Books about Intrepid

  1. Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft

    by Joe Hill
    A family's mysterious journey of unlocking supernatural secrets, discovering their destiny.

    This plot is presented in chronological order. During the American Revolution , a group of Rebels, hiding beneath the future Keyhouse, discover a portal to another dimension, the plains of Leng , ... (Wikipedia)

  2. The Wright Brothers

    by David McCullough
    The story of the Wright brothers and their pioneering invention of the airplane.

    Librarian's note: An alternate cover edition can be found, here, Two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize David McCullough tells the dramatic story-behind-the-story about the courageous brothers who ... (Goodreads)

  3. It

    by Stephen King
    A group of misfit children fighting against a shape-shifting monster in a small Maine town.

    During a heavy rainstorm in Derry, Maine , a six-year-old boy named Georgie Denbrough sails a paper boat his brother made for him along the rainy streets before it washes down into a storm drain. ... (Wikipedia)

  4. The Warrior's Apprentice

    by Lois McMaster Bujold
    A young man's journey to becoming a leader, navigating the treacherous waters of space warfare.

    When Miles Vorkosigan is disqualified from joining the Barrayaran Imperial Service Academy because he broke both his legs during the initial physical entrance exams, he sets about trying to prove ... (Wikipedia)

  5. The Naked and the Dead

    by Norman Mailer
    Based on WWII, a journey of a platoon of soldiers in the Pacific theater as they confront death and the harsh realities of war.

    The novel is divided into four parts: Wave; Argil and Mold; Plant and Phantom; and Wake. Within these parts are chorus sections, consisting of play-like dialogue between characters, as well as Time ... (Wikipedia)

  6. The Passage

    by Justin Cronin
    A post-apocalyptic tale of survival, as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

    The novel is broken into 11 parts of varying lengths. The story itself is broken into two sections: the first and shorter section covers the origins of the virus and its outbreak, while the second is ... (Wikipedia)

  7. Consider Phlebas

    by Iain M. Banks
    A thrilling space opera about a galactic war between two powerful civilizations.

    The war raged across the galaxy. Billions had died, billions more were doomed. Moons, planets, the very stars themselves, faced destruction, cold-blooded, brutal, and worse, random. The Idirans ... (Goodreads)

  8. The Emperor's Blades

    by Brian Staveley
    Epic fantasy story of three siblings fighting to defend their kingdom from enemies both internal and external.

    The circle is closing. The stakes are high. And old truths will live again... The Emperor has been murdered, leaving the Annurian Empire in turmoil. Now his progeny must bury their grief and prepare ... (Goodreads)

  9. Relic

    by Douglas Preston
    Scientists investigate an ancient secret, hidden deep in the South American jungle.

    In September 1987, Dr. Julian Whittlesey is leading an expedition through the Amazon Basin , in the Brazilian rainforest , in search of the lost Kothoga tribe. He hopes to prove that they still do ... (Wikipedia)

  10. The Archived

    by Victoria Schwab
    A girl discovers a hidden world of secrets and supernatural beings when she starts working in a library for the dead.

    Imagine a place where the dead rest on shelves like books. Each body has a story to tell, a life seen in pictures that only Librarians can read. The dead are called Histories, and the vast realm in ... (Barnes & Noble)

  11. Persuader

    by Lee Child
    A former military cop is forced to confront his past when a case involving a missing woman takes a deadly turn.

    Jack Reacher is working unofficially with the DEA to bring down a boy's father, Zachary Beck, who is suspected of smuggling drugs under the pretext of trading in oriental carpets. They stage a kidnap ... (Wikipedia)

  12. The Tower of the Swallow

    by Andrzej Sapkowski
    A powerful sorceress and her companions battle dangerous forces to protect their kingdom.

    Vysogota, an elderly philosopher living alone in the Pereplut swamp, comes upon an injured Ciri near his retreat and takes her in, caring for her until she is ready to continue her journey. During ... (Wikipedia)

  13. The Dharma Bums

    by Jack Kerouac
    A journey of self-discovery, fueled by a passion for Buddhism and nature.

    The character Japhy drives Ray Smith's story, whose penchant for simplicity and Zen Buddhism influenced Kerouac on the eve of the sudden and unpredicted success of, On the Road, . The action shifts ... (Wikipedia)

  14. House of Leaves

    by Mark Z. Danielewski
    A family discovers a hidden door in their home leading to an ever-shifting labyrinth.

    House of Leaves begins with a first-person narrative by Johnny Truant, a Los Angeles tattoo parlor employee and professed unreliable narrator . Truant is searching for a new apartment when his friend ... (Wikipedia)

  15. Survival in Auschwitz

    by Primo Levi
    True story of a man's struggle to survive in a Nazi concentration camp.

    The true and harrowing account of Primo Levi’s experience at the German concentration camp of Auschwitz and his miraculous survival; hailed by The Times Literary Supplement as a “true work of art, ... (Goodreads)

  16. Dracula

    by Bram Stoker
    A vampire lord terrorizes Transylvania, threatening the lives of those he encounters.

    You can find an alternative cover edition for this ISBN, here, and, here,. A rich selection of background and source materials is provided in three areas: Contexts includes probable inspirations for ... (Goodreads)

  17. Enemy of the State

    by Kyle Mills
    A political thriller about the fight against governmental surveillance and corruption.

    Mitch Rapp returns in the #1, New York Times, bestselling series in this timely thriller as a Saudi prince is discovered using his fortunes to fund ISIS, re-opening secrets about the Saudi ... (Goodreads)

  18. Necroscope

    by Brian Lumley
    A young man discovers he has the power to communicate with the dead, and is thrust into a centuries-long supernatural war.

    Harry Keogh (born Harry Snaith) is born with the ability to speak to the dead. As he grows up and his power manifests itself, he befriends the dead. From them he learns that death is not the end, ... (Wikipedia)

  19. Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

    by Elizabeth Gilbert
    A woman's journey of self-discovery, exploring spirituality, culture and life's purpose.

    A celebrated writer's irresistible, candid, and eloquent account of her pursuit of worldly pleasure, spiritual devotion, and what she really wanted out of life. Around the time Elizabeth Gilbert ... (Goodreads)

  20. Quo Vadis

    by Henryk Sienkiewicz
    Epic tale of ancient Rome, a love story between a Christian woman and a Roman soldier.

    This glorious saga unfolds against the backdrop of ancient Rome–from the Forum to the Coliseum, from banquet halls to summer retreats in Naples, from the luxurious houses of the nobility to the ... (Goodreads)

  21. The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

    by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
    An expose of the horrors of the Soviet gulag system, exposing the cruelty and injustice.

    Drawing on his own incarceration and exile, as well as on evidence from more than 200 fellow prisoners and Soviet archives, Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn reveals the entire apparatus of Soviet ... (Goodreads)

  22. Hyperion

    by Dan Simmons
    Epic science-fiction story of a journey to the distant planet Hyperion.

    In the 29th century, the Hegemony of Man comprises hundreds of planets connected by farcaster portals. The Hegemony maintains an uneasy alliance with the TechnoCore , a civilisation of AIs . Modified ... (Wikipedia)

  23. Green Mars

    by Kim Stanley Robinson
    Colonization of Mars, as humans seek to terraform and inhabit the red planet.

    Red Mars starts in 2026 with the first colonial voyage to Mars aboard the Ares , the largest interplanetary spacecraft ever built and home to a crew who are to be the first hundred Martian colonists. ... (Wikipedia)

  24. Kiss the Girls

    by James Patterson
    Detective Alex Cross races against time to stop a serial killer from abducting more victims.

    As a teenage boy in 1975 Boca Raton , Florida , a future serial killer calling himself Casanova kills his first four victims. Elsewhere in 1981 Chapel Hill , North Carolina , another killer calling ... (Wikipedia)

  25. Bloodline

    by Claudia Gray
    A thrilling sci-fi adventure in which a young girl fights for her freedom and her family.

    Now in her late 40s, Senator Leia Organa is frustrated by the stagnation of the New Republic 's Galactic Senate, which is troubled by inaction thanks to the rivalry of opposing factions. The ... (Wikipedia)

  26. The Courts of Chaos

    by Roger Zelazny
    A fantasy adventure of a young man's quest to reclaim a magical throne.

    Corwin sulks in Castle Amber's library while Oberon gives the family orders. Random persuades Corwin to leave, but they are held back by an invisible force. They watch as Corwin's sword appears and ... (Wikipedia)

  27. Cold Days

    by Jim Butcher
    Wizard Harry Dresden must protect Chicago from a powerful Winter Fae Lord.

    You can't keep a good wizard down - even when he wants to stay that way. For years, Harry Dresden has been Chicago's only professional wizard, but a bargain made in desperation with the Queen of Air ... (Goodreads)

  28. Small Favor

    by Jim Butcher
    A wizard detective uses magic to solve a dangerous supernatural mystery.

    One year after the events in, White Night, , Dresden is confronted by Queen Mab calling in one of the favors owed her by Harry: that he be her "Emissary," and protect John Marcone. Despite repeated ... (Wikipedia)

  29. To Green Angel Tower

    by Tad Williams
    Epic fantasy adventure as a kingdom is threatened by a powerful evil force.

    The story begins with the forces of Prince Josua Lackhand rallied at the Stone of Farewell, where the icy hand of the Storm King Ineluki has yet to take a deathgrip on the land. The remaining members ... (Wikipedia)

  30. Dance of Death

    by Douglas Preston
    A forensic anthropologist investigates a series of mysterious deaths in the jungle of Peru.

    Two brothers on opposite sides of the law battle it out on the streets of New York in this chill-inducing thriller, a follow-up to BRIMSTONE. — As the previous installment came to a close, vicious ... (Goodreads)

  31. Valiant Ambition: George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the Fate of the American Revolution

    by Nathaniel Philbrick
    A historical account of the intertwined lives of George Washington and Benedict Arnold during the American Revolution.

    From the, New York Times, bestselling author of, In The Heart of the Sea, comes a surprising account of the middle years of the American Revolution, and the tragic relationship between George ... (Goodreads)

  32. The City

    by Dean Koontz
    A young boy with supernatural powers is pursued by a sinister government agency through the streets of New York City.

    NEW YORK TIMES, BESTSELLER • Includes Dean Koontz’s short story “The Neighbor”—first time in print! Dean Koontz is at the peak of his acclaimed powers with this major new novel. A young boy, a ... (Barnes & Noble)

  33. Daughter of Fortune

    by Isabel Allende
    A young woman's epic journey to find her lost love, and rediscover her roots.

    In Chile during the 1840s, young Chilean Eliza Sommers is raised and educated by English Anglican siblings Rose, Jeremy, and John Sommers. The Victorian-Spinster Rose, strict Jeremy, and sailor John ... (Wikipedia)

  34. Abaddon's Gate

    by James S.A. Corey
    A crew of space explorers venture through an alien structure in search of a new home.

    Abaddon's Gate is the third book in the New York Times bestselling Expanse series. For generations, the solar system - Mars, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt - was humanity's great frontier. Until now. ... (Goodreads)

  35. The Lost Symbol

    by Dan Brown
    An ancient mystery being unraveled by a symbologist and a quest to uncover secrets in the heart of Washington D.C.

    Renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is invited to give a lecture at the United States Capitol , at the invitation apparently from his mentor, a 33rd degree Mason named Peter Solomon, who is ... (Wikipedia)

  36. The Keep

    by F. Paul Wilson
    Adventure to save humanity from an ancient evil force, with unexpected allies.

    German soldiers and SS Einsatzkommandos are being slowly killed off in a mysterious castle (the "keep" of the title) high in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania in April 1941. Theodore Cuza, a Jewish ... (Wikipedia)

  37. Dissolution

    by Richard Lee Byers
    Epic fantasy adventure featuring a group of unlikely allies on a quest to save their kingdom from a dark force.

    Pharaun and Ryld journey to a tavern, where Ryld plays sava (a chess-like game) while Pharaun goes to the basement, where various female drow captives are available for males to do with as they see ... (Wikipedia)

  38. Red Queen

    by Victoria Aveyard
    A young girl discovers a hidden power, fighting for her freedom in a divided society.

    This is a world divided by blood—red or silver. The Reds are commoners, ruled by a Silver elite in possession of god-like superpowers. And to Mare Barrow, a seventeen-year-old Red girl from the ... (Goodreads)

  39. 'Salem's Lot

    by Stephen King
    A small town is terrorized by a vampire, forcing its citizens to fight for survival.

    Ben Mears, a writer who spent part of his childhood in Jerusalem's Lot , Maine , has returned after 25 years. He quickly becomes friends with high-school teacher Matt Burke and strikes up a ... (Wikipedia)

  40. Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found

    by Suketu Mehta
    An exploration of the diverse and complex city of Bombay, India.

    A native of Bombay, Suketu Mehta gives us an insider’s view of this stunning metropolis. He approaches the city from unexpected angles, taking us into the criminal underworld of rival Muslim and ... (Goodreads)

  41. The 14th Colony

    by Steve Berry
    A former KGB agent seeks to restore the Soviet Union by detonating a nuclear bomb in America. Cotton Malone must stop him.

    What happens if both the president and vice-president-elect die before taking the oath of office? The answer is far from certain—in fact, what follows would be nothing short of total political ... (Barnes & Noble)

  42. Broken Angels

    by Richard K. Morgan
    A futuristic sci-fi story of a mercenary's mission to uncover a military conspiracy.

    Approximately 30 years after, Altered Carbon, , Takeshi Kovacs is now serving in Carrera's Wedge, a mercenary organization that joins a war on a distant planet, Sanction IV, fighting against an ... (Wikipedia)

  43. Playing with Fire

    by Tess Gerritsen
    A female detective confronts a sinister cult while investigating a murder case.

    A beautiful violinist is haunted by a very old piece of music she finds in a strange antique shop in Rome. The first time Julia Ansdell picks up The Incendio Waltz, she knows it’s a strikingly ... (Goodreads)

  44. City of Blades

    by Robert Jackson Bennett
    A retired soldier is tasked with uncovering an ancient secret, which could determine the fate of an empire.

    A generation ago, the city of Voortyashtan was the stronghold of the god of war and death, the birthplace of fearsome supernatural sentinels who killed and subjugated millions. Now, the city’s god is ... (Goodreads)

  45. Gone Tomorrow

    by Lee Child
    Detective Jack Reacher uncovers a deadly conspiracy while on the hunt for a missing woman.

    It's 2am, and Jack Reacher is travelling on the New York City Subway . He notices a suspicious looking passenger who matches many of the specifications for a potential suicide bomber. When he ... (Wikipedia)

  46. Horns

    by Joe Hill
    A young man is accused of a heinous crime, and attempts to uncover the truth by embracing his newly-acquired supernatural powers.

    The novel consists of fifty chapters grouped into five sections of ten chapters each, named as follows: Twenty-six-year-old Ignatius "Ig" Perrish wakes up one morning after a drunken night (in the ... (Wikipedia)

  47. The Capture

    by Kathryn Lasky
    A young eagle's journey to save her family from the clutches of an evil ruler.

    GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE is a classic hero mythology about the fight between good and evil. This series is filled with adventure, suspense, and heart.,In the first book in the GUARDIANS... series, the ... (Barnes & Noble)

  48. The God of the Hive

    by Laurie R. King
    A suspenseful mystery about a young woman's search for truth and justice.

    Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes are each on the trail, seeking to expose a ruthless villain and ensure the safety of Holmes' artist son, Damian Adler, and Adler's half-Chinese daughter, ... (Wikipedia)

  49. Red: The Heroic Rescue

    by Ted Dekker
    A daring rescue mission to save a kidnapped child from a criminal underworld.

    In Red: The Heroic Rescue, Thomas has spent fifteen years in the "dream world," having been persuaded by his wife Rachelle to eat the "Rhambutan" fruit which will prevent him from dreaming. Only ... (Wikipedia)

  50. Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Search

    by Gene Luen Yang
    Adventure to discover the mysterious fate of Avatar Aang's long-lost people, the Air Nomads.

    The biggest mystery of Avatar, the fate of Fire Lord Zuko’s mother, is revealed in this remarkable oversized hardcover collecting parts 1–3 of The Search, from Airbender creators Michael Dante ... (Goodreads)

  51. The False Prince

    by Jennifer A. Nielsen
    A young orphan is chosen to impersonate a long-lost prince in a daring plan to save a kingdom.

    In this first book in a remarkable trilogy, an orphan is forced into a twisted game with deadly stakes. Choose to lie...or choose to die. In a discontent kingdom, civil war is brewing. To unify the ... (Barnes & Noble)

  52. I Am Legend and Other Stories

    by Richard Matheson
    A collection of sci-fi horror stories exploring themes of isolation, fear and the unknown.

    Robert Neville appears to be the sole survivor of a pandemic that has killed most of the human population and turned the remainder into " vampires " that largely conform to their stereotypes in ... (Wikipedia)

  53. Swamp Thing, Vol. 1: Saga of the Swamp Thing

    by Alan Moore
    A creature of the swamp embarks on a quest for the truth about his existence.

    Before WATCHMEN, Alan Moore made his debut in the U.S. comic book industry with the revitalization of the horror comic book THE SWAMP THING. His deconstruction of the classic monster stretched the ... (Goodreads)

  54. Obsession in Death

    by J.D. Robb
    Detective Eve Dallas investigates a serial killer targeting couples in the throes of passion.

    There's a thin line between hero worship and dangerous obsession...the explosive new Eve Dallas and Roarke thriller A crisp winter morning in New York. In a luxury apartment, the body of a woman lies ... (Goodreads)

  55. Never Love a Highlander

    by Maya Banks
    A Highlander warrior falls in love with a woman from a rival clan, but their love is threatened by their families' feud.

    In a tale of strong ties and true love, Maya Banks' trilogy comes to its conclusion, as the youngest McCabe brother uses sword and seduction to save his clan - and seal his heart. Caelen McCabe’s ... (Goodreads)

  56. Explorers on the Moon

    by Hergé
    Three friends journey to the Moon to uncover its secrets and find adventure.

    The first manned rocked, bound for the Moon, has just launched from the Sprodj Atomic Research Centre in Syldavia. On board are Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, and the engineer ... (Goodreads)

  57. The Big Nowhere

    by James Ellroy
    A crime noir set in 1950s Los Angeles, unraveling a web of corruption and violence.

    The plot is about three characters; L.A. Deputy Sheriff Danny Upshaw investigates a brutal sex murder which becomes a string of killings, working outside the law in his efforts to catch him. Turner ... (Wikipedia)

  58. Consent to Kill

    by Vince Flynn
    An assassin is tasked with killing a powerful enemy of the United States, leading to a deadly international manhunt.

    In Flynn's previous novel,, Memorial Day, , CIA counter-terror operative and assassin Mitch Rapp uncovered an Al-Qaeda plot to use a nuclear weapon obtained from abandoned Russian nuclear storage ... (Wikipedia)

  59. A Dangerous Fortune

    by Ken Follett
    A tale of murder and intrigue set in 19th-century England, revealing a family's dark secrets.

    In 1866, tragedy strikes at the exclusive Windfield School. A young student drowns in a mysterious accident involving a small circle of boys. The drowning and its aftermath initiates a spiraling ... (Goodreads)

  60. Coming Into the Country

    by John McPhee
    A vivid portrayal of Alaska's wilderness and its inhabitants, exploring the state's history, culture, and politics.

    This is the story of Alaska and the Alaskans. Written with a vividness and clarity which shifts scenes frequently, and yet manages to tie the work into a rewarding whole, McPhee segues from the ... (Goodreads)

  61. Hero of the Empire: The Boer War, a Daring Escape, and the Making of Winston Churchill

    by Candice Millard
    A biography of Winston Churchill's heroic acts in the Boer War, and his rise to greatness.

    From, New York Times, bestselling author of, Destiny of the Republic, and, The River of Doubt, a thrilling narrative of Winston Churchill's extraordinary and little-known exploits during the Boer War ... (Goodreads)

  62. Corelli's Mandolin

    by Louis de Bernières
    A story of love and loss during the tumultuous era of World War II.

    Captain Corelli’s Mandolin is set in the early days of the second world war, before Benito Mussolini invaded Greece. Dr Iannis practices medicine on the island of Cephalonia, accompanied by his ... (Goodreads)

  63. Sixth of the Dusk

    by Brandon Sanderson
    A young man embarks on a mission to save his nation by mastering ancient magic.

    A fascinating new novella in Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere, the universe shared by his Mistborn series and the #1 New York Times bestselling Stormlight Archive. Sixth of the Dusk, set in a ... (Goodreads)

  64. Gwendy's Button Box

    by Stephen King
    A young girl is presented with a mysterious box that has the power to grant wishes and alter the course of reality.

    The story takes place in King's fictional town of Castle Rock in 1974. Twelve-year-old Gwendy Peterson encounters a stranger in dark clothes and a black hat who invites her to "palaver". "I had a ... (Wikipedia)

  65. Five Weeks in a Balloon

    by Jules Verne
    An adventure-filled journey to explore the African continent in a hot-air balloon.

    A scholar and explorer, Dr. Samuel Fergusson, accompanied by his manservant Joe and his friend professional hunter Richard "Dick" Kennedy, sets out to travel across the African continent — still not ... (Wikipedia)

  66. The Queen of the South

    by Arturo Pérez-Reverte
    A thrilling story of revenge, as a woman rises to the top of the drug trafficking world.

    Guero Davila is a pilot engaged in drug-smuggling for the local cartels. Teresa Mendoza is his girlfriend, a typical narco's morra– quiet, doting, submissive. But then Guero's caught playing both ... (Goodreads)

  67. They Came to Baghdad

    by Agatha Christie
    An intrepid female adventurer races against time to thwart a plot to overthrow the government.

    A secret summit of superpowers is to be held in Baghdad , but it is no longer secret. A shadowy group (which is both anti-Communist and anti-Capitalist) is plotting to sabotage the event. Things get ... (Wikipedia)

  68. Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances

    by Neil Gaiman
    Collection of short stories, exploring the boundaries of the imaginative.

    Multiple award winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman returns to dazzle, captivate, haunt, and entertain with this third collection of short fiction following Smoke and Mirrors and ... (Goodreads)

  69. Agent Zigzag: A True Story of Nazi Espionage, Love, and Betrayal

    by Ben Macintyre
    A thrilling tale of a double agent during World War II who lives a life of deception and espionage.

    Eddie Chapman was a charming criminal, a con man, and a philanderer. He was also one of the most remarkable double agents Britain has ever produced. Inside the traitor was a man of loyalty; inside ... (Goodreads)

  70. Preacher, Volume 6: War in the Sun

    by Garth Ennis
    A cosmic battle for the fate of the world, waged between good and evil.

    The Reverend Jesse Custer faces his deadliest challenge yet in this, the sixth Preacher collection. Jesse, along with his gun-toting girlfriend, Tulip, and the hard-drinking Irish vampire Cassidy, ... (Goodreads)

  71. Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

    by Alan Moore
    Last story of Superman as he faces his greatest challenge and makes his ultimate sacrifice.

    The story was originally published in Superman #423 and Action Comics #583 (both September 1986). The first half of the story, published in Superman , was billed as the comic's "Historic Last Issue" ... (Wikipedia)

  72. The White Dragon

    by Anne McCaffrey
    Epic fantasy adventure involving dragons, magical powers, and a quest to save the world.

    The White Dragon follows the coming of age story of Jaxom , the young Lord of Ruatha Hold, who had accidentally impressed the unusual white dragon Ruth in, Dragonquest, and, Dragonsong, . As Jaxom ... (Wikipedia)

  73. Falling Leaves: The Memoir of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter

    by Adeline Yen Mah
    An autobiography recounting a young woman's struggles with a difficult family life.

    Born in 1937 in a port city a thousand miles north of Shanghai, Adeline Yen Mah was the youngest child of an affluent Chinese family who enjoyed rare privileges during a time of political and ... (Goodreads)

  74. White Night

    by Jim Butcher
    Wizard private investigator Harry Dresden investigates a magical murder in Chicago.

    A year after the events in, Proven Guilty, , Dresden is called by Murphy to the scene of an apparent suicide, and senses the victim is a magical practitioner. After investigating another victim, ... (Wikipedia)

  75. The Warlord Wants Forever

    by Kresley Cole
    A romance between a warlord and a vampire princess, set in a world of immortal battles.

    Nikolai Wroth, once a ruthless human warlord in the 1700s and now a general in the rebel vampire army, needs to find his bride, the one woman who can render him truly alive. As a turned human, he ... (Goodreads)

  76. Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots

    by Deborah Feldman
    A woman's journey of liberation, leaving behind the oppressive confines of her Hasidic community.

    The instant New York Times bestselling memoir of a young Jewish woman’s escape from a religious sect, in the tradition of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel and Carolyn Jessop’s Escape , featuring a new ... (Goodreads)

  77. Berserk, Vol. 2

    by Kentaro Miura
    Dark fantasy adventure of a lone swordsman's journey to take revenge on oppressive forces.

    The evil Count uses his dark powers to transform a defeated guard captain into an inhuman horror to combat Guts, the Black Swordsman. Meanwhile, Guts' pint-sized elf sidekick, Puck, is captured and ... (Goodreads)

  78. Lord of Shadows

    by Cassandra Clare
    A young Shadowhunter embarks on a quest to save the world from the forces of darkness.

    A month after the events of, Lady Midnight, , Clary Fairchild and Jace Herondale visit the Los Angeles Institute to ask Mark Blackthorn about the entrance to Faerie, as they believe that Clary's ... (Wikipedia)

  79. Down a Dark Hall

    by Lois Duncan
    A group of troubled girls attend a mysterious boarding school where they uncover dark secrets and supernatural powers.

    Kit Gordy is forced to go to a boarding school in Upstate New York named the Blackwood School for Girls. She arrives at her home for the school year with her new stepfather and her mother, who are ... (Wikipedia)

  80. The Trapped Girl

    by Robert Dugoni
    A lawyer races to uncover the truth behind a young girl's disappearance.

    When a woman’s body is discovered submerged in a crab pot in the chilly waters of Puget Sound, Detective Tracy Crosswhite finds herself with a tough case to untangle. Before they can identify the ... (Goodreads)

  81. Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight #1

    by Brynne Stephens
    A young girl must find a way to tame a wild dragon and unite a divided kingdom.

    Anne McCaffrey's beloved science fantasy epic becomes a fully-painted graphic novel. Join Lessa, sole remnant of a noble house, as she comes of age and dares to reclaim her birthright–and battles to ... (Goodreads)

  82. No Time Like the Past

    by Jodi Taylor
    A time-traveling professor's adventures through history, and the consequences of his tampering.

    The fifth book in the bestselling British madcap time-travelling series, served with a dash of wit that seems to be everyone’s cup of tea. Behind the seemingly innocuous facade of St. Mary’s ... (Barnes & Noble)

  83. Sin City, Vol. 2: A Dame to Kill For

    by Frank Miller
    Dark and gritty tale of crime and revenge set in a corrupted city.

    The second volume of Frank Miller's signature series is now planned as the lead story in the upcoming Sin City 2! This newly redesigned edition sports a new cover by Miller - some of his first comics ... (Goodreads)

  84. Legion

    by William Peter Blatty
    A priest confronts an ancient evil while battling inner demons and questioning his faith.

    The story opens with the discovery of a twelve-year-old boy who has been murdered and crucified on a pair of rowing oars. Kinderman already sees that the boy is mutilated in a way identical to the ... (Wikipedia)

  85. Time and Again

    by Jack Finney
    A man travels back in time to the past to explore its secrets and mysteries.

    In November 1970, Simon Morley, an advertising sketch artist, is approached by U.S. Army Major Ruben Prien to participate in a secret government project. He is taken to a huge warehouse on the West ... (Wikipedia)

  86. The Alien

    by K.A. Applegate
    A group of teenagers gain the ability to morph into any animal they touch and are tasked with saving the world from an alien invasion.

    After destroying both the Kandrona and the Veleek , the Animorphs assumed that they would see people freeing themselves of the Yeerks . They are disappointed until the day they take Ax to the cinema. ... (Wikipedia)

  87. Kiss of Crimson

    by Lara Adrian
    A vampire warrior must confront her inner demons and choose between love and duty.

    He comes to her more dead than alive, a towering black-clad stranger riddled with bullets and rapidly losing blood. As she struggles to save him, veterinarian Tess Culver is unaware that the man ... (Goodreads)

  88. Blood Music

    by Greg Bear
    Scientist unleashes microscopic organisms that rapidly evolve, transforming the world.

    In the novel, renegade biotechnologist Vergil Ulam creates simple biological computers based on his own lymphocytes . Faced with orders from his nervous employer to destroy his work, he injects them ... (Wikipedia)

  89. And I Darken

    by Kiersten White
    A young woman's quest for power and revenge in a world of political intrigue and warfare.

    No one expects a princess to be brutal. And Lada Dragwlya likes it that way. Ever since she and her gentle younger brother, Radu, were wrenched from their homeland of Wallachia and abandoned by their ... (Goodreads)

  90. Lord Loss

    by Darren Shan
    A horror story set in a supernatural realm of monsters and demons.

    Grubitsch "Grubbs" Grady, the younger child of chess-obsessed parents, grows increasingly uneasy with the recent strange, nervous behavior of his parents and sister. One night, he finds the mutilated ... (Wikipedia)

  91. The Last American Vampire

    by Seth Grahame-Smith
    The story of Henry Sturges, a vampire who fought alongside Abraham Lincoln, as he navigates through the 20th century.

    After turning assassinated President Abraham Lincoln into a vampire from the first book, vampire Henry O. Sturges, Lincoln's vampire-hunting mentor, realizes he has gone against the rules of the ... (Wikipedia)

  92. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

    by A.N. Roquelaure
    An erotic retelling of the classic fairy tale, exploring the power of desire and submission.

    In the traditional folktale of "Sleeping Beauty," the spell cast upon the lovely young princess and everyone in her castle can only be broken by the kiss of a Prince. It is an ancient story, one that ... (Goodreads)

  93. Panteón

    by Laura Gallego García

    Este libro es el desenlace a la trilogía de Memorias de Idhún. Tras la última batalla contra Ashran y los sheks, muchas cosas parecen haber cambiado en Idhún. Sin embargo, los Oráculos hablan de ... (Goodreads)

  94. The Flamethrowers

    by Rachel Kushner
    An exploration of art, politics, and identity in 1970s New York and Italy.

    In 1975, a young art school graduate from Reno moves to New York City hoping to become a successful artist. She meets an older, more established artist, Sandro Valera, the heir of Moto Valera, an ... (Wikipedia)

  95. I'm Not Scared

    by Niccolò Ammaniti
    A child's journey of courage and resilience as he confronts a dark secret.

    The novel takes place in 1978 in a fictitious Southern Italian village called Acqua Traverse. Michele, the nine-year-old protagonist, loses a race against the other village children to an abandoned ... (Wikipedia)

  96. The Tale of the Unknown Island

    by José Saramago
    A tale of a nameless man's journey to an unknown island in search of a better life.

    A man requests the king of his country to give him a boat so he can go in search for "the unknown island". The king questions him about the existence of such an island and tries to convince the man ... (Wikipedia)

  97. The Dark Enquiry

    by Deanna Raybourn
    Lady Julia Grey and Nicholas Brisbane investigate the disappearance of a missing girl in Victorian London, uncovering dark secrets and danger.

    Alternate cover edition can be found, here, Partners now in marriage and in trade, Lady Julia and Nicholas Brisbane have finally returned from abroad to set up housekeeping in London. But merging ... (Goodreads)

  98. Shadowland

    by Peter Straub
    A young man discovers his family's dark secrets and confronts the evil lurking in the shadows.

    You have been there…,if you have ever been afraid. Come back. To a dark house deep in the Vermont woods, where two friends are spending a season of horror, apprenticed to a Master Magician. Learning ... (Goodreads)

  99. Everville

    by Clive Barker
    A young man discovers a magical world beyond our own, where he must confront the forces of good and evil in a battle for the fate of both worlds.

    In 1848, an Irish immigrant named Maeve O'Connell is traveling west with her father and a group of others. Her father seeks to found the town of Everville, being inspired by a mysterious man named ... (Wikipedia)

  100. A Grave Matter

    by Anna Lee Huber
    Lady Darby investigates a murder at a cemetery, uncovering dark secrets and facing danger.

    Scotland, 1830. Following the death of her dear friend, Lady Kiera Darby is in need of a safe haven. Returning to her childhood home, Kiera hopes her beloved brother Trevor and the merriment of the ... (Goodreads)

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