Recommendations based on Heir to the Empireby Timothy Zahn

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  1. The Last Command

    by Timothy Zahn
    A Rebel pilot and his ragtag crew battle Imperial forces in a desperate fight for freedom.

    The embattled Republic reels from the attacks of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who has marshaled the remnants of the Imperial forces and driven the Rebels back with an abominable technology recovered from ... (Barnes & Noble)

  2. Specter of the Past

    by Timothy Zahn
    The Empire is gone, but a new threat emerges as a mysterious figure from the past threatens to tear apart the fragile peace in the galaxy.

    Hugo Award-winning author Timothy Zahn makes his triumphant return to the Star Wars(r) universe in this first of an epic new two-volume series in which the New Republic must face its most dangerous ... (Goodreads)

  3. Shadows of the Empire

    by Steve Perry
    An intergalactic struggle between the forces of evil and good, as a rogue smuggler attempts to save the galaxy.

    Here is the untold story of the events that took place between the movies The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi : a novel in which Darth Vader still lives–and battles a villain as powerful ... (Goodreads)

  4. Vision of the Future

    by Timothy Zahn
    Galactic adventure of a young pilot who must save the universe from an evil empire.

    Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo are thrust into the middle of an impending civil war - and discover the shocking truth behind the rumored resurrection of the dead Admiral Thrawn. For a ... (Goodreads)

  5. I, Jedi

    by Michael A. Stackpole
    Corran Horn, a former pilot, becomes a Jedi and must confront his past while fighting against the evil Empire.

    New York Times bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole presents a stirring new tale set in the Star Wars® universe: the dramatic story of a heroic X-wing pilot on the razor's edge between the ... (Goodreads)

  6. Vector Prime

    by R.A. Salvatore
    The Star Wars universe is threatened by a new enemy, and the Jedi must unite to stop them.

    Twenty-one years have passed since the heroes of the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star, breaking the power of the Emperor. Since then, the New Republic has valiantly struggled to maintain peace ... (Goodreads)

  7. The Courtship of Princess Leia

    by Dave Wolverton
    A love triangle between Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Prince Isolder unfolds amidst a battle for control of the galaxy.

    Though the Battle of Endor resulted in the destruction of the Emperor and Darth Vader , along with the best of the Imperial Starfleet , the remnants of the Empire are still a danger. One of the ... (Wikipedia)

  8. The Krytos Trap

    by Michael A. Stackpole
    The New Republic faces a deadly virus outbreak on Coruscant, while rogue elements within the government plot to overthrow Chief of State Leia Organa Solo.

    The Rebels have taken the Imperial headquarters world of Coruscant, but their problems are far from over. A killer virus called Krytos is spreading among the population, and fomenting a ... (Goodreads)

  9. The Paradise Snare

    by A.C. Crispin
    Han Solo's origin story, from his early days as a street urchin to his first encounter with Chewbacca and entry into the criminal underworld.

    Here is the first book in the blockbuster trilogy that chronicles the never-before-told story of the young Han Solo. Set before the Star Wars movie adventures, these books chronicle the coming-of-age ... (Goodreads)

  10. The Truce at Bakura

    by Kathy Tyers
    After the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance and the Empire must join forces to fight a new threat.

    While recovering from their victory against the Empire at Endor , the Rebel Alliance intercepts an Imperial probe containing a distress call for the Emperor . The message details a lizardlike race of ... (Wikipedia)

  11. Darth Plagueis

    by James Luceno
    A Sith Lord's ambition to conquer death, and the power struggles between Sith and Jedi.

    At long last, the, Star Wars, story of the mysterious Sith Lord Darth Plagueis and his apprentice, Darth Sidious, is revealed!, , ,, NEW YORK TIMES, BESTSELLER, , , ,“The best, Star Wars, publication ... (Barnes & Noble)

  12. Storm Front

    by Jim Butcher
    A wizard detective investigates a mysterious magical murder in modern Chicago.

    Dresden is hired by a Monica Sells to find her husband Victor Sells, an amateur magician who has been acting oddly. Later that day, he gets a call from Lieutenant Karrin Murphy, director of the ... (Wikipedia)

  13. Wedge's Gamble

    by Michael A. Stackpole
    Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron must infiltrate the Imperial stronghold of Coruscant to rescue prisoners and turn the tide of the war.

    Sleek, swift, and deadly, they are the X-wing fighters. And as the battle against the Empire rages across the vastness of space, the pilots risk both their lives and their machines for the cause of ... (Goodreads)

  14. Kenobi

    by John Jackson Miller
    After the events of Episode III, Obi-Wan Kenobi settles on Tatooine and must confront his past while protecting Luke Skywalker.

    The greatest hero in the galaxy faces his toughest challenge yet: He must stop being Obi-Wan-and become Crazy Old Ben. For fans of movie-related novels like Darth Plagueis! In this original novel set ... (Goodreads)

  15. Foundation

    by Isaac Asimov
    Exploring the possibilities of a galactic empire in a future driven by science and technology.

    For twelve thousand years the Galactic Empire has ruled supreme. Now it is dying. But only Hari Seldon, creator of the revolutionary science of psychohistory, can see into the future – to a dark age ... (Goodreads)

  16. Batman: The Killing Joke

    by Alan Moore
    Dark tale of psychological warfare between Batman and the Joker.

    Critically acclaimed author Alan Moore redefined graphic novel story-telling with, Watchmen, and, V for Vendetta,. In, Batman: The Killing Joke, he takes on the origin of comics' greatest ... (Barnes & Noble)

  17. The Eye of the World

    by Robert Jordan
    Epic fantasy, filled with adventure and danger, as a group of heroes attempt to save the world.

    The Eye of the World revolves around protagonists Rand al'Thor , Matrim (Mat) Cauthon , Perrin Aybara , Egwene al'Vere , and Nynaeve al'Meara , after their residence of "Emond's Field" is ... (Wikipedia)

  18. Neuromancer

    by William Gibson
    A hacker's journey through a dystopian cyberpunk world, searching for a way to survive.

    Henry Dorsett Case is a low-level hustler in the dystopian underworld of Chiba City , Japan. Once a talented computer hacker , Case was caught stealing from his employer. As punishment for his theft, ... (Wikipedia)

  19. Lost Stars

    by Claudia Gray
    A thrilling intergalactic adventure of a star-crossed couple, navigating a turbulent universe of war and politics.

    Aristocratic Thane Kyrell and villager Ciena Ree reside on the Outer Rim planet of Jelucan , where the two bond over their shared love of flying and interest in enrolling at the Imperial Academy to ... (Wikipedia)

  20. Test of the Twins

    by Margaret Weis
    Two teenage elves risk their lives to save their kingdom from an ancient evil.

    This novel begins where the last one left off; Caramon Majere and Tasslehoff Burrfoot are in a bleak gray world and Raistlin Majere is with Crysania in the Abyss. The novel begins with a short ... (Wikipedia)

  21. The Silmarillion

    by J.R.R. Tolkien
    Epic saga of the history of Middle-Earth, a world filled with mythical creatures.

    The Silmarillion is an account of the Elder Days, of the First Age of Tolkien’s world. It is the ancient drama to which the characters in The Lord of the Rings look back, and in whose events some of ... (Goodreads)

  22. Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel

    by James Luceno
    Rebellion against the oppressive Galactic Empire, aided by a group of brave heroes.

    During the Clone Wars , the Galactic Republic begins working on a moon-sized battle station based on a Separatist design, hoping to complete its construction before the Separatists potentially finish ... (Wikipedia)

  23. The Hero of Ages

    by Brandon Sanderson
    A hero's quest to save the world from destruction, discovering secrets of the past.

    The Hero of Ages is the prophesied savior of the Terris people, foretold to find and give up the power at the Well of Ascension , in a selfless act to save the world from the Deepness. However, the ... (Wikipedia)

  24. Champions of the Force

    by Kevin J. Anderson
    The final book in the Jedi Academy trilogy, where Luke Skywalker and his students face off against the evil spirit of Exar Kun.

    Suspended helplessly between life and death, Luke Skywalker lies in state at the Jedi academy. But on the spirit plane, Luke fights desperately for survival, reaching out physically to the Jedi ... (Goodreads)

  25. Wizard and Glass

    by Stephen King
    A journey of love, loss, and horror as a group of misfits face a mysterious enemy in a world of dark magic.

    Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake, and Jake’s pet bumbler survive Blaine the Mono’s final crash, only to find themselves stranded in an alternate version of Topeka, Kansas, one that has been ravaged by ... (Goodreads)

  26. Children of Dune

    by Frank Herbert
    Epic saga of a royal family's struggle for power and the fate of their desert planet.

    Nine years after Emperor Paul Muad'Dib walked into the desert, blind, the ecological transformation of Dune has reached the point where some Fremen are living without stillsuits in the less arid ... (Wikipedia)

  27. Fool Moon

    by Jim Butcher
    A wizard detective must solve a supernatural mystery with intrigue and danger.

    After the events in, Storm Front, , Kim Delaney, whom Dresden helped to control her magical talents, asks Dresden how to create a set of three magical circles, which could be used to contain powerful ... (Wikipedia)

  28. Homeland

    by R.A. Salvatore
    Epic saga of an elf's journey of self-discovery, redemption and revenge.

    Drizzt was born to the tenth noble House of Menzoberranzan , Daermon Na'shezbaernon (more commonly known as House Do'Urden). He was the son of Malice, the Do'Urden Matron Mother and her consort, ... (Wikipedia)

  29. Bloodline

    by Claudia Gray
    A thrilling sci-fi adventure in which a young girl fights for her freedom and her family.

    Now in her late 40s, Senator Leia Organa is frustrated by the stagnation of the New Republic 's Galactic Senate, which is troubled by inaction thanks to the rivalry of opposing factions. The ... (Wikipedia)

  30. The Great Hunt

    by Robert Jordan
    A daring adventure to recover a powerful artifact, with a kingdom's fate at stake.

    Ba'alzamon presides over a clandestine meeting. In addition to Forsaken and Darkfriends (the antagonist 's known subordinates), the meeting includes two Aes Sedai . At Fal Dara in Shienar, following ... (Wikipedia)