Books about Calculating

  1. The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

    by Carl Sagan
    A critical look at superstition and pseudoscience, advocating for the power of science and reason.

    How can we make intelligent decisions about our increasingly technology-driven lives if we don’t understand the difference between the myths of pseudoscience and the testable hypotheses of science? ... (Goodreads)

  2. Escape Clause

    by John Sandford
    Virgil Flowers investigates the theft of two rare Amur tigers from the Minnesota Zoo, leading him to a dangerous and deadly criminal underworld.

    Whenever you hear the sky rumble, that usually means a storm. In Virgil Flowers’ case, make that two of them. Welcome to another exceptional thriller from the writer whose books are “pure reading ... (Goodreads)

  3. The Prince

    by Niccolò Machiavelli
    A timeless political treatise on the art of acquiring and maintaining power.

    Machiavelli needs to be looked at as he really was. Hence: Can Machiavelli, who makes the following observations, be Machiavellian as we understand the disparaging term? 1. So it is that to know the ... (Goodreads)

  4. The Player of Games

    by Iain M. Banks
    A game-player embarks on a journey to win a tournament in a distant world, uncovering secrets along the way.

    The Culture - a humanoid/machine symbiotic society - has thrown up many great Game Players. One of the best is Jernau Morat Gurgeh, Player of Games, master of every board, computer and strategy. ... (Goodreads)

  5. Shibumi

    by Trevanian
    A master strategist must outwit a powerful secret society in a battle for the future of the world.

    Nicholai Hel is an assassin, born in Shanghai in 1925 and raised in a cosmopolitan fashion by his mother, a deposed member of the Russian aristocracy. A general in the Japanese Imperial Army was ... (Wikipedia)

  6. The Art of War

    by Sun Tzu
    Ancient Chinese military treatise outlining strategies for success in battle.

    Twenty-Five Hundred years ago, Sun Tzu wrote this classic book of military strategy based on Chinese warfare and military thought. Since that time, all levels of military have used the teaching on ... (Goodreads)

  7. Force of Nature

    by Jane Harper
    A detective's investigation into a missing woman, uncovering dark secrets of a small town.

    Five women reluctantly pick up their backpacks and start walking along a muddy track. Only four come out on the other side. The hike through the rugged Giralang Ranges is meant to take the office ... (Goodreads)

  8. Afraid

    by Jack Kilborn
    A group of people are stranded in a remote town, where they are hunted by a sadistic killer.

    ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? YOU WILL BE . . . Welcome to Safe Haven, Wisconsin. Miles from everything, with one road in and out, this peaceful town has never needed a full-time police force. Until ... (Goodreads)

  9. A Storm of Swords 2: Blood and Gold

    by George R.R. Martin
    Epic fantasy adventure of an intense struggle for power and survival.

    A Storm of Swords picks up the story slightly before the end of its predecessor, A Clash of Kings . The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros are still in the grip of the War of the Five Kings , , wherein ... (Wikipedia)

  10. Point of Impact

    by Stephen Hunter
    A gripping story of a sniper and his mission to protect the President from an assassin.

    He was one the best Marine snipers in Vietnam. Today, twenty years later, disgruntled hero of an unheroic war, all Bob Lee Swagger wants to be left alone and to leave the killing behind. But with ... (Goodreads)

  11. Les Liaisons dangereuses

    by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
    An intricate game of love, lust and manipulation as two rival aristocrats scheme to outwit one another.

    The Vicomte de Valmont is determined to seduce the virtuous, married, and therefore inaccessible Madame de Tourvel, who is staying with Valmont's aunt while her husband is away on a court case. At ... (Wikipedia)

  12. Cometh the Hour

    by Jeffrey Archer
    An intriguing and fast-paced novel exploring secrets, lies and family dynamics.

    Cometh the Hour opens with the reading of the suicide note of Alex Fisher, MP. This note has potentially devastating consequences for Harry and Emma Clifton, Sir Giles Barrington and Lady Virginia ... (Wikipedia)

  13. The Godfather

    by Mario Puzo
    A mafia family's tumultuous path to power and glory, with unexpected consequences.

    The Godfather—the epic tale of crime and betrayal that became a global phenomenon. Almost fifty years ago, a classic was born. A searing portrayal of the Mafia underworld, The Godfather introduced ... (Goodreads)

  14. Predator

    by Patricia Cornwell
    Forensic investigator investigates a series of gruesome murders in a small Virginia town.

    Dr. Kay Scarpetta , now freelancing with the National Forensic Academy in Florida, takes charge of a case that stretches from steamy Florida to snowbound Massachusetts, one as unnerving as any she ... (Wikipedia)

  15. The Firm

    by John Grisham
    A lawyer is caught in a dangerous web of organized crime and corruption.

    Mitch McDeere is a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a degree in accounting, who has passed his Certified Public Accountant exam on the first attempt and graduated third in his class at ... (Wikipedia)

  16. Without Fail

    by Lee Child
    An ex-military investigator takes on a secret mission to locate a missing person.

    Jack Reacher arrives in Atlantic City after hitching a ride cross-country with a couple of aging blues musicians who dream of playing at B.B. King 's club in New York City . He is approached there by ... (Wikipedia)

  17. Omerta

    by Mario Puzo
    A tale of the Sicilian Mafia, following the life of a young boy who becomes a powerful don.

    The book begins with the death of Don Vincenzo Zeno in Sicily . On his deathbed, Don Zeno left the care of his infant son Astorre to his old follower, Don Raymonde Aprile. Don Aprile lives in New ... (Wikipedia)

  18. Walking Shadow

    by Robert B. Parker
    Private investigator Spenser is hired to protect a playwright from a stalker, but soon finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation.

    The story follows Boston-based PI Spenser as he tries to solve the on-stage murder of an actor in the run-down town of Port City. While investigating the crime, he runs afoul of the local Chinese mob ... (Wikipedia)

  19. Death Note, Vol. 6: Give-and-Take

    by Tsugumi Ohba
    A battle of wits between a genius detective and a master manipulator, to decide the fate of the world.

    Although they've collected plenty of evidence tying the seven Yotsuba members to the newest Kira, Light, L and the rest of the task force are no closer to discovering which one actually possesses the ... (Goodreads)

  20. Malice

    by Keigo Higashino
    A gripping murder mystery full of unexpected twists and turns.

    Acclaimed bestselling novelist Kunihiko Hidaka is found brutally murdered in his home on the night before he's planning to leave Japan and relocate to Vancouver. His body is found in his office, a ... (Goodreads)

  21. The Talented Mr. Ripley

    by Patricia Highsmith
    A young conman's descent into a life of crime, with deadly consequences.

    Tom Ripley is a young man struggling to make a living in New York City by whatever means necessary, including a series of small-time confidence scams . One day, he is approached by shipping magnate ... (Wikipedia)

  22. Tarkin

    by James Luceno
    A prequel to the original Star Wars movie exploring the origins of the Galactic Empire and the rise of Darth Vader.

    "Of power, I could tell you much. One must seize the moment, and strike." –Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin He’s the scion of an honorable and revered family. A dedicated soldier and distinguished ... (Goodreads)

  23. Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less

    by Jeffrey Archer
    Four strangers' desperate attempts to reclaim their stolen fortunes.

    The conned: an Oxford don, a revered society physician, a chic French art dealer, and a charming English lord. They have one thing in common. Overnight, each novice investor lost his life's fortune ... (Goodreads)

  24. Mightier Than the Sword

    by Jeffrey Archer
    Political intrigue, involving a secret society, threatens to disrupt the stability of the world.

    A bomb goes off, but how many passengers on the MV Buckingham have lost their lives? You will find out only if you read the opening chapter of, Mightier than the Sword,., When Harry arrives in New ... (Goodreads)

  25. The Eleventh Commandment

    by Jeffrey Archer
    A political thriller centered around a CIA agent's mission to uncover a top-secret conspiracy.

    The chief of the CIA , Helen Dexter, decides, on her own, to order the murder of political figures of other nations on the basis of their views on the United States. The book starts with the murder ... (Wikipedia)

  26. The Night Manager

    by John le Carré
    An undercover agent infiltrates a criminal organization to take them down from the inside.

    Jonathan Pine, a former British soldier, is the night manager. Pine has a complex character with a military background and schooling at the Duke of York's Royal Military School in Dover. We first ... (Wikipedia)

  27. Wool Omnibus

    by Hugh Howey
    Uncovering the truth behind a post-apocalyptic world, where society is hidden beneath a giant dome.

    The story of Wool takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth. , Humanity clings to survival in the Silo, a subterranean city extending one hundred forty-four stories beneath the surface. The series ... (Wikipedia)

  28. Live Wire

    by Harlan Coben
    An ex-marine tries to protect his family from a dangerous and unknown threat.

    When Myron's client, former tennis star Suzze T, and her rock star husband, Lex Ryder, encounter an anonymous Facebook post questioning the paternity of their unborn child, Lex runs off. Suzze – at ... (Wikipedia)

  29. No Country for Old Men

    by Cormac McCarthy
    A gripping tale of violence and pursuit in Texas' desolate landscape.

    The plot follows the interweaving paths of the three central characters (Llewelyn Moss, Anton Chigurh , and Ed Tom Bell) set in motion by events related to a drug deal gone bad near the ... (Wikipedia)

  30. The Collector

    by John Fowles
    A man's obsession with a young woman leads to a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

    The novel is about a lonely young man, Frederick Clegg, who works as a clerk in a city hall and collects butterflies in his spare time. The first part of the novel tells the story from his point of ... (Wikipedia)

  31. Rise of a Merchant Prince

    by Raymond E. Feist
    Follow the journey of a young man as he rises from poverty to become a powerful merchant prince in a world of political intrigue and magic.

    Erik von Darkmoor and Rupert Avery (Roo), have returned to Krondor after serving in Calis special unit that was sent down to the continent of Novindus. Erik plans on staying in the army as a corporal ... (Wikipedia)

  32. The Grifters

    by Jim Thompson
    A suspenseful crime drama following the lives of three con artists and their morally ambiguous actions.

    Roy Dillon is a 25-year-old con artist living in Los Angeles . At the start of the novel, he gets hit in the stomach with a baseball bat when a simple con goes wrong. He seems to be well but when ... (Wikipedia)

  33. The Last Mrs. Parrish

    by Liv Constantine
    A woman's mission to gain the life she's always wanted by manipulating those around her.

    THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER AND A REESE WITHERSPOON HELLO SUNSHINE BOOK CLUB PICK “Will keep you up. In a ‘can’t put it down’ way. It’s ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ with XX chromosomes.” —The Skimm ... (Barnes & Noble)

  34. Thrawn

    by Timothy Zahn
    A thrilling saga of galactic adventure, set in the Star Wars universe.

    Found on an unnamed Outer Rim planet, the exiled Chiss warrior Thrawn pledges himself to Emperor Palpatine and joins the Imperial navy. Thrawn's cunning and expertise as a tactician help him to rise ... (Wikipedia)

  35. Shadow Games

    by Glen Cook
    An epic fantasy adventure of a young man's quest to free his kingdom from a dark sorcerer.

    Following the defeat of the Dominator at the Barrowlands, the Black Company is down to just six men; Croaker, physician, annalist, and the newly elected captain; Goblin and One-Eye, company wizards; ... (Wikipedia)

  36. The Queen of Attolia

    by Megan Whalen Turner
    A young queen must face political upheaval and a dangerous enemy to protect her kingdom.

    Eugenides, the Thief of Eddis, has been caught spying on the Queen of Attolia. He expects to be hanged, but the Queen instead resorts to an ancient traditional punishment for thievery and has his ... (Wikipedia)

  37. Headhunters

    by Jo Nesbø
    A corporate recruiter's desperate mission to save his family from a powerful criminal.

    Roger Brown is a corporate headhunter, and he’s a master of his profession. But one career simply can’t support his luxurious lifestyle and his wife’s fledgling art gallery. At an art opening one ... (Goodreads)

  38. Money

    by Martin Amis
    A satirical look at the power of money and the cut-throat world of 1980s high finance.

    Money tells the story of, and is narrated by, John Self, a successful director of adverts who is invited to New York City by Fielding Goodney, a film producer, to shoot his first film. Self is an ... (Wikipedia)

  39. Crooked Kingdom

    by Leigh Bardugo
    A gang of criminals must band together to take down a powerful adversary.

    In the prologue, a Grisha man named Emil Retvenko is kidnapped by a winged Shu man. The book commences in a gambling parlor known as Club Cumulus where Jesper and Nina keep Jan Van Eck's lawyer, ... (Wikipedia)

  40. Personal

    by Lee Child
    A thrilling tale of a former soldier's quest for justice and his battle against formidable foes.

    You can leave the army, but the army doesn’t leave you. Not always. Not completely , notes Jack Reacher—and sure enough, the retired military cop is soon pulled back into service. This time, for the ... (Goodreads)

  41. Catch Me

    by Lisa Gardner
    A gripping psychological thriller, uncovering the dark secrets of a young women's past.

    Charlene Grant believes she is going to die. For the past few years, her childhood friends have been murdered one by one. Same day. Same time. Now she’s the last of her friends alive, and she’s ... (Goodreads)

  42. The Day of the Jackal

    by Frederick Forsyth
    An assassin attempts to kill the president of France in a thrilling race against time.

    The book begins in 1962 with the (historical) failed attempt on de Gaulle 's life plotted by, among others, Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry in the Paris suburb of Petit-Clamart : ... (Wikipedia)

  43. Make Me

    by Lee Child
    An ex-military drifter is framed for a murder and must uncover the truth to clear his name.

    Somewhere in the sprawling, flat, desolate Midwestern United States, Reacher arrives by train at a small town named Mother's Rest, curious as to the story behind the name. He meets a Chinese American ... (Wikipedia)

  44. Hannibal

    by Thomas Harris
    A psychological thriller about a renowned FBI agent and his pursuit of a dangerous serial killer.

    Years after his escape, posing as scholarly Dr. Fell, curator of a grand family's palazzo, Hannibal lives the good life in Florence, playing lovely tunes by serial killer/composer Henry VIII and ... (Goodreads)

  45. The Gambler

    by Fyodor Dostoevsky
    A story of addiction and gambling, and the psychological depths of a man’s desperation.

    The first-person narrative is told from the point of view of Alexei Ivanovich, a tutor working for a Russian family living in a suite at a German hotel. The patriarch of the family, The General, is ... (Wikipedia)

  46. The Collapsing Empire

    by John Scalzi
    A daring adventure to save humanity's future in a universe connected by portals.

    The Interdependency is a thousand-year-old human empire of 48 star systems connected by the Flow, a network of "streams" allowing faster-than-light travel . Each stream is one way and has an entry ... (Wikipedia)

  47. Black List

    by Brad Thor
    An international political thriller involving a covert government agency, a deadly conspiracy, and a race against time.

    Somewhere deep inside the United States government is a closely guarded list. Members of Congress never get to see it—only the President and a secret team of advisers. Once your name is on the list, ... (Goodreads)

  48. The Jefferson Key

    by Steve Berry
    A thrilling adventure of Cotton Malone as he uncovers a conspiracy to seize the presidency by decoding a hidden message in the Declaration of Independence.

    Four United States presidents have been assassinated – in 1865, 1881, 1901, and 1963 -- each murder seemingly unrelated and separated by time. But what if those presidents were all killed for the ... (Goodreads)

  49. The Little Book That Beats the Market

    by Joel Greenblatt
    A concise guide to value investing, offering a simple formula for picking stocks that outperform the market.

    Two years in MBA school won't teach you how to double the market's return. Two hours with The Little Book That Beats the Market will. In The Little Book , Joel Greenblatt, Founder and Managing ... (Goodreads)

  50. Injustice for All

    by J.A. Jance
    A gripping legal thriller where a judge is murdered and the prime suspect is a lawyer who had a grudge against him.

    It was like a scene from a movie: the beautiful blond screaming on a Washington beach, a dead man lying at her feet; the dashing Homicide detective arriving to offer kindness and solace to the ... (Goodreads)

  51. New York to Dallas

    by J.D. Robb
    Detective searches for a serial killer on a cross-country manhunt, uncovering secrets along the way.

    Twelve years ago, Eve Dallas was just a rookie NY cop when her instincts led her to the apartment of Isaac McQueen, a man she discovered to be a sick murderer and pedophile, who was keeping young ... (Goodreads)

  52. The Key to Rebecca

    by Ken Follett
    A desperate mission to uncover a Nazi spy in Cairo during WWII.

    Ken Follett’s The Key to Rebecca took readers and critics by storm when first published more than twenty years ago. Today, it remains one of the best espionage novels ever written. Look out for Ken’s ... (Goodreads)

  53. Death Note, Vol. 3: Hard Run

    by Tsugumi Ohba
    Dark fantasy tale of a teenager wielding a mysterious notebook with the power to kill.

    Light is chafing under L's extreme surveillance, but even 64 microphones and cameras hidden in his room aren't enough to stop Light. He steps up the game, but before the battle of wits can really ... (Goodreads)

  54. The Dark Fields

    by Alan Glynn
    A struggling writer discovers a pill that unlocks his brain's full potential, leading him down a dangerous path.

    Edward "Eddie" Spinola is a copywriter at a small publishing house in New York City . He starts using MDT-48, an experimental drug granting heightened intellectual, creative, and learning powers, and ... (Wikipedia)

  55. Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist

    by Roger Lowenstein
    A portrait of Warren Buffett's journey to becoming one of the most successful investors of all time.

    Starting from scratch, simply by picking stocks and companies for investment, Warren Buffett amassed one of the epochal fortunes of the twentieth century—an astounding net worth of $10 billion, and ... (Goodreads)

  56. Death Note, Vol. 10: Deletion

    by Tsugumi Ohba
    Light Yagami's epic battle with the mysterious figure, Near, intensifies as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

    With Near openly suspecting the new L of being Kira and sowing doubt in the hearts of the taskforce members, Light is once again forced to pass the Death Note on to another to take the heat off ... (Goodreads)

  57. Moscow Rules

    by Daniel Silva
    An international thriller involving an Israeli secret agent on a mission to uncover a conspiracy in Moscow.

    Now the death of a journalist leads Allon to Russia, where he finds that, in terms of spycraft, even he has something to learn. He’s playing by Moscow rules now. It is not the grim, gray Moscow of ... (Goodreads)

  58. Pop. 1280

    by Jim Thompson
    A small-town sheriff manipulates and murders his way to power, revealing the dark underbelly of rural America.

    Pop. 1280 is the first-person narrative of Nick Corey, the listless sheriff of Potts County, the "47th (out of 47) largest county in the state". He lives in Pottsville which has a population of "1280 ... (Wikipedia)

  59. Darkness at Noon

    by Arthur Koestler
    A political prisoner is interrogated during a totalitarian regime and struggles with his loyalty to the party.

    Darkness at Noon is divided into four parts: The First Hearing, The Second Hearing, The Third Hearing, and The Grammatical Fiction. In the original English translation, Koestler′s word that Hardy ... (Wikipedia)

  60. Tower Lord

    by Anthony Ryan
    A thrilling fantasy adventure of a young man's quest for revenge against a powerful tyrant.

    New York Times,bestselling author Anthony Ryan returns to the “wonderful universe” (,Fantasy Book Critic,) of, Blood Song, as Vaelin Al Sorna continues on his inevitable road to destiny…,King Janus’s ... (Barnes & Noble)

  61. The Bourne Identity

    by Robert Ludlum
    An amnesiac assassin must uncover his past and true identity in a deadly search for the truth.

    The preface of the novel consists of two real-life newspaper articles from 1975 about terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, known as " Carlos the Jackal ." The story opens with gunfire on a boat in the ... (Wikipedia)

  62. Dearly Devoted Dexter

    by Jeff Lindsay
    A serial killer's struggle to evade capture while trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy in his life.

    Sgt. Albert Doakes , a Homicide detective, has grown suspicious of Dexter & is obsessively tailing him in his free time. This makes it impossible for Dexter to investigate (& perhaps kill) someone ... (Wikipedia)

  63. The Game

    by Laurie R. King
    A murder mystery set in the world of Victorian England, involving a young detective and her companion.

    Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes are visited by Sherlock's gravely ill brother, Mycroft, who has an intriguing case for them. Mycroft, who has connections in the highest levels of the government, has ... (Wikipedia)

  64. No Exit

    by Taylor Adams
    A young woman's fight for survival against a mysterious captor.

    “What a box of tricks! This full-throttle thriller, dark and driving, rivals Agatha Christie for sheer ingenuity and James Patterson for flat-out speed. Swift, sharp, and relentless.” — A. J. Finn, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  65. Don't Let Go

    by Harlan Coben
    A gripping thriller of a man's search for the truth about his missing niece.

    With unmatched suspense and emotional insight, Harlan Coben explores the big secrets and little lies that can destroy a relationship, a family, and even a town in this powerful new thriller. Suburban ... (Goodreads)

  66. The Family

    by Mario Puzo
    A powerful Mafia family's rise to power and the struggles they face to maintain their control over their empire.

    Mario Puzo first answered the question 'What is a family?' with the creation of the Corleones in his landmark best seller The Godfather. Now, 30 years later, Puzo enriches us all with his ultimate ... (Goodreads)

  67. Before They Are Hanged

    by Joe Abercrombie
    Epic fantasy adventure of a group of unlikely heroes in a fight for survival.

    Superior Glokta has a problem. How do you defend a city surrounded by enemies and riddled with traitors, when your allies can by no means be trusted, and your predecessor vanished without a trace? ... (Goodreads)

  68. Chiefs

    by Stuart Woods
    A small Georgia town is rocked by a series of murders spanning generations. Three police chiefs must solve the case before the killer strikes again.

    The First Chief: Will Henry Lee: The novel opens in 1919, when the growing town of Delano, Georgia hires its first police chief. The city council, led by banker and prominent investor Hugh Holmes, ... (Wikipedia)

  69. A Perfect Evil

    by Alex Kava
    A gripping tale of suspense as a small town is plunged into terror, and a detective races against time to uncover the truth.

    A killer is watching . . . The brutal murders of three young boys paralyze the citizens of Platte City, Nebraska. What's worse is the grim realization that the man recently executed for the crimes ... (Goodreads)

  70. The Kind Worth Killing

    by Peter Swanson
    A dark psychological thriller involving a murderous plan and a deadly game of cat and mouse.

    A devious tale of psychological suspense so irresistible that it prompts Entertainment Weekly to ask, “Is The Kind Worth Killing the next Gone Girl ?” From one of the hottest new thriller writers, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  71. The Hit

    by David Baldacci
    A retired secret service agent is recruited to track down a missing witness.

    Will Robie is a master of killing. A highly skilled assassin, Robie is the man the U.S. government calls on to eliminate the worst of the worst-enemies of the state, monsters committed to harming ... (Goodreads)

  72. Self-Defense

    by Jonathan Kellerman
    A psychologist investigates the murder of a patient and uncovers a web of secrets and lies.

    Dr. Alex Delaware doesn’t see many private patients anymore, but the young woman called Lucy is an exception. So is her dream. Lucy Lowell is referred to Alex by Los Angeles police detective Milo ... (Goodreads)

  73. The Broker

    by John Grisham
    A lawyer on the run from the FBI and CIA must use his expertise to help them uncover a powerful conspiracy.

    Joel Backman is "the Broker," a considered to be one of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington, D.C. . However, Backman's life falls apart when a deal collapses involving a hacked spy satellite ... (Wikipedia)

  74. The Defector

    by Daniel Silva
    A thrilling spy novel about a former Russian agent's dangerous mission to uncover a decades-old secret.

    Six months after the dramatic conclusion of Moscow Rules, Gabriel has returned to the tan hills of Umbria to resume his honeymoon with his new wife, Chiara, and restore a seventeenth-century ... (Goodreads)

  75. Locked On

    by Tom Clancy
    A high-stakes political thriller where a terrorist group threatens the United States with a deadly attack. Emotions: Suspense, Fear, Tension, Excitement

    A year after the Emir's capture, The Campus investigates Pakistani intelligence official and brigadier general Riaz Rehan. Unbeknownst to them, Rehan plots to bring his country and India to nuclear ... (Wikipedia)

  76. Strangers on a Train

    by Patricia Highsmith
    Suspenseful tale of a young man's dangerous encounter with a mysterious stranger.

    Architect Guy Haines wants to divorce his unfaithful wife, Miriam, in order to marry the woman he loves, Anne Faulkner. While on a train to see his wife, he meets Charles Anthony Bruno, a ... (Wikipedia)

  77. I'm Watching You

    by Karen Rose
    A serial killer is on the loose, and the only person who can stop him is a detective haunted by her past.

    Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here:, I'm Watching You, I KNOW THEIR CRIMES Star prosecutor Kristen Mayhew has a dangerous secret admirer. He seems to knows her every thought, her every ... (Goodreads)

  78. After the Funeral

    by Agatha Christie
    A wealthy man's funeral leads to a murder investigation as family secrets are revealed.

    Following the funeral of Richard Abernethie, his family assemble at Enderby Hall for the reading of the will by his lawyer, Mr Entwhistle. His wealth is to be divided up between his surviving family: ... (Wikipedia)

  79. The Copywriter's Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells

    by Robert W. Bly
    A comprehensive guide to writing persuasive copy that sells products and services. Covers techniques, strategies, and examples for effective copywriting.

    The, classic guide to copywriting, now in an entirely updated fourth edition This is a book for everyone who writes or approves copy: copywriters, multichannel marketers, creative directors, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  80. Gentlemen and Players

    by Joanne Harris
    A tale of secrets and lies, as two men battle a deadly game of chess.

    As the new school year starts in September, Roy Straitley is looking forward to his 100th term at St Oswald's, where he has been teaching for 33 years. Having never married, he lives alone and has ... (Wikipedia)

  81. And I Darken

    by Kiersten White
    A young woman's quest for power and revenge in a world of political intrigue and warfare.

    No one expects a princess to be brutal. And Lada Dragwlya likes it that way. Ever since she and her gentle younger brother, Radu, were wrenched from their homeland of Wallachia and abandoned by their ... (Goodreads)

  82. The Icarus Agenda

    by Robert Ludlum
    A journalist's investigation of a political conspiracy uncovers dangerous secrets that threaten his life.

    Colorado Congressman Evan Kendrick is trying to live out his term quietly when a political mole reveals his deepest secret: Kendrick was the anonymous hero who freed the hostages held by Arab ... (Goodreads)

  83. Play Dead

    by Harlan Coben
    A man's search for his missing girlfriend leads him into a dangerous world of secrets and lies.

    Harlan Coben's first novel, now back in print. No sooner had supermodel Laura Ayers and Celtics star David Baskin said "I do" than tragedy struck. While honeymooning on Australia's Great Barrier ... (Goodreads)

  84. The Silent Wife

    by A.S.A. Harrison
    A tense psychological thriller, exploring the complexities of a marriage on the brink of collapse.

    A chilling psychological thriller portraying the disintegration of a relationship down to the deadliest point when murdering your husband suddenly makes perfect sense. Todd Gilbert and Jodie Brett ... (Goodreads)

  85. Worst Case

    by James Patterson
    Detective Michael Bennett races against time to stop a deadly terrorist attack on New York City.

    NYPD Detective Mike Bennett and his new partner FBI Special Agent Emily Parker are on the trail of Francis Mooney, a Manhattan trusts and estates lawyer with terminal lung cancer. Faced with his ... (Wikipedia)

  86. Death Note, Vol. 8: Target

    by Tsugumi Ohba
    Light Yagami has been framed for a series of murders and must figure out who the real killer is.

    Light - working as Kira, the newest member of the NPA intelligence bureau, and L - has nearly succeeded in creating his ideal world. But the years of uncontested victory have made him complacent, and ... (Goodreads)

  87. The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks

    by Max Brooks
    A graphic novel depicting documented zombie attacks throughout history, providing insight into how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

    Those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it., From the Stone Age to the information age, the undead have threatened to engulf the human race. They’ re coming. They’re hungry. Don’t ... (Goodreads)

  88. The Gods of War

    by Conn Iggulden
    Epic historical fiction of a brave warrior's struggles against the odds in a tumultuous world.

    The year is 53 B.C. Fresh from victory in Gaul, Julius Caesar leads battle-hardened legions across the Rubicon river–threatening Rome herself. Even the master strategist Pompey is caught unprepared ... (Goodreads)

  89. The Judas Goat

    by Robert B. Parker
    Spenser, a private investigator, is hired to protect a Middle Eastern professor from terrorists. But things get complicated when the professor is kidnapped.

    A reclusive millionaire, Hugh Dixon, hires Spenser to find the nine members of a terrorist group that bombed a London restaurant where he and his family were dining, resulting in the deaths of his ... (Wikipedia)

  90. If I Run

    by Terri Blackstock
    Fleeing from a crime she didn't commit, Casey Cox must clear her name before she's caught.

    Now a USA TODAY bestseller! Casey knows the truth. But it won’t set her free. Casey Cox’s DNA is all over the crime scene. There’s no use talking to police; they’ve failed her abysmally before. She ... (Barnes & Noble)

  91. The Expats

    by Chris Pavone
    A mother's journey of espionage and suspense, unravelling a mysterious past.

    Kate Moore is a working mother, struggling to make ends meet, to raise children, to keep a spark in her marriage . . . and to maintain an increasingly unbearable life-defining secret. So when her ... (Goodreads)

  92. The Drop

    by Dennis Lehane
    A man's struggle to untangle a web of organized crime as he searches for a missing child.

    Dennis Lehane returns to the streets of Mystic River with this love story wrapped in a crime story wrapped in a journey of faith—the basis for the major motion picture The Drop, from Fox Searchlight ... (Goodreads)

  93. Vengeance in Death

    by J.D. Robb
    Detective Eve Dallas solves a gruesome murder, uncovering a deadly conspiracy.

    He is an expert with the latest technology...a madman with the mind of a genius and the heart of a killer. He quietly stalks his prey. Then he haunts the police with cryptic riddles about the crimes ... (Goodreads)

  94. Death Note, Vol. 11: Kindred Spirits

    by Tsugumi Ohba
    A teenage genius and a mysterious detective battle against a powerful and dangerous death god.

    Light's latest machinations are putting a strain on even his formidable intellect as Near flies to Japan to beard Kira in his den. Near is sure that Light is Kira, but his sense of honor as L's heir ... (Goodreads)

  95. Red Rabbit

    by Tom Clancy
    CIA analyst Jack Ryan uncovers a Soviet plot to assassinate the Pope and must stop it before it's too late.

    In 1982, Pope John Paul II privately issues a letter to the communist Polish government , stating that he will resign from the papacy and return to his hometown unless they cease their repression of ... (Wikipedia)

  96. The Financier

    by Theodore Dreiser
    A ruthless financier rises to power in late 19th century America, navigating through corruption and scandal to achieve his goals.

    In Philadelphia , Frank Cowperwood, whose father is a banker, makes his first money passing by an auction sale, he successfully bids for seven cases of Castile soap, which he sells to a grocer the ... (Wikipedia)

  97. The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer

    by Philip Carlo
    The true story of Richard Kuklinski, a notorious hitman for the Mafia, who killed over 200 people.

    There were times at home when Richard would have one of his outbursts and break things and then lock himself in his office. Merrick would ask him to please calm down, to “please relax, Daddy.” During ... (Goodreads)

  98. The Confessions of Catherine de Medici

    by C.W. Gortner
    The life story of Catherine de Medici, from her childhood in Florence to her reign as queen of France, told in her own words.

    The truth is, none of us are innocent. We all have sins to confess. So reveals Catherine de Medici in this brilliantly imagined novel about one of history’s most powerful and controversial women. To ... (Goodreads)

  99. Want You Dead

    by Peter James
    A woman falls in love with a man who turns out to be a dangerous stalker. She must fight for her life and escape his clutches.

    The 10th book in Peter James' multi-million-copy selling crime series, featuring the definitive Brighton detective, Roy Grace. IF HE CAN'T HAVE HER, THEN NOBODY CAN . . . Virtual romance becomes a ... (Goodreads)

  100. The Blue Zone

    by Andrew Gross
    A man's life is turned upside down when he discovers a dark secret about his family's past. He must confront the truth to protect his loved ones.

    From the number one, New York Times, bestselling coauthor of, Judge & Jury, and, Lifeguard, comes this electrifying solo debut,, The Blue Zone,., Kate Raab's life seems almost perfect: her boyfriend, ... (Goodreads)

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