Escape your literary echo chamber! 📚

Break the Bubble allows you to find out which books you are statistically unlikely to read. The more narrow your reading tastes are, the more you will be challenged by the results.

Start your search by entering a book you do like. You'll then be asked to enter a second book. Etc. The more books you add, the more accurate we can be in discovering these anti-correlations and odd new reading possibilities!

Try out these examples:

How does it work?: Briefly, for each book entered we find the rarest but highest rated intersections and provide those to you. The query can be summarised as: which highly rated books are least read (and enjoyed) by people who've also read the books I have? To find out more about the recommendation engine generally, visit the homepage.

Note: this is an experimental feature of A Book Like Foo and was created by James Padolsey.

Your query is taking a while. 😱 Sorry about that, but it's not long now! We're leaving no book unturned in order to find you your perfect matches. 🤓
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James Padolsey, creator, (on Mastadon)