drain his life force. Admittedly, the ... (Goodreads)

  92. White Witch, Black Curse

    by Kim Harrison
    An adventurous journey to save the world from a powerful blood curse.

    New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison returns to the sinister and seductive Hollows for the newest blockcuster adventure featuring Rachel Morgan, witch and bounty hunter. White Witch, Black ... (Goodreads)

  93. The Ancient Magus' Bride, Vol. 1

    by Kore Yamazaki
    A young girl is sold to a mage and becomes his apprentice, discovering a world of magic and mythical creatures.

    The Ancient Magus' Bride, is an all-new manga series that features a fascinating relationship between a troubled teenage girl and an inhuman wizard. Enter the Magician's Apprentice Her name is Chise ... (Barnes & Noble)

  94. Attack of the Fiend

    by Joseph Delaney
    The third book in the Last Apprentice series. Tom Ward and his master fight against the Fiend, a powerful and evil creature.

    "I see your future clearly. Your master will be dead, and you will be alone. It would be better if you had never been born." Thomas Ward is the apprentice for the local Spook, who banishes boggarts ... (Barnes & Noble)

  95. The Taxidermist's Daughter

    by Kate Mosse
    A young woman in a small English village uncovers dark secrets about her family's past and the town's history.

    A chilling and spooky Gothic historical thriller reminiscent of Rebecca and The Turn of the Screw , dripping with the dark twists and eerie surprises that are the hallmarks of Edgar Allan Poe, from ... (Barnes & Noble)

  96. The Good People

    by Hannah Kent
    A suspenseful tale of superstition and secrets in a rural Irish village.

    From the bestselling author of the multi-award-winning, Burial Rites, County Kerry, Ireland, 1825., The fires on the hills smouldered orange as the women left, pockets charged with ashes to guard ... (Goodreads)

  97. The Hogwarts Library

    by J.K. Rowling
    A collection of three books from the Hogwarts Library: "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," "Quidditch Through the Ages," and "The Tales of Beedle the Bard."

    A highly collectable hardback boxed set from the world of Harry Potter - containing handsome new editions of Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (both in hardback for ... (Goodreads)

  98. Cursed

    by Benedict Jacka
    Alex Verus, a mage with the ability to see the future, must navigate a dangerous world of magic and politics to protect himself and those he cares about.

    Benedict Jacka's acclaimed Alex Verus series continues with, Cursed., Since his second sight made him infamous for defeating powerful dark mages, Alex has been keeping his head down. But now he's ... (Goodreads)

  99. Bras & Broomsticks

    by Sarah Mlynowski
    A teenage girl discovers her family's secret: they are all witches. Chaos ensues as she tries to balance magic and high school.

    From the, New York Times, bestselling author of the Whatever After series, t,he first book in the hilariously bewitching Magic in Manhattan series! What if all your wishes could come true? Blink your ... (Goodreads)

  100. Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

    by Lish McBride
    Sam discovers he's a necromancer and is pulled into a dangerous world of magic, monsters, and power struggles.

    Sam leads a pretty normal life. He may not have the most exciting job in the world, but he's doing all right—until a fast food prank brings him to the attention of Douglas, a creepy guy with an ... (Barnes & Noble)

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