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  1. Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

    by Todd Burpo
    A young boy's spiritual journey of dying and visiting Heaven, and the aftermath of his visions.

    Unglaublich oder erstaunlich? Urteilen Sie selbst: Colton ist vier Jahre alt, als er lebensgefährlich erkrankt und operiert werden muss. Er überlebt um Haaresbreite. Später erzählt er seinen Eltern, ... (Goodreads)

  2. Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism

    by Scott Hahn
    A Protestant couple's journey to Catholicism, detailing their struggles and ultimate conversion to the Catholic faith.

    The well-known and very popular Catholic couple, Scott and Kimberly Hahn, have been constantly travelling and speaking all over North America for the last few years about their conversion to the ... (Goodreads)

  3. The Rule of Saint Benedict

    by Benedict of Nursia
    A guidebook for monastic life, emphasizing obedience, humility, and community. It has influenced Western monasticism for over 1,500 years.

    Composed nearly fifteen hundred years ago by the father of Western monasticism, The Rule of St. Benedict has for centuries been the guide of religious communities. St. Benedict's rules of obedience, ... (Goodreads)

  4. Praying God's Word: Breaking Free From Spiritual Strongholds

    by Beth Moore
    Practical guide to reclaiming freedom from personal strongholds through prayer.

    Beth Moore's #1 best-selling book (more than one million copies in print) is available in paperback for the first time! ,, Praying God's Word, is the perennial favorite Scripture-prayer resource ... (Barnes & Noble)

  5. The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God

    by Dallas Willard
    An exploration of how to live a life of faith and purpose, grounded in ancient spiritual practices.

    The Divine Conspiracy has revolutionized how we think about the true meaning of discipleship. In this classic, one of the most brilliant Christian thinkers of our times and author of the acclaimed ... (Goodreads)

  6. Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth

    by Richard J. Foster
    A guide to spiritual growth through various disciplines, including meditation, prayer, fasting, and study.

    A newly repackaged and updated 40th anniversary edition of the timeless guide that has helped numerous seekers discover a richer spiritual life infused with joy, peace, and a deeper understanding of ... (Goodreads)

  7. The Bhagavad Gita

    by Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa
    Epic poem exploring the nature of duty, faith, and morality.

    The Bhagavad Gita is an intensely spiritual work that forms the cornerstone of the Hindu faith, and is also one of the masterpieces of Sanskrit poetry. It describes how, at the beginning of a mighty ... (Barnes & Noble)

  8. The Holy Bible: New American Standard Version, NASB

    by Anonymous
    The Holy Bible, NASB translation, is a collection of sacred texts that serve as the foundation of the Christian religion.

    Now with improved navigation (March 2011)! This edition of the NASB is the original 1977 version preceding the 1995 update. The NASB has been widely embraced and trusted as a literal word-for-word ... (Barnes & Noble)

  9. A Lineage of Grace

    by Francine Rivers
    A retelling of five Biblical women, detailing their strength and faith in the face of adversity.

    In this compilation of the five books in the best-selling Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers, we meet the five women whom God chose—Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. Each was faced ... (Goodreads)

  10. Redeeming Love

    by Francine Rivers
    A woman's journey of transformation and redemption through the power of love.

    The story starts off in New England, 1835. Sarah, a beautiful young girl, meets her father, Alex Stafford, for the first time. Six-year-old Sarah learns that she is the product of Stafford's ... (Wikipedia)

  11. A Woman After God's Own Heart

    by Elizabeth George
    A guide to faith and spiritual growth, helping readers discover their purpose in life.

    Change Your Priorities to Change Your Life and Your Home, You will experience peace, order, and joy when you follow God's guidelines for every area of your life, and best of all, you will become a ... (Barnes & Noble)

  12. The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions

    by Arthur Bennett
    Collection of profound prayers and meditations to help deepen Christian faith and understanding.

    The strength of Puritan character and life lay in prayer and meditation. In this practice the spirit of prayer was regarded as of first importance and the best form of prayer, for living prayer is ... (Goodreads)

  13. The Cost of Discipleship

    by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    A theological exploration of the cost of taking up one's cross and faithfully following Jesus.

    One of the most important theologians of the twentieth century illuminates the relationship between ourselves and the teachings of Jesus in this classic text on ethics, humanism, and civic duty. What ... (Goodreads)

  14. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: Unleash a Revolution in Your Life In Christ

    by Peter Scazzero
    Exploring the depths of spiritual maturity, finding emotional health and freedom.

    What Are You Missing? Peter Scazzero learned the hard way: you can’t be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. Even though he was pastor of a growing church, he did what most people ... (Goodreads)

  15. Amplified Bible

    by Anonymous
    A modern translation of the Bible that uses a unique system of punctuation, capitalization, and italics to emphasize certain words and phrases.

    Updated edition is even easier to read and better than ever to study and understand You’ve trusted the Amplified® Bible to deliver enhanced understanding of all the rich nuances and shades of meaning ... (Barnes & Noble)

  16. Behold the Man

    by Gerald N. Lund
    A man travels back in time to meet Jesus Christ and learns valuable lessons about faith, sacrifice, and love.

    An epic story in three volumes. In Behold the Man , the final volume, Jesus continues to perform miracles even as those in Jerusalem fear his growing influence. David ben Joseph's family must decide ... (Barnes & Noble)

  17. Truth Will Prevail

    by Gerald N. Lund
    A historical narrative of a group of 19th century pioneers on their journey to the American West.

    Truth Will Prevail, — the eagerly awaited third volume in the popular series, The Work and the Glory, — continues the gripping story of the fictional Steed family, a family acquainted with Joseph ... (Goodreads)

  18. The Holy Temple

    by Boyd K. Packer
    A guide to understanding the importance and symbolism of temples in the LDS faith.

    This is a comprehensive book about the LDS temple. It examines in appropriate detail the doctrines and practices which surround that holy building, and particularly their implications for the ... (Goodreads)

  19. The Miracle of Forgiveness

    by Spencer W. Kimball
    A spiritual guide to understanding the power of forgiveness and achieving peace.

    During his earthly ministry, Jesus performed many miracles, including healing numerous diseased and disabled bodies. But perhaps his greatest miracle was the healing of people's souls, - the ... (Goodreads)

  20. Preach My Gospel: A Guide To Missionary Service

    by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    A comprehensive guide to missionary service, providing instructions for successful proselytizing.

    A handbook for missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. ... (Goodreads)

  21. Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith

    by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    Collection of teachings and sermons by Joseph Smith, founder of the Latter-day Saint movement, on faith, salvation, and the nature of God.

    This is the ninth in a series of books of the teachings of Presidents of the Church. The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles have established the "Teachings of Presidents of the ... (Goodreads)

  22. Our Search for Happiness: An Invitation to Understand the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

    by M. Russell Ballard
    An introduction to the beliefs and practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with a focus on finding happiness through faith.

    In this, the most recent addition to the approved missionary personal library, Elder M. Russell Ballard explains the Church and LDS beliefs in a clear and inoffensive way. Elder Ballard discusses the ... (Barnes & Noble)

  23. The Hole in Our Holiness: Filling the Gap between Gospel Passion and the Pursuit of Godliness

    by Kevin DeYoung
    A call to Christians to pursue holiness and live a life that reflects their faith in Christ.

    The “hole in our holiness” is that evangelicals don’t look particularly holy, and, despite the flood of gospel-centered discussions, there seems to be a greater focus on personal depravity than on ... (Goodreads)

  24. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

    by Sally Lloyd-Jones
    Reimagining of Bible stories to bring the message of salvation through Jesus to children.

    If you are a parent, grandparent, pastor, or teacher looking for a way to teach the children in your life about God’s Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love, look no ... (Barnes & Noble)

  25. Messenger of Truth

    by Jacqueline Winspear
    An investigator is hired to solve a mysterious murder, uncovering a web of secrets and lies.

    Maisie Dobbs investigates the mysterious death of a controversial artist—and World War I veteran—in the fourth entry in the bestselling series London, 1931. The night before an exhibition of his ... (Barnes & Noble)

  26. Knowing God

    by J.I. Packer
    Reflection on the nature of God and the relationship between God and humanity.

    For over 40 years, J. I. Packer's classic has been an important tool to help Christians around the world discover the wonder, the glory and the joy of knowing God. In 2006, Christianity Today voted ... (Goodreads)

  27. Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price

    by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    A collection of scriptures and revelations from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    The Book of Mormon contains the writings of men who lived upon the American continent approximately 600 B.C to 400 A.D. They are written to testify of the divinity of Jesus Christ. The Doctrine & ... (Goodreads)

  28. Love's Enduring Promise

    by Janette Oke
    A young couple's struggle to overcome the odds and follow their dreams of a life together.

    Tragedy brought them together, but love bound them into a family. Clark and Marty Davis, the pioneer couple thrown together after the death of their first spouses, now preside over a growing number ... (Goodreads)

  29. Love's Abiding Joy

    by Janette Oke
    A story of love and devotion in the face of hardship, set in the harsh landscape of the Wild West.

    A Birthday Surprise, a New Journey West, and a Delightful Reunion! But Then Comes Tragedy. Marty and Clark Davis's daughter Missie and her husband had homesteaded land in the far West, many weeks' ... (Goodreads)

  30. A Voice in the Wind

    by Francine Rivers
    A Christian-inspired story of love, hope, and courage in the face of persecution.

    “The city was silently bloating in the hot sun, rotting like the thousands of bodies that lay where they had fallen in street battles.” With this opening sentence, A Voice in the Wind transports ... (Goodreads)

  31. Bay of Sighs

    by Nora Roberts
    Three women and three men embark on a quest to find the three stars that fell from the sky, facing danger and romance along the way.

    To celebrate the rise of their new queen, three goddesses of the moon created three stars, one of fire, one of ice, one of water. But then they fell from the sky, putting the fate of all worlds in ... (Goodreads)

  32. Robert & Cybil

    by Nora Roberts
    A romance novel about two people from different worlds who fall in love and must overcome their differences to be together.

    The Winning Hand When Darcy Wallace spends her last three dollars at the hotel casino and wins a jackpot worth almost two million dollars, all casino manager Robert MacGregor Blade wants to do is ... (Goodreads)

  33. The Real James Herriot: A Memoir of My Father

    by Jim Wight
    A son's tribute to his father, the beloved author of "All Creatures Great and Small," and a glimpse into the man behind the books.

    No one is better poised to write the biography of James Herriot than the son who worked alongside him in the Yorkshire veterinary practice when Herriot became an internationally bestselling author. ... (Goodreads)

  34. Apollyon

    by Tim LaHaye
    A thrilling adventure of faith and survival as the world is thrust into the end times.

    Cameron "Buck" Williams and Rayford Steele have become international fugitives. New believers like Condor 216 first officer Mac McCullum and computer programmer David Hassid take their places as ... (Wikipedia)

  35. Praise to the Man

    by Gerald N. Lund
    A historical fiction novel about the life of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter-day Saint movement.

    Joseph looked around at the men gathered around him, his face suddenly sad. “God has tried you. You are a good people. Therefore, I love you with all my heart. Greater love hath no man than that he ... (Barnes & Noble)

  36. Pearl of Great Price

    by Joseph Smith Jr.
    Collection of Mormon scripture, including the Book of Moses, Abraham, and Joseph Smith's own history.

    The Pearl of Great Price contains a selection from revelations, translations and narrations of Joseph Smith, who is the first prophet, seer, and revelator to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day ... (Goodreads)

  37. He Chose the Nails: What God Did to Win Your Heart

    by Max Lucado
    An exploration of the power of Christ's sacrifice and how it can bring hope and peace.

    Is your heart unsettled by the chaos of the world? Are you heavy-laden with bad moments, mad moments, or anxious moments? Today, rest in God’s self-giving love and leave all your troubles at the foot ... (Barnes & Noble)

  38. You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity

    by Francis Chan
    A Christian perspective on marriage, emphasizing the importance of putting God first and viewing marriage as a reflection of our relationship with Him.

    Marriage is great, but it's not forever. It's until death do us part. Then come eternal rewards or regrets depending on how we spent our lives. In his latest book, Francis Chan joins together with ... (Goodreads)

  39. When God Writes Your Love Story

    by Eric Ludy
    A Christian guide to finding true love, emphasizing the importance of waiting for God's perfect timing and plan.

    In their most popular book, bestselling authors Eric and Leslie Ludy challenge singles to take a fresh approach to relationships in a culture where love has been replaced by cheap sensual passion. ... (Goodreads)

  40. Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds

    by Jen Wilkin
    An exploration of the importance of studying the Bible and applying it to daily life.

    This best-selling book offers practical guidance and helpful tips for women who want to go deeper in their study of the Bible and learn how to teach others to do the same. ... (Barnes & Noble)

  41. The Remnant

    by Tim LaHaye
    A post-apocalyptic tale of faith and survival as a small group of believers struggle to survive amidst the devastation.

    The Remnant begins immediately after the end of, Desecration, . The Great Tribulation unfolds, with one million believers gathered in Petra under the protection of God as Global Community Supreme ... (Wikipedia)

  42. The God Chasers: "My Soul Follows Hard After Thee"

    by Tommy Tenney
    A call to pursue a deeper relationship with God, seeking His presence and experiencing His power in everyday life.

    Meet Tommy Tenney - God chaser. Join him in his search for God. Follow him as he ignores the maze of religious tradition and finds himself, not chasing God, but to his utter amazement, caught by the ... (Goodreads)

  43. The Wednesday Letters

    by Jason F. Wright
    A family's journey of faith, forgiveness, and healing following a tragedy.

    The surprise, New York Times, bestseller, from an author who delivers “American storytelling at its best.”,The story of marriage, family, and forgiveness that has become not just a bestseller but an ... (Goodreads)

  44. The Greatest Generation

    by Tom Brokaw
    A narrative of the WWII generation and their struggles and triumphs in an uncertain world.

    "In the spring of 1984, I went to the northwest of France, to Normandy, to prepare an NBC documentary on the fortieth anniversary of D-Day, the massive and daring Allied invasion of Europe that ... (Goodreads)

  45. Go Forward with Faith: The Biography of Gordon B. Hinckley

    by Sheri Dew
    A comprehensive biography of Gordon B. Hinckley, the 15th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Biography of the fifteenth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This book shares a behind-the-scenes look a a spiritual leader who has spent a great deal of time in the ... (Goodreads)

  46. The Lord God Made Them All

    by James Herriot
    An uplifting look at the joys of veterinary practice, as seen through the eyes of a young apprentice.

    The Lord God Made Them All is the bestselling sequel to All Things Wise and Wonderful and the fourth volume in James Herriot's classic collections of animal stories. In this newly repackaged volume, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  47. Living the Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing

    by C.J. Mahaney
    A guide to living a life centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ, with practical advice and personal anecdotes.

    What Really Matters Have the extremities taken over and left the core of your faith forgotten? Do you get confused by what you feel versus what is real? Let dynamic pastor C. J. Mahaney strip away ... (Goodreads)

  48. Elvis and Me: The True Story of the Love Between Priscilla Presley and the King of Rock N' Roll

    by Priscilla Presley
    A memoir of Priscilla Presley's life with Elvis Presley, detailing their love story and the ups and downs of their relationship.

    The, New York Times, bestseller that reveals the intimate story of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley, told by the woman who lived it. Decades after his death, millions of fans continue to worship ... (Goodreads)

  49. Come Unto Me

    by Gerald N. Lund
    A novel about a family's journey through trials and their faith in Jesus Christ.

    Jesus of Nazareth's announcement that he is the Messiah has blazed through Jerusalem and the surrounding countryside like wildfire. As he travels through Galilee, the crowds follow him, witnessing ... (Goodreads)

  50. The Robe

    by Lloyd C. Douglas
    A Roman tribune's journey from persecutor to believer in the wake of Jesus's crucifixion.

    The book explores the aftermath of the crucifixion of Jesus through the experiences of the Roman tribune, Marcellus Gallio and his Greek slave Demetrius. Prince Gaius, in an effort to rid Rome of ... (Wikipedia)

  51. Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God's Will

    by Kevin DeYoung
    Exploring ways to make decisions and live faithfully, in pursuit of God's will.

    Why won’t God reveal his special will for my life already?,, Because he doesn’t intend to,... So says Kevin DeYoung in this punchy book about making decisions the godly way. Many of us are listening ... (Barnes & Noble)

  52. The Jesuit Guide to

    by James Martin
    A practical guide to Ignatian spirituality, offering insights and exercises for a meaningful life.

    The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything by the Revered James Martin, SJ (My Life with the Saints) is a practical spiritual guidebook based on the life and teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the ... (Barnes & Noble)

  53. Experiencing God: How to Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God

    by Henry T. Blackaby
    A guide to experiencing God's presence and will in everyday life, through prayer, Bible study, and obedience.

    When you listen to this audio, you'll find that you aren't just listening. No, you are being remade, reoriented, restored from the frustration of what you may have known as stale religion. Captured ... (Barnes & Noble)

  54. The Insanity of God: A True Story of Faith Resurrected

    by Nik Ripken
    A missionary couple's journey through persecution and loss, leading to a deeper understanding of God's love and faithfulness.

    The Insanity of God is the personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from rural Kentucky who thought they were going on just your ordinary missionary pilgrimage, but discovered it would be ... (Goodreads)

  55. So Long, Insecurity: You've Been a Bad Friend to Us

    by Beth Moore
    A guide to overcoming insecurity and finding confidence in oneself, with personal anecdotes and biblical references.

    2011 Retailers Choice Award winner! It’s time to say, “So long!” to insecurity! Every woman is insecure about something—her looks, her relationships, her career, you name it. The problem is, not only ... (Barnes & Noble)

  56. The Master Plan of Evangelism

    by Robert E. Coleman
    A guidebook on how to effectively spread the Christian faith by following Jesus' methods of discipleship and personal relationships.

    It all started when Jesus called a few men to follow him and share God's message with their neighbors. We are called to do the same. But evangelism can be difficult–even intimidating. With all the ... (Goodreads)

  57. Unshaken: Ruth

    by Francine Rivers
    The biblical story of Ruth is retold in a modern setting, exploring themes of love, loyalty, and redemption.

    Book 3 in the 5-book biblical historical fiction series by the, New York Times, bestselling author of, Redeeming Love, and, A Voice in the Wind., She gave up everything, expecting nothing, and God ... (Goodreads)

  58. A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael

    by Elisabeth Elliot
    A biography of Amy Carmichael, a missionary who dedicated her life to rescuing children from temple prostitution in India.

    A Chance to Die is a biography of Amy Carmichael, an Irish missionary and writer who spent fifty-three years in south India without furlough. There she became known as ''Amma,'' or ''mother,'' as she ... (Goodreads)

  59. Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources

    by Martin Lings
    Comprehensive biography of the Prophet Muhammad, based on the earliest sources.

    Martin Lings’ biography of Muhammad is an internationally acclaimed, comprehensive, and authoritative account of the life of the prophet. Based on the sira, the eighth- and ninth-century Arabic ... (Goodreads)

  60. Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet

    by Karen Armstrong
    A comprehensive biography of the Prophet Muhammad, exploring his life and teachings in the context of the society and culture of his time.

    Muhammad was born in 570 C.E. Over the course of the following sixty years, he built a thriving spiritual community and laid out the foundations of a religion that has changed the course of world ... (Goodreads)

  61. Fervent: A Woman's Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer

    by Priscilla Shirer
    A comprehensive guide to praying with purpose and power to achieve meaningful spiritual victory.

    You have an enemy . . . and he’s dead set on destroying all you hold dear and keeping you from experiencing abundant life in Christ. What’s more, his approach to disrupting your life and discrediting ... (Barnes & Noble)

  62. Unashamed: Rahab

    by Francine Rivers
    A story of faith and redemption, exploring the journey of a young prostitute.

    Book 2 in the 5-book biblical historical fiction series by the, New York Times, bestselling author of, Redeeming Love, and, A Voice in the Wind, She was a woman with a past to whom God gave a future. ... (Barnes & Noble)

  63. Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples

    by Francis Chan
    A call to action for Christians to make disciples and spread the gospel. Practical advice and personal stories to inspire and equip readers.

    Jesus gave his followers a command: “Follow me.” And a promise: “And I will equip you to find others to follow me.” We were made to make disciples. Designed for use in discipleship relationships and ... (Goodreads)

  64. The Centurion's Wife

    by Davis Bunn
    A Roman centurion and a Jewish widow are brought together in a dangerous quest to uncover a conspiracy.

    Janette Oke has dreamed for years of retelling a story in a biblical time frame from a female protagonist's perspective, and Davis Bunn is elated to be working with her again on this sweeping saga of ... (Goodreads)

  65. The Covenant

    by Beverly Lewis
    A young Amish woman struggles to reconcile her faith and family traditions with her desire for education and independence.

    A New Look for The Covenant, Abram's Daughters is the powerful saga of four sisters, their family and community, whose way of life and faith in God are as enduring as their signature horse and buggy. ... (Barnes & Noble)

  66. The Bridge

    by Karen Kingsbury
    A heartwarming story of two people who meet on a bridge and their lives become intertwined. They learn about love, forgiveness, and the power of faith.

    Number one New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury delivers an instant classic with this heartwarming Christmas story about a hundred-year flood, lost love, and the beauty of enduring ... (Goodreads)

  67. Glorious Appearing: The End of Days

    by Tim LaHaye
    Follow the final days of the world as Jesus returns in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

    The Antichrist has assembled the armies of the world in the Valley of Megiddo for what he believes will be his ultimate triumph of the ages. With a victory here, he would ascend to the throne of God. ... (Wikipedia)

  68. Remember

    by Karen Kingsbury
    A heartwarming story of love, loss, and second chances. A woman must choose between her past and present love.

    Book 2 in the bestselling 5-book Christian fiction series that has sold nearly 2 million copies! A story about tragedy, healing, and the importance of remembering, from Karen Kingsbury, the #1 New ... (Barnes & Noble)

  69. The Indwelling

    by Tim LaHaye
    A series of apocalyptic events that lead to a great spiritual battle between good and evil.

    People flee from the scene of the assassination in a panic. Buck Williams notices that the gunshot sounded similar to the sound of the gun Nicolae used to kill Eli and Moishe. Rayford Steele is still ... (Wikipedia)

  70. The Widow of Larkspur Inn

    by Lawana Blackwell
    A young widow and her daughter move to a new town and start a new life, facing challenges and finding love.

    When Life Seemed Its Worst, Gresham Awaited Julia Hollis' opulent life in Victorian London crashes to pieces when her husband passes away. Worse, she is told by his bankers that he gambled away their ... (Goodreads)

  71. The Brethren

    by Beverly Lewis
    Three Amish brothers struggle with their faith and relationships as they navigate life's challenges.

    Annie Zook, the Amish preacher's daughter, is caught between two worlds. Living with shunned friend Esther, Annie longs to return to her forbidden art and the idyllic days spent with Englisher Ben ... (Barnes & Noble)

  72. The Prodigal

    by Beverly Lewis
    A young Amish woman leaves her community and family to pursue her dreams in the outside world, but must confront the consequences of her choices.

    Beverly Lewis Bestseller, Beautifully Repackaged In The Prodigal , Leah Ebersol knows all too well that the truth can be thorny, even heartbreaking. But when an alarming secret is brought to light, ... (Goodreads)

  73. Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale

    by Dan Dye
    A heartwarming story of a deaf and partially blind dog who becomes a beloved member of a family and inspires them to start a successful dog food company.

    It was love at first sight. Amid the frenzied barking and prancing of a house full of Great Danes, one pup was shivering in the corner. Gracie. But when Dan Dye reached her, she struggled to her feet ... (Goodreads)

  74. The Yada Yada Prayer Group

    by Neta Jackson
    A diverse group of women come together to form a prayer group, navigating their differences and supporting each other through life's challenges.

    What do an ex-con, a former drug addict, a real estate broker, a college student and a married mother of two have in common? Nothing, or so I thought. Who would have imagined that God would make a ... (Barnes & Noble)

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