Recommendations based on Sandstormby James Rollins

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  1. The Judas Strain

    by James Rollins
    A deadly virus is unleashed, and a team of scientists must race against time to find a cure and prevent a global pandemic.

    Operatives of the shadowy covert organization SIGMA Force, Dr. Lisa Cummings and Monk Kokkalis search for answers to the bizarre affliction aboard a cruise liner transformed into a makeshift ... (Barnes & Noble)

  2. Black Order

    by James Rollins
    A thrilling adventure across the globe, uncovering secrets of a mysterious ancient order.

    Librarian's note: This is an Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN10: 0752876457 ISBN13: 9780752876450. A sinister fire in a Copenhagen bookstore ignites a relentless hunt across four continents. Arson ... (Goodreads)

  3. Amazonia

    by James Rollins
    Adventure through the Amazon rainforest to uncover a hidden power.

    “Gripping…a first-rate nail biter.” —,Tampa Tribune, James Rollins—the author of, The Doomsday Key,, The Last Oracle, The Judas Strain, Black Order,, and other pulse-pounding,, New York Times, ... (Barnes & Noble)

  4. The Alexandria Link

    by Steve Berry
    A thrilling journey of intrigue and discovery, uncovering an ancient mystery.

    The Library of Alexandria was the most important collection of ancient knowledge ever assembled. The building stood for six hundred years and contained more than half a million manuscripts. Then ... (Wikipedia)

  5. Brimstone

    by Douglas Preston
    A thrilling mystery that takes the reader on a journey of suspense and suspenseful action.

    FBI Special Agent Aloysius X.L. Pendergast and Sergeant Vincent D'Agosta , now working for the Southampton Police Department, investigate a series of unusual deaths—deaths that appear to be the work ... (Wikipedia)

  6. The Cabinet of Curiosities

    by Douglas Preston
    Adventure through a mysterious mansion, uncovering secrets and solving puzzles.

    Dr. Nora Kelly's life as an archaeologist at New York City 's American Museum of Natural History becomes complicated when Aloysius X. L. Pendergast , a secretive and highly resourceful FBI Special ... (Wikipedia)

  7. The Venetian Betrayal

    by Steve Berry
    A thrilling adventure through the streets of Venice, as protagonist Cotton Malone races to uncover a deadly conspiracy.

    In 323 BC Babylon, Alexander the Great executes his physician for failing to save his friend Hephaestion using a mysterious draught, and reveals that he has a fever that could well kill him without ... (Wikipedia)

  8. The Templar Legacy

    by Steve Berry
    Archaeologists uncover a long-lost secret about the Templars, as a race against time ensues.

    The ancient order of the Knights Templar possessed untold wealth and absolute power over kings and popes . . . until the Inquisition, when they were wiped from the face of the earth, their hidden ... (Goodreads)

  9. Reliquary

    by Douglas Preston
    A thrilling adventure full of unexpected twists and turns, uncovering a hidden relic with immense power.

    The story picks up where the epilogue of Relic left off. Two headless skeletons are found in the Humboldt Kill. When further decapitated bodies follow, there is suspicion of a second Mbwun monster. ... (Wikipedia)

  10. The Bourne Identity

    by Robert Ludlum
    An amnesiac assassin must uncover his past and true identity in a deadly search for the truth.

    The preface of the novel consists of two real-life newspaper articles from 1975 about terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, known as " Carlos the Jackal ." The story opens with gunfire on a boat in the ... (Wikipedia)

  11. Temple

    by Matthew Reilly
    A group of adventurers explore a mysterious ancient temple, fighting off deadly traps and challenges.

    Professor William Race is a young linguist, working for NYU is approached by a retired Col. Frank Nash, a physicist from the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA , to translate a ... (Wikipedia)

  12. The Sanctuary

    by Raymond Khoury
    A thrilling adventure through the Vatican's secret archives, uncovering a conspiracy that could shake the foundations of Christianity.

    Naples, 1750. In the dead of night, three men with swords burst into the bed chamber of the Marquis de Montferrat. Their leader, Raimundo di Sangro – the Prince of San Severo – accuses him of being ... (Goodreads)

  13. The Hunt for Atlantis

    by Andy McDermott
    Adventurer Nina Wilde and ex-SAS Eddie Chase search for the lost city of Atlantis, facing danger and betrayal at every turn.

    Following in the tradition of Clive Cussler and Matthew Reilly, Andy McDermott takes us a roller-coaster ride in search of the legendary Atlantis. Archaeologist Nina Wilde believes she has found the ... (Goodreads)

  14. Term Limits

    by Vince Flynn
    Political thriller about a group of former special forces operatives who attempt to overthrow the government.

    Alternate-cover edition for ISBN 9780671023188, here,, TAKING AMERICA BACK ... ONE POLITICIAN AT A TIME, In one bloody night, three of Washington's most powerful politicians are executed with ... (Goodreads)

  15. Congo

    by Michael Crichton
    Exploring a mysterious African jungle in search of a lost civilization, with a ragtag expedition.

    The novel starts in 1979, with an abrupt end to an expedition sent by Earth Resource Technology Services Inc. in the dense rainforests of the Virunga region, in the heart of the Congo , when the team ... (Wikipedia)

  16. The Lions of Lucerne

    by Brad Thor
    An international conspiracy comes to light when a US president is kidnapped during a secret ski vacation.

    The work is Brad Thor's first novel with the character of Scot Harvath, an ex- Navy SEAL and current U.S. Secret Service agent. Harvath survives an attack which leaves 30 of his fellow agents dead ... (Wikipedia)

  17. Separation of Power

    by Vince Flynn
    Political thriller centered on an ex-CIA agent's mission to stop a terrorist attack on the US.

    About a month after the events in the previous book, CIA Director Thomas Stansfield has succumbed to cancer and has chosen Dr. Irene Kennedy, The director of the CIA's counterterrorism center, to ... (Wikipedia)

  18. The Six Sacred Stones

    by Matthew Reilly
    A race against time to find six mysterious ancient stones and save the world from destruction.

    This novel is a sequel to Matthew Reilly's previous novel,, Seven Ancient Wonders, , which ended with the Golden Capstone reassembled atop the Great Pyramid at Giza, and the ritual of power performed ... (Wikipedia)

  19. The Mediterranean Caper

    by Clive Cussler
    Dirk Pitt, a marine engineer, searches for a lost treasure and battles a criminal mastermind in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Dirk Pitt, Special Projects Director for the National Underwater and Marine Agency, and his Deputy Special Projects Director, Al Giordino, are traveling to their assignment in the Aegean Sea in ... (Wikipedia)

  20. Takedown

    by Brad Thor
    Counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath races against time to stop a terrorist attack on the United States.

    After years without a terrorist attack on American soil, one group has picked the 4th of July weekend to pull out all the stops. In a perfectly executed attack, all of the bridges and tunnels leading ... (Goodreads)

  21. Scarecrow

    by Matthew Reilly
    A Marine and a scientist team up to stop a deadly virus from spreading. Fast-paced action and suspenseful plot twists keep readers on edge.

    Majestic-12 , a group of the world's richest men, make up a bounty list of fifteen targets that have to be eliminated before 12 noon of October 26. Among the targets is Shane Schofield , who at that ... (Wikipedia)

  22. Deep Six

    by Clive Cussler
    A marine engineer and a team of divers search for a lost nuclear submarine and uncover a deadly conspiracy. Fast-paced action and adventure.

    In 1966, the refitted liberty ship San Marino is on its way from San Francisco to Auckland , New Zealand. The ship is carrying more than eight million dollars' worth of titanium ingots as well as a ... (Wikipedia)

  23. Postmortem

    by Patricia Daniels Cornwell
    Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner, investigates a serial killer in Richmond, Virginia.

    The novel opens as Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia, receives an early-morning call from Sergeant Pete Marino, a homicide detective at the Richmond Police ... (Wikipedia)

  24. Flood Tide

    by Clive Cussler
    Thrilling adventure of a daring salvage mission to rescue a sunken Civil War ship.

    Following the runaway success of his first nonfiction book, The Sea Hunters, Clive Cussler returns with his legendary fictional hero Dirk Pitt" - in a masterfully crafted tale of villainy on the high ... (Goodreads)

  25. Protect and Defend

    by Vince Flynn
    CIA operative Mitch Rapp races against time to stop a terrorist attack on the United States.

    #1, New York Times, bestselling author of, American Assassin,—now a major motion picture Vince Flynn’s thrilling bestseller sends counterterrorist agent Mitch Rapp on a collision course with ... (Barnes & Noble)

  26. The Collectors

    by David Baldacci
    A thrilling mystery of international espionage, where nothing is as it seems.

    The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and the curator of the rare books collection of the Library of Congress both are found dead. The Speaker has been killed by a sniper at a ... (Wikipedia)

  27. The Andromeda Strain

    by Michael Crichton
    Scientists race against time to contain a deadly virus of extraterrestrial origin.

    A team from an Air Force base is deployed to recover a military satellite that has returned to Earth, but contact is lost abruptly. Aerial surveillance reveals that everyone in Piedmont, Arizona , ... (Wikipedia)

  28. Origin

    by Dan Brown
    An exploration of secret societies and history, uncovering dark secrets of the past.

    Edmond Kirsch, a billionaire philanthropist, computer scientist and futurist , as well as a strident atheist , attends a meeting in Catalonia ( Spain ) with Roman Catholic Bishop Antonio Valdespino, ... (Wikipedia)

  29. The Servants of Twilight

    by Leigh Nichols
    A mother and her son are stalked by a religious cult convinced the child is the Antichrist. A thrilling horror novel.

    Single parent Christine Scavello and her young son Joey are confronted in a mall parking lot by a madwoman who claims that Joey is the Antichrist . After a distressing attack on the family home ... (Wikipedia)

  30. The Bourne Supremacy

    by Robert Ludlum
    An ex-CIA agent must clear his name from charges of espionage and murder.

    In the first book,, The Bourne Identity, , the title character suffers amnesia . Over the course of the book, he regains his memory with the help of a Canadian economist, Marie St Jacques, and ... (Wikipedia)