Recommendations based on Heretics of Duneby Frank Herbert

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  1. Chapterhouse: Dune

    by Frank Herbert
    A family's quest to restore balance to a chaotic universe, while uncovering secrets of the past.

    The Bene Gesserit find themselves the target of the Honored Matres, whose conquest of the Old Empire is almost complete. The Matres are seeking to assimilate the technology and superhuman skills of ... (Wikipedia)

  2. Children of Dune

    by Frank Herbert
    Epic saga of a royal family's struggle for power and the fate of their desert planet.

    Nine years after Emperor Paul Muad'Dib walked into the desert, blind, the ecological transformation of Dune has reached the point where some Fremen are living without stillsuits in the less arid ... (Wikipedia)

  3. Dune Messiah

    by Frank Herbert
    Epic tale of a galactic ruler's struggle to protect his empire from destruction.

    Twelve years after the events described in, Dune, (1965), Paul "Muad'Dib" Atreides rules as Emperor. By accepting the role of messiah to the Fremen , Paul had unleashed a jihad which conquered most ... (Wikipedia)

  4. House Atreides

    by Brian Herbert
    Prequel to the Dune series, follows the rise of House Atreides and the events leading up to their betrayal.

    The novel begins 35 years before the events of the original, Dune, . There are three interconnected narrative threads revolving around heir-apparent to House Atreides Leto , acting governor of ... (Wikipedia)

  5. House Corrino

    by Brian Herbert
    A political epic of the royal family at the center of a grand interstellar empire.

    One year after the War of Assassins , Duke Leto Atreides sponsors an assault on Ix to reclaim the planet for House Vernius , while his concubine Jessica is pregnant with his son. Emperor Shaddam IV ... (Wikipedia)

  6. The Battle of Corrin

    by Brian Herbert
    The final battle in the "Legends of Dune" trilogy, where humans fight against thinking machines for the fate of the universe.

    The machine evermind Omnius is continuing with his plans to eradicate all humans in the universe. After first being suggested by the traitor Yorek Thurr , an RNA retrovirus is designed by the ... (Wikipedia)

  7. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    by Hiawyn Oram
    Four siblings enter a magical world of Narnia, ruled by the evil White Witch. They must unite with Aslan, the lion, to defeat her and restore peace.

    A picture book retelling of C. S. Lewis's classic story, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe , for the youngest fans! Introduce them to the magic of Narnia with this picture book featuring ... (Goodreads)

  8. Seduced by Moonlight

    by Laurell K. Hamilton
    Faerie Princess Meredith must navigate political intrigue and sensual desires to claim her throne.

    Seduced by Moonlight begins shortly after the events of, A Caress of Twilight, . Kurag, Goblin King, is insisting upon proof that Kitto has become sidhe following sex with Merry. She offers an extra ... (Wikipedia)

  9. Alvin Journeyman

    by Orson Scott Card
    Alvin returns to his hometown and confronts his past while using his powers to heal and shape the future.

    Alvin Miller, a gifted seventh son of a seventh son, utilizes his skills as a Maker to help create a brighter future for America, but his task is further challenged by his ancient enemy, the Unmaker, ... (Goodreads)

  10. Castle Roogna

    by Piers Anthony
    A young prince must solve a magical mystery to save his kingdom and win the heart of his true love.

    Dor , son of Bink , is a 12-year-old magician and next in line to inherit the throne of Xanth. To teach him the skills he will need to rule the kingdom, King Trent sends him through the tapestry on a ... (Wikipedia)

  11. Ringworld

    by Larry Niven
    A sci-fi adventure to an artificial ring-shaped world, full of unexpected challenges.

    On planet Earth in 2850 AD , Louis Gridley Wu is celebrating his 200th birthday. Despite his age, Louis is in perfect physical condition due to the longevity drug boosterspice . He meets Nessus , a ... (Wikipedia)

  12. The Gate Thief

    by Orson Scott Card
    Danny North has the power to steal gates from other mages, but he must keep his abilities hidden from those who would use him for their own gain.

    In this sequel to The Lost Gate , bestselling author Orson Scott Card continues his fantastic tale of the Mages of Westil who live in exile on Earth in The Gate Thief , a novel of the Mither Mages. ... (Barnes & Noble)

  13. The Way of Kings

    by Brandon Sanderson
    Epic fantasy saga of a young king and his quest to restore order to a broken kingdom.

    The story rotates between the points of view of Kaladin, Shallan Davar, Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Dalinar Kholin, and several other minor characters, who lead seemingly unconnected lives. Szeth, a Shin ... (Wikipedia)

  14. Words of Radiance

    by Brandon Sanderson
    Epic fantasy adventure featuring a courageous hero on a quest to save the world.

    Years ago, Szeth-son-son-Vallano, the Assassin in White, was sent by the Parshendi to assassinate the Alethi king Gavilar Kholin (for reasons not yet revealed to the reader). This murder resulted in ... (Wikipedia)

  15. A Caress of Twilight

    by Laurell K. Hamilton
    Faerie Princess Meredith must navigate political intrigue and sensual desires in the dangerous world of the Sidhe.

    A Caress of Twilight begins a few months after the events of, A Kiss of Shadows, . It is December, and Merry and the Sidhe warriors she has chosen as her lovers have returned to Los Angeles, ... (Wikipedia)

  16. V for Vendetta

    by Alan Moore
    A dystopian future, where a mysterious vigilante fights for freedom and justice.

    On Guy Fawkes Night in London in 1997, a young girl goes to see her boss after curfew when she is sexually attacked by three men who are actually members of the state secret police , called "The ... (Wikipedia)

  17. Phantom

    by Terry Goodkind
    Epic fantasy adventure, as a humble woods guide embarks on a quest to protect a magical kingdom.

    The story continues with Richard's quest to find his wife, Kahlan, and release her from the Chainfire spell. Kahlan still travels with the Sisters of the Dark Ulicia, Cecilia and Armina as they hurry ... (Wikipedia)

  18. Prentice Alvin

    by Orson Scott Card
    Alvin is a young boy with a powerful knack, struggling to control his abilities and navigate a world of magic and danger.

    After being released from his time with Ta-Kumsaw , an Indian leader who taught Alvin the ways of Indian people, the young boy sets out to start his apprenticeship as a Smith in the town where he was ... (Wikipedia)

  19. The Lathe of Heaven

    by Ursula K. Le Guin
    An exploration of the power of dreams, with the potential to reshape reality.

    The book is set in Portland, Oregon , in the year 2002. Portland has three million inhabitants and continuous rain. It is deprived enough for the poorer inhabitants to have kwashiorkor , a protein ... (Wikipedia)

  20. The Forever War

    by Joe Haldeman
    A soldier's story of the horror of war and its consequences in the far future.

    The monumental Hugo and Nebula award winning SF classic— Featuring a new introduction by John Scalzi,The Earth's leaders have drawn a line in the interstellar sand—despite the fact that the fierce ... (Barnes & Noble)

  21. The Ringworld Engineers

    by Larry Niven
    A team of explorers return to the Ringworld to fix its failing systems, but they uncover a dangerous secret.

    The Hindmost, recently deposed leader of the Puppeteers , abducts the human Louis Wu (who has become a wirehead ) and kzin Chmeee (previously known as "Speaker-to-Animals"). Both had been part of the ... (Wikipedia)

  22. The Caves of Steel

    by Isaac Asimov
    Detective story set in a distant future, where humans and robots coexist.

    A faction of Spacers have come to the realization that Spacer culture is effete, stagnating due to negative population growth and longevity. Their solution is to encourage further space exploration ... (Wikipedia)

  23. Annihilation

    by Jeff VanderMeer
    A team of four women venture into a mysterious, surreal landscape in search of answers.

    A team of four women cross the border into an uninhabited area known as "Area X", an unspecified coastal location that has been closed to the public for three decades. The group consists of a ... (Wikipedia)

  24. The Novice

    by Trudi Canavan
    A young farm girl discovers a magical power within her, leading her on an epic journey.

    Sonea, formerly a slum girl—or "dwell"—begins her studies as a novice at the Magicians' Guild as part of the summer intake. Sonea does not have life easy, particularly with her rival and fellow ... (Wikipedia)

  25. Norse Mythology

    by Neil Gaiman
    Epic tales of the gods and goddesses of Norse mythology, set in a world of giants, dwarfs, and monsters.

    “Remarkable.… Gaiman has provided an enchanting contemporary interpretation of the Viking ethos.”—Lisa L. Hannett, Atlantic Neil Gaiman, long inspired by ancient mythology in creating the fantastical ... (Barnes & Noble)

  26. His Last Bow

    by Arthur Conan Doyle
    Sherlock Holmes's last case involving a German spy and a peace treaty.

    'His Last Bow', the title story of this collection, tells how Sherlock Holmes is brought out of retirement to help the Government fight the German threat at the approach of the First World War. The ... (Goodreads)

  27. Hyperion

    by Dan Simmons
    Epic science-fiction story of a journey to the distant planet Hyperion.

    In the 29th century, the Hegemony of Man comprises hundreds of planets connected by farcaster portals. The Hegemony maintains an uneasy alliance with the TechnoCore , a civilisation of AIs . Modified ... (Wikipedia)

  28. The High Lord

    by Trudi Canavan
    A young girl's quest to save her kingdom, mastering powerful magic in the process.

    A year has passed since Sonea had challenged Regin to a public duel and had beaten Regin by one bout. Since that victory, she has finally won the respect she deserves, not only as a novice with ... (Wikipedia)

  29. A Little Hatred

    by Joe Abercrombie
    A new generation of characters navigate a world on the brink of industrial revolution, where old grudges and new ambitions collide.

    The chimneys of industry rise over Adua and the world seethes with new opportunities. But old scores run deep as ever. On the blood-soaked borders of Angland, Leo dan Brock struggles to win fame on ... (Goodreads)

  30. A Deepness in the Sky

    by Vernor Vinge
    A futuristic story of two civilizations clashing on a distant planet.

    The Qeng Ho arrive at the OnOff star shortly before the Emergent fleet, a few years before the sun turns on, at which point the Spider civilization will "wake up" and continue its climb into a ... (Wikipedia)